Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More on King County

It's getting hot and heavy in the Pacific Northwest. This blog is carrying it all. Just like Mike Speedy in Indy is concerned with public safety, now King County residents are yelling the same. The "No Kill'ers" are yelling to save the animals in the shelter but they don't grasp what it takes to do that and what it takes away from to do it. This nuts probably also believe that money grows on trees.

Go to this blog maintained by the head of the ACO Guild, the current news reports are on it and no use repeating. They need positive comments too if you can spare a few minutes.


UPDATE: Article in the Bakersfield Californian/Kern on the subject.


Oops, pet rescue missions broke rules
BY JAMES BURGER, Californian staff writer
jburger@bakersfield.com Tuesday, Sep 15 2009 05:56 PM
Last Updated Tuesday, Sep 15 2009 05:58 PM

More than 180 Kern County dogs transported to Seattle to reduce overpopulation here were carried across state lines in violation of Washington laws.

The animals, carried north by local volunteer Joan Dunham, were released by Kern County Animal Control under an agreement with the Seattle Humane Society, said Kern Animal Control Director Guy Shaw.

But the animals had not been vaccinated, treated for heartworm or given health clearance by a veterinarian before being driven to Washington, Shaw said.

Shaw recently learned that violated Washington import laws.

"If we knew what the law was from the beginning, we would be (following) it," Shaw said.

He said the Washington State Department of Agriculture has cleared Kern to send more animals north -- as long as they have the required shots and heath clearances.

But the Humane Society hasn't asked for any animals yet.

Calls to Seattle Humane Society's chief executive were not returned Tuesday.

Shaw said Kern County usually only vaccinates pets when they are adopted out. Shaw said when an animal is transferred, it's assumed the agency receiving the animals will do the vaccinating.

That "I didn't know" excuse isn't good enough, said Sgt. John Diel of King County Animal Control in Washington, "especially for someone in an animal care agency."

Diel is critical of the Kern County transfer, which was billed locally as a good way to reduce local animal overpopulation since Seattle had a shortage of adoptable animals.

Diel said his agency takes in 11,000 to 12,000 animals annually and has euthanized 21 to 38 percent in recent years because there aren't enough people to take the unwanted pets there.

The Humane Society used to take "a couple hundred" animals from King County Animal Control each year, Diel said, but has reduced those numbers as it began to take pets from outside the area.

"I have to question why you take animals from another state when obviously you have an animal welfare situation in your own county," Diel said.

Shaw said the unfortunate part of all this is that Kern County animals that might have had a chance for life in Seattle will likely be killed in Kern County, which has had a kill rate of about 70 percent in recent years.

Transfers, such as to the Humane Society in Seattle, have become a huge part of controlling his agency's increasing intake of unwanted animals, he said.


Anonymous said...

King County is in serious trouble if they don't get rid of the Winograd types. There is another very good blog following them and I must assure you the people there are living with the problem in their own area. The information on the site you gave is self explantory if anyone would read it. As you may know this is the area in which I volunteer and it's a hotbed right now.
The truth is some dogs are not adoptable and they are taking to long to decide that. If a shelter has 75% bully breeds they must do a stern evaluation and keep only the very best candidates. Triage, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. I saw on another blog that the new AC manager said " We can't expect NHS to take all pitbulls" so if everybody knows this, why are the lunatics screaming for No Kill ?

HonestyHelps said...

Because Gret, they don't have the sense to come in out of a shower of rain, much less figure this all out. They make the shelter animals victims for their own selfish personal agendas.

Anonymous said...

This I believe was a "friend to friend" arrangement, and I mean BUSINESS friend.

The woman who runs Seattle humane Society is an AKC breeder, Brenda Barnette,a participant in breed clubs where they donate to extremist anti-law groups like NAIA http://www.

(That this woman was hired to run Seattle Humane Society is aberrant and improper by the board)

NAIA and some breeders like Barnette support Nathan Winograd because he OPPOSES animal control laws that breeders don't like, like breeder licensing.

At the other end, in Kern County, where they are euthanizing heavily but have very few animal control and breeder laws (of course!) we have another AKC breeder running the "animal control advisory board," Janice Anderson.

There has been a lot of media coverage of the high euth rates in Kern County, but Anderson refuses to do ANYTHING about solving the problems that create this situation.

Anderson has been revving up her breeder friends to oppose any kind of civilized law in Kern County for some time, WHILE SHE SITS ON THE BOARD THAT MAKES LAWS.

Conflict of interest you think?

Anderson lobbies for herself, her business associates, and has some of them coming in to Kern County animal control meetings, wild-eyed, screeching about following the Nathan Winograd cult- because of course Winograd opposes animal control laws!

This transport was some sort of "feel good, gee we don't need laws" sort of enterprise that of course was a travesty.

It is inexusable that unscreened animals were shipped like puppy mill products from in essence one breeder to another, breaking laws.

For as long as breeders are running the show and pursuing their special brand of special interest, and preventing solutions to the problems, these breakdowns will continue and the pets and the public will continue to suffer.

HonestyHelps said...

The most infamous of hoarders, Cindy Bemis, lived in Kern for years. They did little to nothing to stop her until just recently. And it was only because of the pressure from LA and San Bernardino, both of whom had cruelty cases against Bemis. The new director has absolutely no knowledge of animal control but that suits Anderson just fine. We have to stop the Whino from filling these boards with his Whinonettes.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the problem in Kern County originated with Winograd.

The problem there happened because they let a breeder lobbyist run animal control for the financial interests of breeders, puppy mills, hoarders, and the rest.

Winograd is just a side, recent interest for Janice Anderson. Anderson has been running animal control as a breeder lobby, and an AKC arm, and bluntly hurting the animals and people of Kern County for some time.

This is like letting a tobacco lobbyist run the Kern County board of health.

Kern County needs to be held accountable for what this woman has done to the county, and the way that she has manipulated the county for her business interests.

Also, to add to the earlier post, if you google search, Anderson owns and runs some kind of animal transport business. So was she profiting from shipping those animals to King County?

HonestyHelps said...

I did look into the transporting business and as far as I can tell it had nothing to do with the transport to Seattle. However, there are things about that business that look fishy as far as the Ag Dept. goes. May have to get back to it. And you're right about Anderson. Even with all the hoarders and breeders in Kern, they are not even thinking of adding household limits, etc. Kern sucks.

Anonymous said...

When you think about the tax dollars that Kern County ISN'T getting thanks to Anderson protecting breeders and enabling tax evasion, it boggles the mind.

Some of the puppy mills make in the millions every year, and thanks to being able to be unlicensed, they don't report any of the income.

And too many of those AKC breeders in reality are making tens of thousands, and some even more. No taxes paid by most.

Kern County is short-changing itself by letting an extremist fool around.

Anonymous said...

And that is why Anderson's breeder friends make sure they get their rears to the animal control meetings and scream and shout, and say crazy things.

They have some loot to protect fromm regulation.

HonestyHelps said...

Yeah, they take the "adoptable" dogs and leave the pits and BBD's in Kern to be euthanized. Kern is losing money hand over fist. Then the Humane Society goes back, charges an arm and a leg for the Kern dog,plus advertises the transport as a life saving effort to get more donations. Sucks, don't it?

Anonymous said...

Nevada Humane Society is GIVING dogs and cats away this weekend for FREE. See their website for proof.

No Kill is soooo successful.


HonestyHelps said...

And no way to track the ones that come back. Doug Rae in Indy had a $4 event for 4th of July. Several surrounding shelters reported people trying to give back their adoptions from Indy because Indy refused to take them back. Several of these pets bit people. Rae stopped putting impounds on the Chameleon system because he didn't want to be tracked on the returns. Yeah, no kill is sooooo successful. Now they devalue pets even more in a disposable society. Makes sense.

free pets in Reno said...

Craigslist incicates the pets are free this weekend in Reno Nevada, road construction = free pets.

HonestyHelps said...

Let's devalue pets even more than they are. Let's put them out there to be "bait" for fighting dogs. Let's not give a damn what their quality of life is like after leaving the shelter, just shove them out the door. Outta sight, outta mind for the "No Kill'ers".

Anonymous said...

My God, this must be calling the hoarders out of the woodwork!

And the animal abusers, and killers, and every other psychopath around.

Free, what are they thinking.

HonestyHelps said...

Of course the hoarders will come in droves. Hoarders and no kill go together like bacon and eggs. And they aren't thinking in terms of the lives of the animals, only in terms of their personal agendas of "saving them all", "any home is better than death in the shelter", and "I saved alife today". Misguided, sick, people who will participate in devaluing pets even more than needbe. Free means nothing in this society. Even Craigslist doesn't want you to just give them away.

Anonymous said...

I have to go to Reno this Sunday, I will have a look see. I can just hear the commentary " Dear Henry, while we are stopped for this flagging person, perhaps we could get a lovely pitbull for the children"
What are they thinking, free is not very responsible anytime, but in this economy it's terrible.

HonestyHelps said...

And while you're there, Gret, pick me up a couple while you're at it. And this can't be tracked now because NHS has come off the PetHarbor system. Typical of "No Kill", Rae in Indy hasn't put new animals on the system since his $4 weekend because he didn't want anyone tracking the returns. The other shelters around will be swamped, let's hope they complain to the right people.

Anonymous said...

One of the people in King County Washington trying to take over animal control on behalf of Nathan Winograd

Kim Sgro

These are the people (the Hansons) that Kim Sgro personally, and by her own admission to the media, GAVE RESCUED DOGS TO when she worked at Pasado's No Kill sanctuary. This hoarder Tammy Hanson and her husband William.

The Hansons killed some of those dogs, and Pasado's and Sgro refused to do anything. Pasado's even threatened people who tried to tell them that the dogs they sent to Hansons were going to die! OTHER GROUPS rescued Pasado/Sgro dogs and prevented their deaths.

The Hansons are in trouble again. William is on the lam


Again, this woman Kim Sgro who SENT DOGS to the hoarders is trying to take over animal control in King County.

And go into county code, as one of her entourage has said, and wipe out animal control policy they don't like. Wipe out laws. The kinds of laws that deal with people/hoarders like the Hansons!

It is beyond repulsive.

Anonymous said...

And in Philadelphia, where Winograd put his people in to run animal control, they too SENT DOGS TO HOARDERS to get rid of them.

This is the No Kill way to reduce shelter population.

HonestyHelps said...

The "No Kill" philosophy is that any "home" is better than euthanasia in the shelters. These fools haven't seen the "homes" I have seen evidently. They don't care about the animals, never did. These are people who need to be in therapy not in the rescue business.

Anonymous said...

And it is people like Tammy and William Hanson who will go to places like Nevada Humane Society to pick up FREE ANIMALS to bring home to hoard.
And kill.

But places like No Kill Nevada Humane Society will claim these animals were adopted and living happy lives, when the animals are rotting on a hoarder's garbage pile.