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I'm quite sure that most people know that some cultures do eat dogs. I know that we Americans find that offensive. I also know that several years ago LA had people getting a mama and her litter out only to bring the mama back after the puppies were weaned. Seems the biggest delicacy is the puppies. (This is so hard to even think about, much less write about.) At that time, people only had to pay fees for the one dog, now they must pay for each puppy as well. So that original policy helped to curb that situation. But there is a lot of rumor that Brenda Barnette is in such a hurry to get her stats down that she is allowing entire liters with Mom's go to out only for the cost of the Mom.  That CANNOT be allowed.  If the foster brings that animals back in good condition they should get their deposit back (for each pup.)  Also, rescues should have to pay for EACH puppy.  We don't really know what happens to those that get "transported."

Now first you need to read this story about a stolen dog taken from the shelter with a frantic owner looking for it. The dog was taken by a "rescue" who immediately removed the chip that the responsible owner had put in. Why didn't they try to locate the owner instead? http://www.opposingviews.com/i/are-l-a-s-transported-dogs-stolen-or-rescued

Then read this about the LA transports to Canada. http://www.opposingviews.com/i/l-a-shelter-dogs-transported-to-canada-rescue-or-ruse

Now you have some background for reading this article in Opposing Views. http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/animal-rights/dog-meat-popularity-vietnam-creates-market-stolen-pets

It talks about the Canadians who still sell to labs, and who eat dogs. No offense to our Canadian neighbors but this is the truth. 

A January 2011 Opposing Views article, L.A. Shelter Dogs Transported to Canada, Rescue or Ruse?,” discussed the American mania to transport dogs from shelter to shelter, rescue to rescue, and even out of the country to attempt to give the impression the U.S. is becoming “No Kill”.  Many of these transports involve shipping mostly smaller dogs and Pit Bulls to Canada, with no monitoring or follow-up on their ultimate destination. It is important that anyone involved in or condoning this practice is aware of the following:
 Under Canada's Wildlife Act, there is no law against selling and serving canine meat, including dogs, if it is killed and gutted in front of federal inspectors. http://www.cbc.ca/news/story/2003/11/07/dog_meat031107.html
In a 2002-2006 on-line poll, 33.72% of responders voted “Yes” to the question, “Should Canadians increase their consumption of dog meat?” http://forums.redflagdeals.com/pet-overpopulation-should-we-start-eating-more-dog-cat-canada-296403/2/
So the question does arise, are our dogs ending up on dinner tables from these transports that are totally unregulated. With all the money making schemes being unraveled lately surrounding "No Kill", someone just might be making a buck off dog steaks.

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Anonymous said...

The board members and breeders of the AKC (represented by their pro-animal torture lobbying groups like NAIA by board member Patti Strand

have always explicitly stated that they feel that rescue dogs are inferior pieces of garbage that should die,

AKC, UKC, and the other breeders oppose ALL anti-cruelty laws. They have even lobbied to support horse slaughter of people's pet horses.

They are deviants.

They call shelter dogs names and put them down, and call them trash to be disposed of in any way possible.

(despite the fact that their purebreds are riddled with health and behavior problems from the atrociously bad breeding of all of them, "show breeders" included)

These are Brenda Barnette's business associates. She has lobbied right with them, supported these views, and is now ACTIVELY persecuting shelter pets of Los Angeles and dumping them in the garbage, like sending them to be tortured and killed in Canada.

All to protect breeders from being held accountable for their puppy mills and overbreeding, and responsibility for overpopulation.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is right in there with her.

Will the rescue community stand up to the torture of these greedy rich people? Will they stand up to corrupt legislators like Koretz that enable them?