Thursday, September 3, 2009

Senate Bill 241 in California HAS PASSED THE SENATE!!!!!

After dealing with pit nutters tonight, God what a bunch of characters they are, Judie Mancuso sent this email which has lifted my spirits to new heights. And it will pissed off the pit nutters so that makes it even better. In my book the pit nutters are either:
A. Those suffering from the "Savior" complex
B. Those making us suffer with their breeding or rather in-breeding and I ain't talking bout dogs
C. Those who want their precious pits to suffer even more from overpopulation
D. Dog fighters

"AB 241, Assemblymember Pedro Nava's anti-puppy mill bill, co-sponsored by SCIL, has passed the Senate with a vote of 25 to 9! Here is the vote count - if your member is one of the people who voted for this bill, please consider calling and thanking them.

The bill now moves to the Assembly for a concurrence vote, and then to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. Thank you everybody for your hard work and congratulations Assemblymember Nava! We will contact you again when we need your support calls to the Governor."

Way to go, Judie!!! I salute you.


Anonymous said...

"AB 241, Assembly member Pedro Nava's anti-puppy mill bill, co-sponsored by SCIL, has passed the Senate with a vote of 25 to 9! Here is the vote count - if your member is one of the people who voted for this bill, please consider calling and thanking them.

The bill now moves to the Assembly for a concurrence vote, and then to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. Thank you everybody for your hard work and congratulations Assembly member Nava! We will contact you again when we need your support calls to the Governor."

This is great news! I'm a "Pit Nutter" and I agree with this law.

Puppy mill's have long been needing to come to an end. It's disgusting what they are doing to those poor babies.

Just like the excess of breeding.. of any breed of dog.. is horrible. There is a need for stronger spay/neuter laws to stop the over-population of so many homeless animals.

People need to focus on adopting RESCUE animals rather than buying dogs from pet shops (where they buy dogs from puppy mills).

Only then will we see less dogs on the streets, suffering at the hands of people's preference to "buy the prettier dog" rather than adopting the dog that needs a home the most.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I would never refer to you as a nutter if you agree with this law. There's a difference between a pit nutter and a person who cares about the breed, you obviously care about the breed. I have no problem with pits in the hands of "responsible" people. And responsible in my book means supporting spay/neuter and regulating breeding. Thank you for your comment, I hope the real nutters out there take the time to read your comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your courteous response.

I'm actually a board member for the organization you've been discrediting throughout the blog (The Miami Organization) and my views are shared by almost all the members within the group.

It's a shame that so many things have been taken out of context throughout these blog posts.

It's difficult for me to believe that the same kind, rational person who just responded to my last post is the same person responding to others about killing the breed.

I just wish you wouldn't use BSL as the solution to ending the unfortunate circumstances many people have put this breed in.

I agree that there are many people who own the breed who abuse of them, fight them, and have them for the wrong reasons and those people should be imprisoned. I agree 100%.

But I believe this breed, with a responsible owner at the end of the leash, is just like any other breed. Loving, loyal and happy.

It breaks my heart to hear about the terrible things people say about this breed.

You are a person who loves animals. I ask you to please imagine that you have raised your dog from birth, and see your dog around your children, your friends and family. You take your dog to the park and watch him play with other kids and dogs. He's a lovable, fun, silly dog. And suddenly, without reason, he's taken from you because of who he is. Not because he's done something wrong, or because his owner has made a mistake.. but because he was born being something that others believe to be evil.

I ask you to imagine what it would feel like to have that dog, your best friend, taken from you and put to sleep. How would you explain to your children that their playmate is dead?

Please put yourself in the situation of many of us Pit Bull owners.

I understand your anger in many ways, because it is horrible to see many of these "thug like" individuals fight this breed, torture them, and make them fear everything and everyone.

But, please understand that this organization you speak about is composed of such good hearted human beings who genuinely love animals and are only fighting for ALL animals to have an opportunity to live, to be rehabilitated.

I would NEVER support something I didn’t believe in. And this is why I am a part of that Coalition. They are a family to me.

It hurts to see such horrible things being said about these people who volunteer their time to ALL animals (not just American Pit Bull Terriers).

Please understand that this organization derived from a GENERAL ANIMAL ADVOCACY group. Every member that is a part of this Coalition was previously a member of a group of individuals who worked within the community helping animal shelters, rescuing animals, and speaking with politicians and figures within society about ways of improving the county’s animal community.

Anonymous said...

The reason the organization became associated with the Pit Ban was because of the very high number of dogs that were being killed within the county. The numbers were so staggeringly high that we knew we needed to focus on this breed to help rehabilitate those that needed to be and show the public what this breed truly was. So we began to speak with responsible members who owned this breed and it’s been so amazing to see these dogs interact with children, adults and other dogs within the community. We have gone to events and spoken to people who expressed fear and opposition towards the breed. And within a few minutes of our speaking with them, they would end up sitting on the grass, at a park, with one of our members Pit Bulls (whom they’d just met) between their legs. We had one person cry after their interaction with a members Pit Bull, named Blueberry, who apparently touched the heart of that individual. This gentle little giant, who was the typical image of a big blue “Pit Bull” was laying between the arms of someone who said would NEVER own that breed of dog. And to our surprise, there they were, forming a bond within seconds of getting to know each other.

Please understand the nature of our organization and our beliefs.

Some of our members don't even have Pit Bulls. We have everything from Yorkie's, Labrador Retrievers, Maltese', Schnauzers, Chihuahuas, Westies and many more breeds of dogs within our group.

And we actually attended a recent protest against pet stores because of their promoting puppy mills. All of the members stood in front of the store with their signs, telling people about the dangers of puppy mills.

We also have a "No Dog Fighting campaign" - which is one of our biggest concerns. To put the people who have hurt this breed behind bars.

We believe in animal rehabilitation, no matter what the breed. We believe that every dog, with the proper care, responsibility and dedication, can be a wonderful, family pet.

We believe that BSL is using death to solve an issue that stretches far beyond this targeted breed. The only way for BSL to be TRULY effective in preventing dog attacks or bites, would be if BSL was applied to every single breed. And that means we’d be left without any dogs at all. And what would we all do without the unconditional love of our animals?

We believe in stronger dangerous dog laws to protect ALL members of society from ALL dogs, no matter the breed. If a dog is a danger, then unfortunately, that dog should not be allowed in society anymore. And that should apply to EVERY SINGLE BREED, from Pit Bulls, to Chihuahuas, to Yorkies.

A well-developed, properly implemented dangerous dog law will help ensure that every pet owner becomes more responsible for the actions of their pet.

We also believe in education. That every pet owner should be educated about their dog, whatever the breed. That each owner should know and understand their dogs needs and limitations. This is what will allow every dog, of every breed, to be a happy, well-adjusted "canine citizen."

All of what I have explained above are the beliefs and FOUNDATION of this organization.

Furthermore, I want to assure you that whoever the person was who made the racist comment is not a part of our organization. We are composed of many different individuals from all races and backgrounds and we are proud of the diversity in our group.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. And if there is anything we can do to help support such wonderful laws like the one passed against puppy mills, please let us know. We'll be more than happy to cross-post emails, promote events and post up information that will gain support for these very important causes.

We're always here to help in any way we can. After all, it's all for the animals. Every single species, from all different walks of life. :)

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, then I take back my comment, being deceitful is now added to the list of what pit nutters do. I thought you were probably a good friend who does do pit rescue and is definitely for BSL. So I now put you in that catagory and thanks for proving that nutters are also not to be trusted.

And I would not be in that situation you described because, unlike yourself, I have enough common sense to not have a pit, especially around a family. If you get hurt from BSL, it is due to your making bad decisions. I have no sympathy for those who fail to do their job about keeping their families, friends, neighbors safe, none whatsoever.

I have no sympathy for those who refuse to see the evidence and act on it. You nutters attacked the victims of pits. You push these dogs off onto an unsuspecting public as "nanny" dogs. You see how many are being euthanized and yet continue to fight the very thing that can stop that, BSL.

All you're worried about at this point is the trouble that your members are in for their threat on my blog. Too late, you've proven yourselves to be like all the rest.

HonestyHelps said...

I DO NOT BELIEVE THESE DOGS CAN BE REHABBED. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT EDUCATION OVERCOMES WHAT THEY WERE BRED FOR. And when one breed accounts for over half the attacks and fatalities then that breed needs to GO. You can try to smoke everyone else with your "good" deeds but you ain't fooling me.

Anonymous said...

These people are just, if not more so, as deceitful as the "No Kill'ers". It will be the pits that breaks the back of No Kill. I bet they are Whinonettes as well.

Anonymous said...

I hope there's a place in heaven for you "Honestly". I really do.

And I feel sorry for you. You are a horrible person. With no emotions and no light in you.

There should be laws to ban individuals like you from being a part of society. And as harsh as that may sound, I truly stand by my belief of it.

A person who can lack so much sympathy and promote the death of ANY breed of animal is one that is disconnected from the emotions that make us human.

That kind of low, and that amount of hatred is dangerous.

You are a dangerous individual and you are DISGUSTING!

And this will be my last response, as well as the last response from any of our members.

Associating with this blog is demeaning. I will pray for all of your souls. And I mean that.

I don't wish bad upon any of you. I only wish the grace of God, and the rays of enlightenment upon each and everyone of you.

God bless & Goodbye

007 said...

Wow, someone's got their Pampers in a bunch.


HonestyHelps said...

Yadda, Yadda, that's the old "Savior" complex kicking in. And of course, if you can't win, resort to calling on the name of God to save this poor evil ignorant fool. Like I've never that crap before. Deception is a strange thing, you can use it wisely or you can let it overtake your life as you nutters have. Your deceptions are being called on the floor now and it just kills you guys. But the deception you have created for yourself is the hard one to overcome. You are blind to the implications you are creating and have created. And you will continue to deceive yourselves until it happens to you. Your world doesn't allow you to look into the faces of these victims because you don't want to know. Your deception that this one type of breed is the cause of a disportionate amount of attacks is only creating more victims. You need to worry about your salvation, mine is covered. I put human life above that of a pit bull because the Ten Commandments never said Thou Shall Not Kill A Pit.

007 said...

Honesty, since these posters are so rabid, I hope you've had your pre-exposure rabies vaccinations.

Anonymous said...

Miami Organizatiuon, you are a pit nutter in every sense of the world.

Stop caring about profits and dog fighters. You are helping breeders get fat and rich with your anti-BSL crap, and they are able to abuse more dogs thanks to dumb females such as yourself (and I am female, and I know a dumb, naive female when I hear one)

Pit bulls do NOT belong around kids and pets. They aren't pets. Even the damn dogmen admit this, and they laugh at you ignorant clowns.

But you idiotic housewives and feeble-minded girlies are determined to keep getting people chewed up and their pets killed because of your obsession (maybe a bizarre sexual thing? ) with pit bulls.

You people are getting watched like hawks. The minute you screwups hurt someone with one of these damaged defective dogs you will pay. You will be sued for everything you have, and you will be hit with charges.

Your neighbors are setting up video cameras to track you and these demented dogs, and you are on the radar.

You are living in a crazy dream world where you replace men or partners in your lives with these damaged dogs that the southern dogmen have bred to kill.

Shame on you for helping out this torture, and shame on you for being stupid and naive and typically "dumb female" according to the dogmen.

Anonymous said...

". I ask you to please imagine that you have raised your dog from birth, "

Yeah, because you are a SCUMBAG LOWLIFE DOG BREEEDER.

Probably an AKC mental deficient cheating on your taxes.

You only care about MONEY. That is what these dogs represent to you, lowlife.

Blaming it on the "thugs" isn't working. It's you AKC and UKC types that are breeding and exposing these dogs to the torture they are getting, all for some tax-free goodies.

The tax man is onto you people too, so you better start declaring your income and filing your paperwork.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, all you have to do is look for the buzz words. "Responsible" "education" this is the usual banal AKC crap that really means we want to lie to people about our crazy dogs so we can continue to breed and sell them, without regulation.

These idiots are the lowest of the low. Faking this "humane interest" and "love" and "god's love" CRAP they come up with because they think they are so slick they can trick people into swallowing their lies and supporting their breeding business.

All for the almighty dollar.

Well, their financial situations are getting investigated.

This dung started to rise out of obscurity into the light, and the light is getting shone on their lives and doings.

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear claims of "pit bull rescue" I think about what too many of these "pit bull rescues are fronts for

"jay rodriguez, martin phillips, and joshua gates also known as the detroit rescue angels have now all pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to sponsor and promote an animal fighting venture after months of denial and claims of being involved in pit bull rescue. they were in fact running pitformance kennels "

Thank You craven desires. You kick ass about getting out the TRUTH behind these rescue angels fakers.

HonestyHelps said...

007, these guys are nothing compared to the hunters I faced in Sacramento, nothing. At least hunters are a lot more honest with their arguments. Don't worry I get vaccinated each time I enter Capitol Hill.