Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are All Pit Nutters Racist? The Miami Ones Sure Are!!

First of all they are very sloooow. Just getting around to commenting on a post I did in May!! I have always hated Miami, it stinks literally. And the only decent people I ever saw there were all prostitutes.

I just had to post a comment made by one of the Miami coalition fighting BSL. I won't post the name because there will be ramifications from this comment and I don't want to spoil it. It is hard reading for those of us who have evolved, but suits these primates to a tee. I really hate to post the "N" word because I find it so offensive and any apologies to those of color who might read this blog. And the same apology for the use of "spic" as well.

Anonymous said...

"Lets kill all the dogs over 50 pounds and carry around pussy dogs.You guys are pathetic and you get your stats and info from the ambulance chasers at dogsbite. Is wild african dogs on this list, because if you ban everything else i'll just find something else to have, maybe a gator, jeckel, or perhaps a monkey that rips your face off. Talk about real problems like all the fucking crazy redneck serial killers and all the gangster niggers that fill up our jails and spend their lives as career crimanls or how about the worthless fucking spics that just add to our crime rates or better yet the taliban mop headed middle eastern fucks that bomb buildings. Craven what fuck ass ethinic background are you so i can add you to my list of pontential races i should ban.Come to think of it will just leave the chinesse alone, their smart people and really dont bother anyone.For the rest of you death is near if you smell like coon,look like a cracker, or speak like spic its death to the dangerous races! RSL!!!! race specific legislation coming to a city near you, so if i was you i would relocate quick before i come knocking on your door."

Note the definite lack of education, not to mention the use of the little "i". Psychologists will tell you that this person is definitely off balance and thinks so little of themselves that they don't even use the proper "I" to describe themselves. You can find studies related to the use of the small "i" in referring to oneself. Just because they are unable to debate the issue in a civil manner, pit nutters such as this one ( and I know who it is) resort to racism and name calling. The nutters do have a point in that it is the owners and this one is a perfect example. But unless they open their mouths so we can identify them, I will stick to BSL against the pits because they are easier to identify. Pit nutters, they are their own worst enemy in this fight and they will be the very reasons why BSL/bans will come about.


Anonymous said...

I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I I'm so very sorry for being a complete retard.Please accept my deepest apologies. I forgot to mention

Polack,Porch monkey, Pepper head,Pancakeface,Oreo,Nitchy,Niglet,Kike,Jap,Honkey, Guido,Gook,Cholo,CheeChee,Beaner,Whitey, Wigger,Towel Head,Sand n*gger,Redskin,round eye and kraut.

I'm truly sorry if I left anyone out. Please note that the same hatred that was used to create these hurtful names is the same hatred you harbor inside of you for these animals. I wish I truly had enough hatred to call you names, but I don't. I only feel pitty for you "no pun intended." You spend your very pathetic life hating these animals and get a kick out of it. Who does that? Honesty and Craven, you're two pathetic little men that spend your lives enjoying the killing of innoncent animals and can only mention how nuts people are to have Pit Bull's as family pets.By the way who said I was from Miami you idiots. Of course you can only assume these things like you do with everything else. I actually live in Ft. Myers and own two wonderful mix breed rescues and have dealt with MANY "Pit Bulls" none of which I have ever had any problems with. As for that group in Miami I truly admire their work, they are proving individuals as yourself wrong thatbreed bans don't work. Get it through your heads,dogs are dogs and always will be dogs stop making these animals look like monsters when the true monsters are yourselves.

HonestyHelps said...

Pleeeease give me a break. Racism does not apply to dogs, only to humans. I don't hate pits, I want their abuse to stop, unlike you nutters who want it to continue. Unlike yourself who defend the pits for your own personal agendas, i.e. short dicks, lack of common sense, etc., I am working every day to stop their abuse through BSL. I became involved because I could see that you nutters are sick people who derive pleasure from knowing these dogs suffer just like you derive pleasure from the bloodsport they were bred to do. You try to make people think you care about the breed when it is just the opposite. You don't give a damn about these dogs, you know they are dying in record numbers in the shelters, you know they are being used to fight, you know they are abused and you fight the one thing that can stop all that - BSL. Sick, demented people you are. Work to prove you aren't demented, work to stop the abuse, support BSL. Anything less says you condone the abuse.

Anonymous said...

"It is hard reading for those of us who have evolved"

"apologies to those of color who MIGHT read this blog"

And you call the guy above racist? Lol!

MIGHT read this blog? You’re basically implying that people of “color” wouldn’t read your blog. Any particular reason why?

Sounds like YOU haven't EVOLVED!

When was the last time anyone referred to African Americans as "PEOPLE OF COLOR"?

Is someone stuck in the mentality of the 50's and 60's?

Maybe you should evolve, and along with that, try getting your INTELLIGENCE (or lack thereof) to evolve along with it!


HonestyHelps said...

Anon, why continue to split hairs? You can't win the argument so you continue with this bullshit. Yes, they are people of color and that is a hell of a lot better than what you call them. Some of those names, I have never even heard of but you pit nutters are so racist, you know them all. And all you nutters sing the same song, over and over and over. Can't you come up with something new for a change or would that take too much of your limited brain power to do so? You are only continuing to convince me and others that you are incapable of presenting a good argument and the reason is there is no evidence to back you up. And by the way, what is your suggestion to stop the abuse, the dog fighting, the over breeding, the attacks of the pits? I was thinking earlier than not once have I seen a suggestion from you nutters on how to solve the problem. That's because there is only one solution - BSL.

Anonymous said...

And you know what the really scary thing is, Honesty? The person who wrote this raving insane piece of garbage would look like a middle class person if you saw them walking down the street!

I have seen diatribes from AKC breeders (that appear to be average middle class women with jobs) that were not much different than the comment this person sent you.

This is how loony they are. They may "pass" but they are the walking mentally wounded.

Of course, since these people are making a LOT of money breeding and selling, and not paying taxes on it, there is a motivation to be completely selfish and protect the income. Which is what anti BSL is all about.

Anonymous said...

These breeders clean themselves up to lobby with the legislators, but the legislators have no idea that behind the scenes the breeders are coming up with racist, violent crazy stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

"Please note that the same hatred that was used to create these hurtful names is the same hatred you harbor inside of you for these animals."

After they just got through in the first comment with actually calling people these names!

I will tell you that I also believe that the person who wrote this hatred, violence, and racism is a woman.

Anonymous said...

actually, no, that's not true, I mentioned something before....and by the way, I was well aware that, that was an old blog, but anyways.

I'm not being harsh, or sarcastic, defensive, or even combative, I'm seriously curious as to why you think that because we want to eliminate BSL, that we supposedly support the dog fighting?!
I, along with many others in the group, have taken pits out of the high-kill shelters, and have found them wonderful, loving homes with families. We have rescued dogs that were bait dogs, dogs that were tossed to the side like garbage from the despicable bastards that DO find pleasure in fighting them.
We don't condone that, we don't support that. We just don't find it right that just because a dog is born a certain breed, it should be killed.
I was at the shelter a few months back, and two little pit puppies were being taken to the euthanasia room, why? simply because they were born a pitbull.

I, along with the rest of us in this group, are disgusted with the fact that Vick has been allowed to play again in the NFL, I for one think that's who is sending the wrong message, because he is the one who has the blood of many innocent dogs on his shoulders.

I'm writing this, and honestly asking you why you feel that Pits or any other bully breed should be killed, merely for the fact that they were born a certain breed, something that is not their fault, and I'm trying to ask you in a sincere and fair way. I'm not asking that you reply in a harsh way, but in an honest way, since your screen name is honesty helps.

We don't want to just get rid of BSL and have it be a free for all, there are ways to go about it, and BSL doesn't reduce dog fighting by any means, it still goes on here in Miami. Instead of having animal control officers worrying about tracking down and finding people who own pits and who are responsible owners of pits, there should be a dangerous dog ordinance in place instead. That way, instead of hunting for pits, so to speak, they can spend their time, and our tax money on actually dealing with the real scum bags who mistreat them, or ANY dog for that matter, and actually have time to respond to animal cruelty calls.
They are so swamped now with people calling in to squeal on others, just to say that someone has a pit, that the dogs that are truly in need of help (aka-the ones that are being fought, the ones that are being beaten, abused, starved, etc) are being overlooked.

Felony said...

You admire a women who embraces man biters and career criminals? YOU are at the very core of the pit bull problem.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you're fighting a losing battle on this blog. I strongly support BSL and work throughout the country for it. I have been in the political arena for years and have a quite impressive resume for legislation. But never have I come up against so much deceit as I have with the BSL issue. The lies by the pit nutters know no bounds, they are shameless. You make no sense, no sense at all, with your arguments. You, of all people, should see something needs to be done to save your precious pits but you fight the thing that will.

And you all drink from the same koolaid.

Anonymous said...

Pit nutters always resort to racism when they are losing the argument. It's a good indication for knowing when you've hit a nerve and they have nothing constructive to offer. Happens all the time on blogs throughout the country. So this person is full of it, just means the "other" personality has come out for awhile. If this were one case, might think nothing of it, but it is a typical tactic of the nutters. Hate is their middle name.

Friends Administrator said...

Anon, how much money does your "organization" contribute to the victims of pit bull attacks?

Melissa said...

More idiots, it's obvious there is a problem with Pit Bulls. I don't know why you people can't see it. It's people like you that contribute to people being attacked. There's already a high number of Pits being killed every year, a breeding ban could reduce those numbers, and more importantly protect people from being maimed. You people lie too much, a breeding ban won't hurt the dogs like you say. I don't hate Pit Bulls, and I do feel bad for them, and I'm sure if dogs were able to choose their own futures, this isn't the one they would have chosen. This breed doesn't have a future, it's a shame too, if it weren't for the fighting instinct that was bred in, they would be the perfect dog.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, Melissa, it appears that those of us who want regulation and bans actually care more about the pits than their so called defenders. I don't want the shelters to be full of them or the euthanization of them. I don't want them to be abused because of what they are, a breed bred to fight. BSL makes sense to those who can understand common sense.