Friday, July 6, 2012


You may have asked this question after reading this shrill's articles in the Huffington (the Huff Puff) on PeTA. Well, we are going to introduce you to this Whinograd shrill in all his lying glory. If anything Mr. Douglas Anthony Cooper proves my point about Whinograd and where he gets his support and money.

I will not provide a link for this shrill's articles either, I'm not in the business of pimping his poor excuse for a book like his butt buddy Whinograd is doing. I will however, provide the links to back up my "assumptions" of this shrill.

Let's see, where do we start. First of all in the last article poison penned by this shrill, he states that he doesn't volunteer in a shelter. Okay, has he ever volunteered in a shelter might be a question? He lives in Mexico, how much can he know about our shelters here and now? Plus he is Canadian, where is his exposure to the american shelters? Another question might be why he lives in Mexico (he rents??), but that's for another piece.

Then there is Cooper's involvement with the breeding community. What? Surely you didn't think he is writing these articles against PeTA because he has a big heart for animals? Not quite. He goes along with the game plan that Whinograd plays with the breeders. In this piece he is promoting his purebred's breed, creating business for his breeding buddies. No shelter mutt for this guy.

Our Xolo, Snorkel Louise, has had a difficult time expressing her peerless beauty. She lives in the same house as Pixel, our Italian Greyhound, who is something of a celebrity in Oaxaca. We have in fact found random photos of Pixel all over the web, snapped by tourists who were captivated by her radiance while passing through town. Pixel's mom was a Mexican champion, and her dad a world champion: That's a lot to live up to. (Are those the words of someone who cares about shelter animals? He bought and paid for a dog from breeders.)

The article goes on in such a fashion that you can only gather that this shrill, just like his Messiah, gets off on being the center of attention. Never mind that he is promoting a rare breed that will end up like other breeds who had the same type of shrills, but hey, he has to make money for his breeding butt buddies. His other dog is another purebred, he doesn't even have a shelter dog. In other words, he supports breeding, not shelter animals.

Plus Cooper is supporting cruelty by supporting Whinograd. Winograd protected a cruel puppy mill while in Ithaca and was caught doing so. And when he was finally caught, suddenly he has a sick relative in CA and has to go. 

So he writes, without the truth, about PeTA, following his orders like a good little butt buddy for the Whino and Rick Berman. Probably made more money off Berman than off his little books. He is another little man just like the Whino who has an agenda of making money for his breeding friends at the expense of animals in cruel "No Kill" conditions. In other words, he doesn't have a clue about what he is writing about. If you interchanged the names of the Whino and this shrill, the article would read the exact same. 

So now you have your introduction to this Douglas Anthony Cooper and his motives for condemning PeTA. He is a fake just like Natan Whinograd.


Anonymous said...

My question would be what man doesn't like to see naked women? I can't see a "real" man opposing an organization that gets away with showing naked women. I think that Peta's marketing program is sheer genius myself. What better way to grab the attention of the male species?

kcdogblog said...

So, let me get this straight. Cooper is evil because he supports Winograd, who is evil because he's supported by people like Cooper? Who both oppose PETA because they actively support killing animals and actually kill them themselves?

Makes complete sense to me.

HonestyHelps said...

Well, it's about time you caught on, taken you long enough.

Anonymous said...

And can you inform us of when to expect your repentance to be posted on your blog, Brent?

HonestyHelps said...

Where was Toellner when God handed out rational thinking? I say he was hiding under a breeder's skirt and missed out. He totally missed the points here. That point is that his Messiah is bought and paid for by the breeders of this country, he is their boy. Doesn't matter to Toellner because he believes that there are plenty of homes so breed away, all you want. Fill those shelters, force the taxpayers to pay, make more hoarders, God, what a fucking legacy they leave.

Anonymous said...

This man is condemning PeTA? When was the last time he can say that Winograd busted a hoarder, a hoarder causing terrible suffering? When Mr. Cooper, tell us the last time.

While you're at it, tell us the last time Winograd put money into busting a dog fighting ring? Or can you tell us when he has openly fought against the cruelty of agribusiness?

But I can tell you the times when Winograd stood with breeders and agribusiness against legislation to stop cruelty. You should know this, you should have researched it. So logic stands to reason that you would have to be a part of this cruelty and failure to act against cruelty since you support one who stands for it.

One thing is for sure, I ain't reading your damn books.

pah said...

i didn't find Mr. Cooper very credible, he could be a nice man, but he is very far removed from reality. It is a case of an ex-pat typing away about another country he knows nothing about, referencie an industry he is not familar with.

Anonymous said...

Your writing style is hysterical. I'm embarrassed for you. Poor, illiterate, fool.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is just embarrassing!

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
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HonestyHelps said...

Well, it looks like Mr. D.A. Cooper (that stands for Dumb Ass) has joined us with his illogical and unreseached rantings. Welcome now read this fucking blog and educate yourself about the false prophet Whinograd.

Houston, are you kidding? They kicked him to the curb because he was so ridiculous. When asked for liability insurance which is a requirement in TX to do "consulting" work, Whino refused. He knew he would then be on the hook if his program didn't work. Guess what, he knew his program didn't work. Look at Philly or haven't you bothered to do that? I bet if you have looked at Philly, that you accepted the Whino's lame excuses for that failure and all that suffering in his name.

Did you know that Winograd's co-hort in King County was basically run out of town? On this very blog, you will see a letter written to the CEO Dow Constantine with one of three women in a conspiracy to undermine animal control. When the Attorney General of WA ruled that Whino's co-hort in crime submit her emails to show this conspiracy, she left for LA. You once again have failed to research, just blindly accept the Whino's excuses for his failures.

And while you are reading, read about how the Whino degraded a woman whose resume says nothing but the best for her. She is a co-blogger with me and you just can't get anything right these days, can you?

And yes, indeed you have the blood of shelter animals on your sorry hands. Anytime you spread this evil propaganda, you kill shelter animals. You're a fucking joke, Mister, and a bad one at that. Now go do something right for a change and read this blog. See what a truly evil and vile man you are defending.

Anonymous said...

You have a nasty, filthy, disgusting mouth. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you act like trash? You only make yourself look very very bad. If I were you, I would cease and desist before you get into some legal trouble. You appear to be unhinged and capable of who knows what? Seek help. You need it very badly.

Anonymous said...

I bet you that you look like a pig too!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:32 kiss my ass. Having to talk about the evil Whino leaves a disgusting taste in my mouth, thus the foul mouth.

So take your preaching elsewhere, tell it to someone who cares what you think, I don't. As for legal trouble, I would love some. Nothing I want more than to land the Whino in court even if it is a third party. Has anyone asked why the Whino has never reinstated his attorney's license?

This is Pat Dunaway said...

Hey Dumb Ass Cooper, this is Pat Dunaway. You think I am the stalker? Winograd stalks me all over the internet. He has made accusations against he that he has yet to offer any proof of. He's a coward who stalks women on the internet and many people have noticed that about him.

You google my name plus Winograd's name and see how many hits you get. And almost everyone will be proof of his stalking.

""And just a few days after Winograd spoke with the Press, he blogged about how this paper's line of questioning was based solely on the claims of one of his most vocal critics, a private citizen with the audacity to disagree with Winograd.

Under the heading "A Smear Campaign," Winograd wrote: "The line of questioning was based on the rumor and innuendo of No Kill detractors like Pat Dunaway in order to undermine my efforts and maintain a policy of killing in our shelters. No lie is too grand and no contradiction too obvious for them."

Winograd apparently believes a reporter can't ask tough questions of him based on simple Google searches or interviews with other sources. No, it is the work of the ubiquitous Pat Dunaway, a California woman who has criticized Winograd on various shelter-related blogs. Winograd has also accused Dunaway of being behind the Austin Chronicle's critical story.

In Winograd's mind, Dunaway's trespasses are so severe that he devoted an entire blog post to attacking her personally, accusing her of using false names when feeding lies to gullible reporters. Morally, Winograd has placed Dunaway on the same level as the heads of the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States, who are alternately described as defeatists shackled by institutional complacency and malevolent demagogues who get off on killing perfectly healthy, squeaky-clean puppies.""

Anonymous said...

The usual pack of no-kill disciples immediately respond with their tired accusations that "PETA kills animals". Notice that reasonable and compassionate people ignore their desperate and nonsensical comments.

Is anyone else wondering why Nathan hasn't commented on the sudden departure of his much-touted Suzanne Kogut from Charlottesville? There's something strange going on there.

Mr.Cooper, I don't know who is paying you, but you got the story about Norfolk completely wrong...completely and totally wrong. You're no journalist, and you're no friend to animals.

This is Pat Dunaway said...

And this reporter who uncovered Winograd lying about his resume from the same link.

""And in October 2008, a reporter for the Austin Chronicle was the first to shed light on his true capacity at the San Francisco SPCA. Reporter Patty Ruland checked with Winograd's former boss, Ed Sayres (now the head of the ASPCA), who explained that Winograd held the position of Director of Operations for a week and a half before resigning.

Ruland quickly learned what happens to those who dare ask questions about Winograd's claims: They are summarily scorned. Before Ruland's story ran, Winograd blasted her on his blog, accusing her of asking "inflammatory and defamatory" questions.""

This is Pat Dunaway said...

Winograd has less than 10,000 animals under his sheltering career, hardly the resume of an expert.

another point of view said...

Looks like the Doug and Lucy show moved over here. There were only 3 people on the Huff Post story who agreed with it and they all had genital in their monikers. What is that ?? I am trying to find some info that may be in the range of their intellect. A couple of links perhaps. I'll use my Orwellian persona.

another point of view said...
No Kill Doesn't work in Tompkins Co. NY
by Lori Tyler
Monday Feb 18th, 2008 4:25 PM
As a previous shelter manager of a shelter Nathan Winograd "saved" and a board member of an SPCA in a neighboring community, I absolutely believe that the "No Kill" movement has failed us in Tompkins Co.- once touted as the "safest place in the US for animals"
I was the manager at the Ithaca SPCA two years before Nathan was hired. Under my management, the euthanasia rate for all animals (not just those deemed adoptable) decreased by about 50%. We were developing programs to achieve "no-kill" before he came along. In fact, the board resolved to stop euthanizing BEFORE Nathan was even working at the shelter.
What he did do was raise money and he built a new shelter (which we had already been planning and had already bought the property for). However, this shelter is not sustainable for the shelter. They cannot afford the operate it- its too big. Now, Nathan has gone away, the donors have dwindled and they are in a danger of losing their animal control contracts as they have had to ask for large increases in money from the towns and city.
At my shelter in a neighboring county, we have been lured into "trying to keep up with the Jones'" attitude. We tried to change our euthanasia policy to be similar, but we didn't have the programs to keep the animals moving, and we ended up with a warehouse situation and we couldn't care for the number of cats in our care. We now have more stringent euthanasia guidelines- including euthanizing for issues such as dental disease and poor socialability.
"No-Kill" is a euphemism for "limited admission". Animals aren't truly safe if they are being dumped on animal control or left in the street. I personally want to be part of an organization that accepts all homeless animals in the community and tried to help them- even if that means some will be euthanized. There are worse things in this world than euthanasia- I have seen them. I choose to euthanize over leaving an animal to suffer in a cage, starve on the street, or suffer from a treatable- yet un-affordable to care for disease.
You can limit the number of animals being euthanised in your shelter by creating programs to increase adoptions and reduce the number of animals coming in. It is not, IMO, a front-loaded proclamation- it the the result of sustainable programs within the shelter and in the community. Once the population is stable and the community sees your results- the money will come to help you help more animals be adoptable. We are far from this in Chemung Co. It is far easier to get a cat from your neighbor than the shelter and far easier to just leave your cat to breed recklessly than get her spayed. This is where we need to work- not making sweeping proclamations about not killing animals.

another point of view said...

Winograd was quiet when Indy went down, Doug Rae was just "gone" said nothing when Scheider was replaced at Washoe County and Kogut is just one more failure in the people who try so hard to make the impossible plan work. Baton Rouge is begging for a new director, and Austin is covered with dogs " saved from the Euth list in Austin " Wait, how can a famous No Kill Shelter have a EUTH LIST?? could it be they are secretly putting animals down ?

HonestyHelps said...

I've already heard the Whino's explanation of Kogut leaving. It's the alignment of the planets on Dec. 21, she felt she had to spend the remaining time with her family.

They Call Me Chap said...
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another point of view said...

@Honesty Helps, right and Schneider was dying to take a $30,000 pay cut. That's what bothers me about the low life, he touted Boks and then threw him under the bus, same with every director he starts out liking. Ever read ol' Yes Biscuit, a Winograd mouth piece in SC, she writes great poems about getting her arms ripped off and thrown up on a nearby awning, all the while being ravaged on the sidewalk.... matches the names of his fans on HP.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of losers. Pat Dunaway and all of her personalities. Absolutely embarrassing. And yes, this is Lucy. Are you going to honor me with one of your blogs as well? You giant LOSER. You are Illiterate, foul mouthed, mentally unstable,and did I mention---A LOSER?? Someone needs to send the people with the butterfly nets over there to get your crazy ass and lock it away.

Loves Animals said...

It's a slippery slope, this "no-kill" slogan.

Chapter 1: If you declare no-kill, then fail to meet it, the same terrorists who pushed you into it will sue you.
Chapter 2: City will try to unload the municipal shelter onto the private sector as soon as they settle the lawsuit and wash their hands of homeless animals and the lunatics involved.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:57, fuck you, Lucy. The men with the butterfly nets are too damn busy with you to worry about us here.

WinogradSucks said...

I see Mr. Dumb Ass Cooper couldn't hang with the big dogs, tucked his tail and ran. Didn't like it when he was confronted with the truth for a change. How does it feel DA to be seen for being a fool?

Dumb Ass Cooper said...

"When was the last time he can say that Winograd busted a hoarder, a hoarder causing terrible suffering? When Mr. Cooper, tell us the last time."

Do you really want the answer? When was the last time? I'm sure there have been more since this, but there was Winograd's 196-page report on cruelty in Houston's shelter system. (Which PETA tried to suppress, since the system was pro-kill.) In King County Washington, in 2008, he wrote a 170-page report on cruelty, including evidence of hoarding. PETA set up robocalls to area residents, urging them to reject No Kill principles.

But, yes, Winograd won out: both systems have improved. Cruelty busted, despite PETA's obstruction.

Meanwhile, I'm amused to have inherited Nathan's unhinged stalker. Hi Pat. Get help.

I have a purebred Xolo, yes. A breed that's near extinction. I don't want to see them go extinct. Also, I have a purebred Italian Greyhound. Why? Because I like Italian Greyhounds. Nor am I a vegan. In fact, I'm not a vegetarian. Need any more proof that I'm not ideologically pure? There's tons.

On the other hand, I don't kill shelter animals.

Anonymous said...

Damn! I missed the fun. Got here too late. Whino must have reeled in Cooper and the rest of his faithful ignorant clan.

HonestyHelps said...

Whiny Boy does like to call in the troops, he's scared of them being exposed to the truth. The more they comment, the more they are exposed to credible links showing the evil side of Whiny Boy. Another lame excuse from a coward, don't feed the troll. When all along he's terrified of his trolls seeing and learning the truth about him.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cooper, what about the two dogs that might have lived had you made the compassionate choice to adopt dogs that no one else wanted from an overcrowded shelter? I also imagine there are plenty of dogs scrounging to survive on the streets in Oaxaca that would have been more than happy to share your home. To actually suggest (as you wrote in the article about your dogs) that because the Xolo is a rare breed "any responsibly-bred Xolo can be considered a rescue" shows how completely out of touch you are with the world of shelters and rescue. You have zero credibility and frankly, you disgust me. Thanks for exposing this creep, Honesty!

HonestyHelps said...

Any time Anon:42. For Dumb Ass to condemn an agency that enforces against cruelty then to pimp a movement that does nothing about cruelty, show what kind of person he is. And he is not the kind of person who is part of the Whino's community obviously. See, it takes a community, don't breed or buy when others die, yet Dumb Ass does just that. The Whino jumps into bed with DA just like he did with Berman all because they do the same shrilling. If Whiney Boy really means what he says, he would give Dumb Ass a stern lecture and tell his cult followers to do the same. Instead he interviews him on Fry's stupid show. We have this fraud's number and he knows it now.

Anonymous said...

Douglas Anthony Cooper is just another paid shill for Rick Berman, aka Center for Consumer Freedom, the pro animal torture lobby.

Like Winograd, he gets paid to attack and smear real humane groups, on behalf of people and businesses who make money torturing and killing animals and don't want groups like Peta exposing that torture and pushing for better laws.

What is worse, he is in Mexico laundering that money and not paying taxes.

Who knows what else this guy is involved in?

Who knows what else Berman is supporting through Mexico?

They just busted a cockfighting ring in the U.S. not long ago that was a branch of a Mexican business, also selling animal fighting equipment.

What is this guy REALLY doing in Mexico?

And why is the Huffington blog posting garbage from a Rick Berman crook?

Anonymous said...

Rick Berman is of course a piece of garbage, so he has to get the bottom-of-the-barrel types to tout his lies.

Winograd, a desperate man being provided for by his questionable inlaws who have been accused of business crime and sued for it, at least his father in law.

What else is his father in law involved with? Rick Berman? The guy who lynches the teachers, and MADD on behalf of Berman's liquor company clients?

Why would the president of the League of Women Voters in Orange County (Winograd's mother in law) have her daughter's husband shilling for a tobacco company lobbyist (also Berman's work.) Her husband pays Winograd's bills.
Is she representing women, or is that family representing rich companies and people persecuting and exploiting women, and animals, and kids?

Winograd has no ability to make his own decisions and be his own man. He's a paid companion, not much better than a servant.

Berman's people are all the dregs, desperate in their own way, who will sell out for not much.

But why is this Huffington thing promoting Berman's people? Who do they really represent? Is this another tool of the rich to cover up their crimes and hide the truth?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Toellner the advertising washout who now works to make the dog fighters happy and keep the puppy mills going?

Talk about a failure. The only time I've ever heard anyone mention him is to laugh at him, and talk about how the AKC nazis take dumps in his face.

Anonymous said...

Douglas Cooper killed two dogs by buying his purebreds from a breeder.

That's what his AKC friends do with their puppy mills, and they get rich doing it.

The AKC wants to kill shelter animals with overcrowding, disease, fighting, giving to hoarders, so the AKC doesn't have to take responsibility for the overbreeding and sale of unaltered dogs.

They want to use No Kill to kill animals the long, slow, painful way where they can hide the bodies and get liars like Cooper to hide the death.

The AKC wants to turn shelters into animal death camps, and Cooper supports that by his deed and word.

The AKC also hooks up with animal fighters to lobby, so what is Cooper doing in Mexico?

Cooper supports No Kill Torturing, so what other kinds of torture is he supporting?

Has the AKC expanded puppy mill business to Mexico? Do they have connections with Mexico animal fighting businesses to add to their animal fighting connections in the U,.S. that they already have? What is going on?

Anonymous said...

"The usual pack of no-kill disciples"

Because when Rick Berman gets a shill to copy Berman's propaganda, he sends out word to the AKC, the dog fighters, the puppy mills and all the other animal torturing Rick Berman clients and gets them to post lots of comments in order to try to create pretend response.

The nazis all rush in to prop up their shill, and try to make it look like there is a response, but it's just business lobbying..

Why is Huffington letting their site be used by a business lobbyist? It isn't ethical.

Anonymous said...

come and get me you sick, fat old woman. have you murdered any dogs lately? you or your murdering friend, andrea? you just better hope that your fat old ugly ass never crosses my path. i don't know how many of these comments are real or how many of them are from your "alters" but anyone who thinks you aren't insane must be as insane as you are. the world wont be safe for a dog or cat until you are buried six feet under you disgusting piece of shit.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:52, it is doubtful our paths would ever cross, I never visit the slim ponds where you live. And the world would be a safer place without the likes of you and your piece of shit leader. Throwback.

Anonymous said...

So the Huffington is allowing someone who threatens women, with death threats, to lobby for rich businesses via Rick Berman on their site?

Are they aware of what this Cooper is up to, and Winograd as well, because Winograd has also been terroring and threatening women, and allowing these death threats to be made in his name.

This is what working for Rick Berman looks like.

These people truly are terrorists, but then the breeders and dog fighters they work for have been for a long time.

These people really show how corrupt the breeders are.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, the Huff Puff is the referring site so yes, they can take some of the heat.

007 said...

Comment on post by Dumb Ass Cooper on 6 Jul @ 10:44--

First of all, have you ever actually read one of The Wino's inflated, redundant consultation reports? They are pretty mind numbing with repetition. Do you know how he gets the photos? He hangs out in the shelter under attack and takes photos before the cleaning crew/animal care providers have cleaned, medicated, fed, and watered. He is an opportunist at every turn, including with his photography and note taking for his reports. I will go so far as to say in certain situations it is pure fabrication and/or set-up. I'm actually a trained forenics photographer. I too know how to take advantage of camera's eye to mislead the untrained to make an innocent situation appear far worse than it is.

Secondly, I do not see how anyone can say with a straight face that The Wino has improved any system or helped to end cruelty anywhere. You obviously do not have a real grasp on his MO (modus operandi) or you would know that one of the points in his NK Equation is the elimination of cruelty investigators/humane officers or whatever you choose to call them. The reason is 2 fold. First, one of his big selling points to boards of directors and/or municipalities is to promise to reduce the operating expense if his plan is implemented. Humane education, event planners, and cruelty officers are the first to go. Then replace trained staff with untrained volunteers. Two of those 3 have direct impact on animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect. It is my belief that he recognizes that having cruelty officers on staff can end up pointing the finger at the legal animal care failure of NK with over-population and hoarding that are rampant in NK shelters. Turn a good cruelty investigator loose in one of these shelters and see what kind of daming evidence they could produce. If you want a really good example of how very wrong NK can spin out of control, Google "Animal Foundation, Lied Shelter, Las Vegas" and learn how NK failed to the point that something like 3,000 animals had to be destroyed. To the best of my knowledged The Wino did not have a hand in that disaster, but he has the exact same model in his NK Equation. And, from reading this blog along with a couple others, it appears another NK Nevada shelter might soon be in the spotlight for the same thing.

Come'on dude. Take the blinders off and come out of the tall grass. The evidence showing that The Wino NK plan cannot be sustained and is a flawed premise is visible in the shelters that have used his model. You really need to educate yourself beyond the rainbows and unicorns of NK. Once you do, you will come to realize that that the NK detractors you read here and elsewhere have worked in the trenches both with and without NK and know what does and does not work. If what we do did not work, then explain how it was possible to drop from 10 million animal in US shelters 20 years ago to the current 3 million, before The Wino even dreamed up his little scheme? The Wino is selling a product. Period. Uninformed "furry kid parents" drink the Kool-Aid and provide financial support for The Wino's income and burgeoning ego. Fame and money are his drug of choice and he tries to acheive them on the back of good shelter personnel and creating animal cruelty wherever he goes with his failed blueprint.

Anonymous said...

I know Doug Cooper and don't like him that much, but he's not nearly so nutso as you and your weirdo PETA pals.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon21 I view those who are so late coming to the game and defending a Capote wannabe to be the nutso.

animalcop said...
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