Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Ba-a-ack

Had computer woes for the last month. All of you who read my blog I want to ask that you help King County by writing to their elected officials. As I understand Charlottesville is experiencing the same as Tompkins County in that they may be losing their animal control contract. This is due to the same reasons that Tompkins County is losing theirs because the Charlottesville SPCA has been footing the bill for "No Kill" rather than charging the contracts the appropriate amounts to cover "treatable" animals.

When you contact King County, stress what happened in Tompkins County and in Charlottesville. Stress that the last thing you want to happen is to give animal control to a private agency only to have them come back later and ask for more money. Make this an issue because there are no chances of overcoming this particular fact with the "No Kill" propaganda.

Also Patricia J. Ruland reamed "No Kill" another new one with a series of articles in the Austin Chronicle last week. She emphasised how "No Kill" distorts the numbers, after all it is nothing more than a numbers game. Seems Austin is doing much better than "No Kill" leads one to think and therefore "No Kill" is not needed there. Comments on her story are welcome.

Let me catch up and I'll start stirring the pot again.

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