Monday, November 19, 2012


I was sent a series of screen shots of a conversation between a breeding group of the recent pictures of Nathan Winograd. Seems Whiney has managed to tick off the breeders, his biggest supporters. So what's new, he ticks off everyone.

I really like this one to begin with, the coining of a new phrase that I will use often now. This is one translation offered by a member of this breeding group on Winograd.

Oh, and BTW, I don't give a rat's patoot about breeds and think it would be just dandy if all dogs were mutts......
BUT all you breeders of purebreds, while I campaign to devalue your dogs and eliminate you, please buy my books, donate to my No Kill Advocacy Center, support my legislation and my brand of shelter reform only. After all, if you're not fighting for No Kill you're fighting for high kill. ISN'T EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL A WONDERFUL THING?

Another was asking the question as to why Winograd is presenting such a poor showing of himself by posting these old high school pictures of himself. This was the response.

He's a salesman. He lives on book sales, donations, and shelter contracts. I don't care that he is asking for business... that is what business people are supposed to do. I care that he is AR and has played to breeders and welfare people, even going so far as to speak at dog shows to sell books there. His recent statements reveal his true doctrine and attitude. He is viewed as being moderate, but he's not...people need to know that since not everybody pays close attention. When a man tells you what he is, believe him. HE IS NOT GOOD FOR US AND WE SHOULD NOT BE GOOD FOR HIM. 

This conversation clearly shows that the breeders were in love with Winograd before his "recent" statements. Winograd can deny his connection with breeders all he wants, but the breeders know that connection. Now this can play in Winograd's favor, he might be trying to separate himself from the breeding community since so many of us have pointed that out so often. However, he goes with the money and he knows the welfare community doesn't have the money. Let's see if he does a quick turnaround and tries to bring the breeders back into his harem.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that when you have to resort to using pictures of your self from the 70's you have probably run out of any sort of substanitive information to post. Additionally I am guessing that the "shock" value of some of the dead animal pictures from heaven knows where is beginning to wear off. Couple that with the "Crown Jewel" of no kill in Austin being in trouble and even politicians beginning to see the results of that and you have a cause that won't stand on its own merits but contiues to try and create "shock value" for publicity. Of course now he can point to the fact he has stated he does not support breeders (suspect he was getting heat on that from the faithfull as it did not make sense to them, duh!) but of course he will continue to do so via the no pet over population myth and the lack of emphasis on spay neuter.

HonestyHelps said...

He has been catching some hell lately because of his not recognizing the role of breeding in keeping the shelters full. But hey, it's job security to him so let them breed. Make it easy for the breeders to by telling the world breeding doesn't play a role in the full shelters. Whiney is turning everyone against him including his own loyal followers. In the meantime he has created clones who will dethrone him soon, I would say.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that he continues to try and link "if you are not for no kill then you are for kill." Nope that is not it my man. We are all for the elimination of killing. We are not for unfunded legislative attempts that force shelters to run over crowded to the detriment of the animals while ignoring any sort of long term solution to the problem!

Anonymous said...

I can only hope the "clones" will take some of the good goals of reducing killing and certainly the good thoughts on increased adoptions and integrate that with longer term population reduction goals to reach a solution. But why am I not holding my breath? Even Mr. Clinton seems to be losing his supporters when he encourages them to not post so many "urgents" on the net as it reduces the marketing effect. What! Sure it reduces the marking effect any good marketer knows that. But it also gets animals placed, shows the depth of the problem and pray tell could that actually be some competion for some of the "non profits" that have selectivley used their "poster" dogs for so long to get funds for convention trips perhaps?

Anonymous said...

If people don't address the issue of spaying and neutering, no kill is a goner.

It's number one, two, and three on the list of important issues to deal with first.

Winograd ignored it to protect his breeders, which is why his No Kill was always a scam.

Terry Ward said...

Posting pics of his booty is just an old-school propaganda technique designed to personalize the Master to his supplicants.
Sorta like Sarah Palin's gazillion pics of her carting Trig around everywhere like a loaf of french bread.

Anonymous said...

Are women really naive enough that they would fall for this disgusting, egotistical, women bashing creep because he posts creepy pictures of himself?

That picture looksd like one of those hair gelled thuds on Jersey Shore. EWWWWWWW! Disgusting!

It is funny though that the breeders came right out and were honest enough to call Winograd what he is- a salesman, a businessman.

He's doesn't run a charity, work to help animals, advance animal welfare, or do any good in the world.

He just works hard to tell lies so he can GET RICH and he uses mostly naive women (with good hearts, but who don't understand how a con artist works) to do it.

He'll sit in his million dollar house spending his loot while women spend their money doing his slave labor, breeders and rescuers.