Monday, August 6, 2012


UPDATE: Here is the link for the www.DogsBite.ORG post and what "No Kill" has done to the City of Austin. 

If Peyton Place were rewritten, it would be entitled Austin. Why make a series called Dallas, Austin has lots more intrigue. Reports over and over about the overcrowding. Now the cruelty of San Antonio Pets Alive/Austin Pets Alive with their kitten "sanctuary". Abigail on her knees begging for more money although she and Ryan promised the City "No Kill" would a cost cutter. Spindletop just down the road, easy access for all those pits pulled from Austin to make Austin look better. And the appointees that I just blogged about.

Now let's add another to the list of Austin's "No Kill" failure, increasing dog bites, putting public safety in jeopardy. Thanks to the always diligent www.DogsBite.ORG, it is learned that since declaring their "No Kill" epitaph in 2010, dog bites have increased a whopping 35%!!! Close the door please. is a national dog bite victims' group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks. My name is Colleen Lynn and I am the founder of this organization.
In April 2010, relocated to East Austin from the City of Seattle.

Dog Bites on the Rise (2007-2011) recently reviewed 5-years of dog bite data gained from the City of Austin under the Freedom of Information Act. The data shows that dog bites have increased substantially since the City of Austin adopted a No-Kill policy in 2010. Between 2009 and 2011, dog bites increased 35%.
The primary offenders of these bites are pit bulls and their mixes, responsible for 22% of all bites (1,288). Though not the most popular dog breed in the City of Austin, pit bulls are out biting -- by nearly a 2 to 1 ratio -- the breed that is the most popular, Labradors and their mixes, which inflicted 12% of all bites (682) during this period.
Unwanted pit bulls flood open admission shelters across the United States; Austin is no different. The combination of this reality with a No-Kill policy, which often leads to the reduction of screening of potential adopters and behavior testing, is a considerable public safety risk. I urge the Public Safety Commission to recognize this risk.


According to Austin Animal Services, the city ended its Pet Licensing Program in 2008/2009. Such programs are employed extensively across the country by city and county animal service departments for two primary purposes 1.) To fund animal control services and 2.) To gage the population of domesticated pets within a city.
Currently and moving forward, Austin Animal Services has no such funding or population data. Furthermore, Austin animal owners are not contributing even modestly more than non-animal owners through annual pet licensing fees to benefit citywide animal control services.

This was presented today at the Public Safety meeting. We know, of course, of the pimping of pit bulls to just anyone. Austin has been doing the old freebies and BOGO sales too. In other words, Abigail Smith doesn't give a damn about the damages she is doing just as long as she and Ryan Clinton push them out the door so they can pat each other on the back. 

Just remember, Abigail and Ryan, that for every dog bite, there is more than one victim. Their family, their church members, their school mates become victims, victims of a movement that cares more for dogs than for innocent children.  So with each dog bite, the army grows to stop this movement that is so responsible for so many attacks that can be contributed to the philosophy that all dogs can be saved. 


pah said...

interesting about the licensing going away at the same time Winograd took his first swing back in 08

Anonymous said...

An important part of this Austin animal torture is the hook up between some corrupt individuals, veterinarians, and politicians in Austin with Nathan Winograd, the scamming Rick Berman-and-AKC puppy mill affiliate.

When Nathan Winograd first started his No Kill Slow Kill scam, he worked briefly running animal control for the Tompkins County SPCA in New York.

It was a FAILURE. He refused to take dogs like pit bulls that were then abandoned on the streets to bite, attack, and then die horribly. He warehoused animals which led to disease and fighting, deaths that didn't make his faked "statistics" so he could prop up his scam and promote himself, sell himself. He refused to enforce cruelty laws and let dogs die horribly in illegal puppy mills until other groups swooped in to save their lives. (Winograd was too busy making his AKC and other breeder friends happy, because they survive based on the puppy mill registration money they get.)

After Winograd fled when the shelter's bank accounts were depleted (No Kill Slow Kill animal abuse is expensive) ABIGAIL SMITH was his associate that he parked in his place.

She did exactly the same things, animals were dying of disease and fighting in the shelter, she turned away animals to die on the streets after they attacked citizens and suffered, and she didn't do cruelty investigations and suffering and torture increased.

After Smith tried to extort more money from the towns, and after several public exposes of her No Kill Slow Kill torture, Smith needed to flee too.

So Winograd, with his Rick Berman animal torture for profit associates, hooked up with crooks in Austin to give Abigail Smith a place to continue to ply the No Kill Slow Kill cruelty. I guess Winograd and Smith (and the breeders and dog fighters that supported them) figured that the people of Austin were too stupid to figure out their No Kill scam.

And So Nathan Winograd, via Rick Berman and all the breeder and puppy mill and dog fighter lobbies that lobby together, causes still more suffering in yet another city. Using the rescue community as dupes for rich breeders.

It is time to figure out what criminals colluded with this.

Who was the Rick Berman and the puppy mill AKC/UKC hook up in Austin?

In Indianapolis, Indiana, where Winograd pulled the SAME scam and got his failed asoociate Douglas Rae (who just escaped being charged with animal cruelty in Philadelphia, another Winograd No Kill mess) into place to torture the animals and people of Indianapolis, the citizens there took care of the disaster and tossed out Winograd's boys club and the crooked politician and citizen that rigged the Winograd setup.

The same things were happening in Indianapolis under Winograd No Kill Slow Kill. Refusal to take animals, pets dying on street, people and their pets attacked by strays, animals dying of disease and fighting in shelters, ANIMAL AND PEOPLE TORTURE!

So the Madoff of the pet world, Nathan Winograd, with his history, comes to Austin to pull the same scam (promoted by the criminal, tax cheat breeders and dog fighters that refuse to take responsibility) and is allowed to? It is time to root out the corruption before more pets and people suffer.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Is there any place where No Kill has worked? Doesn't seem to me that such a place exists.

Anonymous said...

As for Spindletop, the primary promoters and sellers of this torture camp were the BREEDERS, the AKC kennel clubs and RDOC (Responsible Dog Owners of Texas aka BREEDERS, as the term "responsible dog owners" is scam code for breeder lobbying groups.) They were promoting Spindletop, getting their media associates to promote it and lie about it, pushing rescuers into bringing dogs there, pushing animal control into sending dogs there, badmouthing and threatening whistleblowers, and giving Spindletop bits of donations to prop up the scam and keep it going like a breeder pyramid scheme.

Why would they do this?

The breeders refuse to take responsibility for the massive overbreeding they are involved in and profit from, including the puppy mills that provide registration money that pays their bills and the dog fighters that lobby shadily right along with them. They need to keep churning out too many animals to keep huckstering to the public to keep that cash coming in. They need to keep collecting registration money from more and more litters, that are casually sold and then mostly abandoned. They need to prop up the backyard breeders that chip in their registration money and promote sales. They also sell unaltered dogs to maximize their profits. The result? FULL SHELTERS!! ABANDONED PETS!!

The breeders don't want licensing or any other rules getting in the way of their highly corrupt, high tax cheat business and their puppy mills.

So they hook up with lobbyists like Rick Berman and scammers like Winograd to "sell" this No Kill Slow Kill charade to pretend there is no overpopulation. Fake the euthanasia numbers by letting the animals die of disease or fighting, and by shuffling off these dogs to hoarders, labs, psychopaths to torture and kill the slow hidden way, off the record so the deaths can be hidden from the public, and get the public to believe this No Kill scam is working.

The foolish rescue community is used as pawns to spend their time and money cleaning up after these breeders, and shipping these dogs to torture chambers like Spindletop, where the breeder who ran it and her breeder associates LIE TO THE RESCUERS and falsify stories about the dogs getting "good homes," when all the while the dogs were tortured and killed, or are still being tortured and dying the long, slow, No Kill Slow kill way.

At the heart of this whole No Kill scheme, like No Kill itself, is MONEY, interest in protecting the big money incomes of breeders and protecting breeders from responsibility and regulation. Protecting the tax fraud racket that the breeding industry rests on. Protecting the gambling money that dog fighting breeding is built on.

When there are big money businesses, they hire lobbyists like Berman and Winograd and their hired lackeys to protect that money interest, get their interests into city government, hook up with corrupt legislators and "community leaders," use the media to deceive, take over.


Spindletop is the face of No Kill Slow Kill. There are many more Spindletops, private and also some that are animal control departments and shelters That No Kill infiltrated!

Those animals are still suffering and dying. Who will save them from the ravages of No Kill? Will their deaths be meaningless, or have we learned a lesson so we can fight for the animals against big money No Kill and its rich boys club of profiteers?

HonestyHelps said...

Quiet, no kill works in a private shelter that can pick and choose. It might work in small open door shelters that handle maybe 200 pets a year. I don't know of one truly successful open door "No Kill" shelter that isn't wracked with problems. Nevada Humane just got a bailout from Maddies Fund because they are in the red, year after year. Charlottesville is obviously having problems because they kicked Kogut out. If she were so successful, that wouldn't have happened. But that is a private shelter, we can't get public records to check all that is claimed.

Anonymous said...

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary plays a role in all of this too.

They tried to cash in on the No Kill Slow Kill brand scam, and still do, telling their donors lies in order to convince gullible people that there is no overpopulation and if they just send money to Best Friends, then everything will be ok. It isn't ok! It's bad! It makes things WORSE for pets.

Best Friends themselves shipped dogs to a hoarder to torture and kill, Don Chambers, and even promoted him and let him use their website to promote himself and shill for money. While the dogs were tortured and dead!! Just like Spindletop!!

They hire public relations flaks to write puffery on their websites and literature promoting other hoarders to their donors too, and getting people to send money to help torture animals, like that cat sanctuary busted not long ago. Best Friends told their donors it was a good place, when it was a killing field!

They get promotion from the hoarders in exchange for promoting the hoarders. A sick twisted vicious circle.

Best Friends shilled for money for the Vick dogs, while the dogs were caged in isolation and not properly caged at that, because they broke out and killed another sanctuary dog!

But still they feed fairy tales to donors to get their money. And where does the money go? More fundraising, triple figure salaries and houses for managers and their families, paying board members (earning them demerits on the Better Business Bureau) and worse.

Best Friends isn't even No Kill themselves. They just lie about it, as they refuse to take animals or outright abandon them.

They spin fairy tales like a corrupt corporation to get gullible people to open their wallets and send them money. All to push hoarding and animal torture.

They even have been reducing the animals at their sanctuary because of unwillingness to pay the huge costs, as there are big salaries and perks for employees that need funding, and lobbying for themselves to pay for, and marketing and public relations people to pay to cook up the fairy tales. They all suck up big money! And they aren't honest about how impossibly expensive it is to house vast numbers of unwanted animals. Sactuaries always go downhill. There's more and more animals flooding in, the costs go through the roof. The animals pay the price. The donors get scammed.

Now Best Friends has even let AKC puppy mill lobbyists on their committees to help with the scamming and lying, and to protect animal abusers. All trying to hide the fact that because of massive overbreeding, there is no way to deal with the huge numbers of castoff animals. Best Friends barely even mentions spay neuter any more. The breeders don't approve.

They don't even help fund spay neuter clinics! Millions and millions and millions of dollars, and the animals be damned.

How much suffering will Best Friends be allowed to prop up and promote?

People want to hope that things will get better for animals, but listening to fairy tales from Best Friends and funding that money machine is doing harm.

Best Friends also can't escape their Winograd connection. They were among the first to promote him and cover for him, and Winograd got Best Friends people pushed into jobs where he scammed in No Kill Slow Kill, and Best Friends people got special favors and profited, and then participated in running the torture.

This is just some of the trouble with Best Friends, surely Terrible Friends for pets. They thought they could corner the market with increasing their cash inflow through pushing the No Kill scam, and the animals pay the price of such greed.

Anonymous said...

And how long will the people at Maddies Fund that got tricked by Winograd and Best Friends keep funding the abuse?

They just seem to give what little money they issue to No Kill scammers that need bailing out. All to prop up this No Kill brand.

Maddies Fund is run less like a charity and more like a corporation that needs to protect a failed brand.

They do practically nothing, and what little they do does worse.

What if some drug company, selling a drug Z that killed people, set up a charity to protect the brand Z reputation and called it a "health charity." People would be outraged.

Maddies Fund seems to be only concerned with protecting the brand reputation of No Kill Slow Kill, that has killed so many animals in such horrible ways and STILL IS.

When will they step up and be honest about this? When will they have the dignity and wisdom to admit mistakes, as hard as that might be?

Letting animals suffer and die, or worse yet propping it up with funds, is one of the saddest things around.

Anonymous said...

"Is there any place where No Kill has worked? Doesn't seem to me that such a place exists."

I can tell you what goes on at many small private No Kill shelters.

They refuse to take animals and the animals are abandoned on the highway out front or the woods behind. The lucky ones are picked up and brought to animal control. The others die uncounted and where the public can't see, often while the No Kill falsely tells the puiblic they handled the problem of unwanted pets. Lies.

Without addressing the high birth rate and the massive overbreeding (and the industries that created a business model based on massive overbreeding like the AKC and UKC and other registries with thir puppy mills, and dog fighters, and farmer puppy mills, and related industries like some vets and Petlands and pet stores and brokers, and more) then No Kill is just a scam.

Anonymous said...

How can I reach the blogger who is in charge of this?
I have No-Kill stories of horror to tell you about in San Antonio Texas concerning San Antonio Pets Alive.

Who is in a legal contract ( partnership) with our ACS who is allowing SAPA to get away with their no-kill death camp for kittens!! Starving kittens to death and no vet care at SAPA and Ellen Jefferson's comment: at lest we saved a few!'

Please contact me!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:14 you can send any info as a comment and mark it Not For Publication. I can then answer you as a comment on the blog if necessary. Due to the nature of No Kill, I don't correspond with anyone except via this blog. Thanks and would really like to know what you know. I will need documentation of some sort, cut and paste, whatever. I can't publish rumors.