Monday, November 19, 2012


Geez, Whiney is getting hit from all directions. Even vegans are turning on him.

Perhaps the better question is why is Nathan Winograd choosing to train his magnifying glass on insects, just days before his fifteen-thousand-strong readership will be arm-deep in the hulls of dead turkeys. And that is in no way meant to be a commentary on the moral relevance of one group of animals over another. It is meant to be a commentary on Nathan Winograd’s clear lack of vegan fortitude, given the audience he has, and his self-professed commitment to saving animals. Plato described the concepts of beauty and art this way: real beauty reflects truth, and art is a deceptive imitation of nature.  There is nothing beautiful about Nathan Winograd’s choosing the vegan low road, while so many of us are still reeling from Mercy for Animals’ recent release of their undercover Butterball investigation.  But it’s a detail about who he might be, and I think it’s a telling one.  No worries, though.  I’m pretty sure we’ve got this one without him.

And that vegan diet has sure made the math skills of vegans better than those of the Whiney's puppets.
Nathan Winograd is challenging naysayers to refute his evidence–in survey form. And while his survey reads more like a cry for help than a pet overpopulation survey, you have to admit it’s an interesting way to frame his argument. So, let’s take the bait. Let’s take his survey right here, right now, together, where our answers may actually count for something. As we go through each question, think about how you would answer it.

Well, thinking leaves out the Whiney's puppets. I'm impressed that this coming from the vegans but not surprised. Everyone is figuring out Whiney, finally. Only the slow ones are sticking with him now, are you listening DA?

UPDATE: The entire post from VeganMeanie is now on Opposing Views.


Anonymous said...

Thanks as always for these links! I had read the one about his numbers survey earlier and posted. One additional thought which I posted on the other site is even if Mr. Winograds numbers were right which they are not, you would have to assume that all the available animals are like monolithic same color widgets. Unfortunatley people have this habit if wanting something specifeic (age, sex, breed) and if the shelter does not have that they simply move on.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering where these people have been? Has it taken such a long time for some people to understand that a con artist is deceiving them for rich businesses that prey on animals?

Con artists tell you what you want to hear, they promise to care, they pretend to advocate for the helpless


Plus they get you to push for the rich business interests, like opposing regulation that the animal tortuers don't want.

Winograd works for RICK BERMAN and Berman's clients like AKC, the factoryu farm industry (puppy mills are run by farmers and considered by the scum that run them to be part of the farm industry, though the more ethical farmers don't,) the dog fighters, the hog-dog hunters (more slimy pit bull breeders,) the lab animal industry, and other animal profiteers.

These are the people who he works with and for, and they TELL LIES to dupe people into supporting their financial interests.

Just because Winograd pretends to care about shelter animals on behalf of the Berman animal torturers for profit, honestly are people still stupid enough to believe his corporate lies?

Do they understand how lobbyists work, how con artists work?

Do they think that con artists and business lobbyists admit what they are, or are honest?

It really makes me disgusted that women allowed themselves to be played for fools by the misogynist MEN of No Kill torture and fraud.

Winograd laughed at women while he used them to be Berman and AKC puppy mill and factory farm tools, and told them lies.

Anonymous said...

Problem for the breeders is, Winograd throws them under the bus and stabs them in the back and uses their sorry asses too!

This just shows you what imbeciles breeders are. They are so desperate to keep sruffing money into their greedy faces, they got used by Winograd too.

The animals pay the price all over.

Anonymous said...

I said it awhile back in an earlier post but I suspect in an ironic twist of fate the fact that the no kill movement has brought more visibility to the plight of shelter animals has actually back fired on the breeders. I suspect their goal(via the no kill lobby) was to convince all that their was no pet over population and no kill shelters would take the guilt out of adopting a "breed" dog. Unfortunately for them as time goes on folks like the idea of less killing but aren't buying the no pet over population story and are lookign for the real cause. OOPS for the breeders.

Anonymous said...

In response to the comment about the use of women. I don't at all want this to turn sexist but in my experience some of Mr. Winograds strongest supporters have been folks with a very strong maternal instinct or those in need of large ego fullfillment roles. Unfortunately, many do not look much beyond that and I do not doubt they have been easy targets as emotion over rides any sort of rationale thinking on the topic.

HonestyHelps said...

And the whiney relies on emotional blackmail of these people, Anon:02. He's not totally stupid, he reads them like a book.

Anonymous said...

I think the Winograd hookup did backfire on the breeders, and those idiots finally woke up.

So many people, as he attacks good people and calls people names and gets all crazy, started to look at where he got his material, who he was hanging out with.

Then they started diggging around, and suddenly lots of people now know about AKC and their puppy mill industry, and how the breeder world is based on cruelty, even the show breeders and the ones that used to pose as responsible breeders that were actually profiting from the mills.

How many people before Winograd's antics knew that puppy mill money pays for the AKC dog shows, funds the whole stinking mess? Winograd blew their cover.

The puppy mills fund AKC. The dog fighters lobby with them, too.

Now a lot of people found out about all these breeders and how they are linked up and work together, thank you Winograd!

(while he steals the breeders money, too, ha ha ha)