Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Austin, Austin, Austin, what are you doing? The things coming out are appalling. First we have the branch of Austin Pets Alive being accused of neglect/cruelty. How many of the Austin pits ended up at Spindletop? Abigail is begging for a million dollars and at what cost to other programs like those serving the elderly? Not to mention the overcrowding. 

You don't even have dog licensing? Seems there is a Howard Blatt who fought licensing and was actually appointed to the animal commission by a previous mayor. Blatt is a vet and it appears has quite a bit of baggage. 
From the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS)-Magazine, Number 6278 Dated 5/1/1994
Page 4, "University of Hawaii cited for numerous AWA violations" The University of Hawaii (UHI) has been fined $1300 for inadequate record keeping, poor laboratory upkeep and improper care of lab animals. Elizabeth Lyons, Veterinary Medical Officer for USDA accused anesthesiologist HOWARD BLATT,  UHI's Director of Laboratory Animal Services, of violating the Animal Welfare Act when pigs were allowed to struggle during a surgical procedure. BLATT claimed the pigs "WERE OBLIVIOUS TO PAIN." BLATT  was also accused by C. Goeggel, President, Animal Rights Hawaii, of allowing a cat to die for lack of post-operative monitoring and veterinary care. The cat's records lacked proper description of care. William DeHaven, US Dept. of Agriculture western sector supervisor, questioned Blatt's decision to leave the animal untreated while he (Blatt) went out of town for a week. 

Does this sound like a person who should be making decisions on an animal commission? Here's the doc's glowing bio confirming that he basically ran after this action in Hawaii and ended up in Austin.

Dr. Howard Blatt has worked in the veterinary field for over 35 years. After moving to Austin in the mid 1990's, he worked as a relief veterinarian for two years before obtaining a permanent veterinary position at a local general practice. Dr. Blatt has alternated as President, Vice President, and Secretary of the Capital Area Veterinary Association for the past five years. He served for five years on the Austin Humane Society Board of Directors. For the past two years he has been the Mayor's representative on the Animal Advisory Board for Austin. 

Okay enough for the fact that Austin fails to do their homework before appointing a vet with cruel baggage. What about the branch of Austin Pets Alive in San Antonio? APA! is run by a vet and also connected to all this "No Kill" fiasco.

Let's get on with it. This came across my keyboard today. Seems something is happening in Austin to "get rid of" the "No Kill" nuts. This was posted on the No Kill Nation page. 

We've learned that the pro-shelter-killing faction in Austin, Texas, is organizing an effort to get Animal Advisory Commissioner (and 2011 Henry Bergh Leadership Award recipient) Larry Tucker kicked off the Animal Advisory Commission. Larry played an integral role in making Austin a No Kill city, and his continued leadership is very needed on the Commission. 

Note: word is Larry has already been showed the door

Please take just one minute to e-mail the Travis County Commissioners to ask them to please re-appoint Larry Tucker to the Animal Advisory Commission. Your e-mail can be as simple as this: "Please re-appoint Larry Tucker to the Austin Animal Advisory Commission. Larry has been a tremendous asset to the people of Travis County, and his stewardship and leadership have been pivotal to Travis County becoming the nation's leader in animal services." 

Seems this Tucker guy ended up being one of the Whino's cult members.

The new Austin shelter is past full. Austin has had to utilize the old shelter and it is now full. All of the rescues and fosters are over flowing. They are giving away animals on weekend events. There is no adoption screening.  Recenty a shot and abandoned dog was traced to an adoption to a homeless person by City staff at the shelter.  Animals are leaving intact and bites are going up, a risk to public health and safety, thanks to "No Kill".
2007 1,015
2008 1,065
2009 1,074
2010 1,222
2011 1,449
Total 5,825
The primary offenders of these bites are pit bulls and their mixes, responsible for 22% of all bites (1,288). Though not the most popular dog breed in the City of Austin, pit bulls are out biting -- by a 2 to 1 ratio -- the breed that is the most popular, Labradors and their mixes, which inflicted 12% of all bites (682) during this period.[1]
[1] The reason why the year 2007 is highlighted is because this is the last year anyone can effectively gage the population of different dog breed in Austin. In 2008, the City of Austin abandoned its Pet Licensing program. This is the only modern city in the U.S. I know of that has ceased the very program that provides the operational costs for animal services. Thank you, www.DogsBite.ORG for that information.

Austin is screwed, the question is for how long. It appears that those in charge should have charges filed against them instead. 


Let's top this off with another failure of Natan Whinograd and his cultists. Remember Baton Rouge? No Kill News was bragging on it just five days before it came up for investigation for cruelty.

The director resigned, remember she was from an infamous "No Kill" in Chicago, and now this is what is happening. 

I’ve reported during the last year on the Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge (CAA), a non-profit that provides animal sheltering services for East Baton Rouge Parish. CAA 
has a public-private partnership with the parish’s Animal Control And Rescue Center. Last summer, Laura Hinze, the former director at PAWS Chicago, took over as director at CAA and committed to making the parish no-kill.

CAA experienced a severe blow when Hinze resigned after only two months, following complaints of overcrowding at the shelter. An interim director was named and, for a while, CAA seemed to be making some progress with support from rescues and by means of its “Last Minute Hope” Facebook networking page.Then, in April of 2012, after a nationwide search, the CAA board chose Kimberly Sherlaw as the shelter’s new director. Sherlaw has a background in non-profit management, which seemed like a good sign, but things quickly turned sour under her leadership. Right away Sherlaw announced that she expected it would take three years to achieve no kill. The Facebook page was shut down. Volunteers were banned from the shelter. These actions are typical of high-kill directors who are mired in the past and have no intention of making a serious effort to get to no kill. A three year plan? Banning volunteers? Banning outreach efforts? We’ve seen all this before and it’s very bad news.

Director Sherlaw now seems to have declared victory where there is no victory. In a recent interview, she said that the shelter is killing 40% of the animals it takes in, and characterized those killings as due to health and behavior issues, not for space. Those of you who are familiar with the doublespeak of high-kill shelter directors will see the red flags here. There is no way that 40% of the animals entering the shelter warrant killing for health or behavior. Even if the shelter has no programs at all for medical rehabilitation or behavior modification, the experience of other shelters shows that it should not have to kill more than 10% of its intake for health and behavior.

In the interview linked above, Sherlaw claimed that CAA had reduced the kill rate from 80% to 40%. That sounds like progress, but the head of animal control in the parish stated in a recent interview that when CAA took over, the kill rate had already been reduced from 80% to 65%. That means that CAA has been able to reduce the kill rate only 25 points during its year of operation, not 40 points. A lot of that 25% reduction was due to the Last Minute Hope program, which has now been shut down, and the volunteers who were banned. In addition, we cannot verify that Sherlaw’s claims of a 40% kill rate are accurate, because the CAA webpage has not posted its 2011 statistics or its statistics so far in 2012.

The population of East Baton Rouge Parish is 442,000. Sherlaw has stated that yearly intake at CAA is 7200 animals. That’s an intake of only 16 animals per 1000 people per year, which is about half the national average of 30 per 1000 estimated by HSUS. Sherlaw has failed to explain why it’s going to take her years to get to no kill when shelters with much higher intake, such as the Nevada Humane Society, got to no kill much quicker.

Everyone had high hopes for Baton Rouge, but it looks like the no kill effort there has been sabotaged by the selection of a director who is simply not up to the job. I’m therefore removing Baton Rouge from the list of Communities to Watch, because they no longer have a director who’s serious about no kill.



HonestyHelps said...

Speaking of low life vets, does anyone remember the vet that worked for Brenda Barnette in Seattle who was disciplined for prescribing drugs to himself in the name of his dead dog? Yep, can't make these things up, folks.

Anonymous said...

Clearly what is going on is that the No Kill scam works Facebook, telling silly gullible people lies, and exracting money from them to be used to torture animals and kill them slowly and horribly.

Again, the men of the No Kill scam seem to be manipulating naive females, primarily, who should know better but seem susceptible to these kinds of men and their fairy tales.

It is very depressing to think of women being used this way. I thought that feminism had given women more savvy about how men manipulate them for money and power. Guess not.

No Kill scammers, the Bernie Madoffs of the pet world.

Anonymous said...

How long will women let this Madoff, Winograd, steal from them and help him and his cronies torture animals?

As for that Barnette person's vet, his name was Brad something, the one who falsified prescription records to illegally obtain drugs.

What was his last name?

Some veterinarians promote this No Kill scam because they enrich themselves at the animals expense.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like when Winograd had Hinze there, the "volunteers" were animal torturers preying on the animals and spreading disease as well as hurting them.

Of course Winograd No Kill says that is fine. No Kill just wants to eliminate animals from the statistics in any way possible- attacking each other, disease, abandoning them, giving them to puppy mills and hoarders, anything to try to get them off the records and make the "statistics" look good, like a corrupt corporation.

He sounds mad now because he can't have people in there torturing them anymore!

Anonymous said...

What is he talking about? Nevada Humane Society is not No Kill. They dump animals outdoors, they refuse to take animals, they have given animals to nuts that have abandoned them, and they let animals kill each other in cages and die of disease.

Nevada Humane Society is a torture hole.

Will this guy ever stop lying? Not as long as he works for Rick Berman and all the animal torturing for profit lobby.

HonestyHelps said...

Winograd attracts the worst of the worse. Bett who comes from breeding blood. Vonda, the sexual predator. Seabiscuit, who can't make her own shelter NK, and has a comprehension problem big time. I can go on and on naming the sickos that follow him.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, may I leave a comment here to be seen by craven desires, as I can't seem to leave a comment on their blog, and I think they read your blog? I thought you might be interested in this too.

One of the writers of that legislation that you were looking into is Amy Marder of Animal Rescue League, the nut vet who is also an AKC breeder and works with AKC and Animal Farm. Look up her name on dogsbite, she and Martha Smith, who was a nut lab animal vivisectionist. They attack and blame victims of maulings and try to claim that muzzles are bad. When the pit tried to rip the baby out of the father's arms in Lynn Ma, Marder came out supported pit bulls and their right to kill babies and other pets, and not prevent the attacks. They took over Animal Rescue League and turned it into a dog fighting arena to help pit bull breeders, along with Holly Stump of NAIA pit bull breeder in Ipswich Ma. Gary Petronek of Animal Rescue League is a NAIA moron too, goes and performs for them. They run Animal Rescue League as a sleazy breeder lobbyier.

In truth though through that legislation the pit owners are screwed when their dogs do the normal for pit attacks, because they will be hit with dangerous dog designation and requirements, and the towns can't run away from it like some have been.

Marder thought she was being a smart friend of the dog fighter breeders, but pit bull owners had better be really careful or they are screwed.

Anonymous said...

I found the link to this page and another that mentioned this vet on another link and thought I would send this a long.

The vet that Brenda Barnette hired is Brad Crauer, formerly of King County WA, who colluded with Nathan Winograd to try to force this Nokill cruelty on the shelter animals and hurt shelter employees and volunteers there, together with a woman Kim who was responsible for abandoning pit bulls to a hoarder to die taken during Hurricane Katrina by Pasado's Safe Haven (another Winograd follower, now out of business due to financial corruption.)

Crauer would have earned profits from Nokill.

He was busted for falsifying prescription records to obtain drugs illegally for himself.

That is what Los Angeles has hired, thanks to a corrupt AKC breeder like Brenda Barnette now running animal control. Criminals seem to flock together.

Anonymous said...

Blatt is an animal profiteer and one of the typicals. They have vivisectionists like this in that AKC group NAIA, run by the AKC board member that supervises AKC's puppy mill business. NAIA is hooked up with Rick Berman (who lobbies for the AKC and these others) and Nathan Winograd is hooked up with all of them. Michael Mountain is trying to get in on the action and cop his share.

All these people who make money from torturing animals, either directly or indirectly, prop each other up.

The profiteeers don't want licensing or anti-cruelty laws so the puppy mills, breeders, and dog fighters can flourish with less expense and more ease to torture for profit, and make more and more money, which the AKC feeds off in their registrations, microchips, and Petland business. The vets affiliated with these breeders suck up their percentage too.

A bunch of rich men get what they perceive as dumb women in rescue to help them torture animals for profit. The "rescue" community gets used to help the animal profiteers. Who can blame these guys for thinking that these women are dumb? They sure do act it. They believe any lie they are fed.

The rescue community can't seem to figure out that people like this spew lies about "helping animals" but are there to represent the animal profiteers financial interests.

Gregory Castle at Best Friends is right in there with them, putting NAIA members and AKC people like Barnette on the feedline at Best friends.

The rescue community has helped all these people torture and kill far more animals than would get humanely euthanized.