Friday, September 11, 2009

We Will Never Forget

I am sitting here watching the History Channel broadcast the events of 9/11. That day will never leave my memory and it still puts me in tears.

I had a cousin who lived close to the Towers. I called as soon as it happened. He was going up onto his roof to see what was happening. We promised to get back in touch when he came back down to his apartment. I didn't hear from him for days, the phone service was off. Although I knew he was far enough away, I was still worried about him. Eventually he called and we cried together over the phone.

How can anyone's "God" allow this to happen, much less in their name? Innocent people who just started their day like any other. It just shows that we need to see every day as precious, everyday we need to tell those we love that we do love them, everyday to live as if there is no tomorrow. For the fallen of 9/11 there was no tomorrow and it can just as easily happen to each of us.

I think of our venue on this day and it seems so ridiculous compared. But everyone has to select a "venue" no matter how it compares to others, if it makes the world a better place. I couldn't have stopped the attack on 9/11 but hopefully with my venue I can stop other attacks of the innocents by the pit bulls and "No Kill". Is it any different from 9/11? In some ways, yes, and some ways no. Always working to help the innocent, whether from terrorists or from pit bulls, is a noble cause. I feel humble on this day but it gives me the courage to continue on this quest to get BSL and bans against the terrorism of pit bulls.