Monday, September 14, 2009

SF SPCA/No Kill Revealed and It Ain't Pretty

This article is long but it points out the hypocrisy of the "No Kill" movement. This has been going on all along, just that no one wanted to speak out. It's a money/numbers game. Give 'em what they want to hear and they will follow like sheep.

And to all the pit nutters, note that the Whino's pride and joy has never saved the pits. So you need to get off his little bandwagon. They have always been exempt from the contract between the SF SPCA and Animal Control.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't think much any of the people interviewed for this article. sure i see serious problems with this so-called humane society (i hope their donations dry up as a result of this article), but the "good" rescues featured in this article also have problems.

"They want the most adoptable dogs, but for me it’s not about whether the dog is adoptable, it’s whether the dog is savable."

"savable"? saving their lives for what? to live their life in a kennel or in a rescue home with a dozen other dogs or to be adopted into the hands of a putz that will take a pit bull to a dog park?

“We can even go to dog parks now,” he says proudly. (there's that pit bull pride again. i wonder if that pride extends to ripping other dogs to pieces.)

it is astonishing to me that an experienced reputable pit bull rescue person like pali boucher would adopt a pit bull to a man that uttered the words, DOG PARK. i guess "experienced" and "reputable" are open to interpretation.

HonestyHelps said...

I also watch the SF Animal Commission meetings and they have been debating the issue of no kill for several months. The Whino was there, of course, with his usual lengthly speeches. But this commission is concerned at the attacks on animal control by him and his Whinonettes, saying it doesn't help anyone. This movement attracts those who suffer the most from the "Savior complex".

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in this story as a pointer about everything that is wrong with No Kill. Especially Nathan Winograd's breeder form of No Kill.

First, this is from Peta, the group that Winograd and the breeders and puppy millers all hate.

But which is nevertheless out there giving chained dogs straw in the winter and food.

While Winograd sits around with PetPac breeders and the Center For Consumer Freedom and NAIA breeders and screeches hate. And opposes humane laws.

But Nathan Winograd SUPPORTS chaining dogs 24/7. He supports doing this to dogs like Tripp.

The breeders and dog fighters don't want laws against chaining, so Winograd says there shouldn't be laws against chaining.

Winograd supports treating dogs like how Tripp was treated.

No Kill shelters give out animals to people like Tripp's owners and worse, just to get them out of the shelter so they can falsely claim "success" because they weren't euthanized.

So dogs like Tripp can die the slow, agonizing way that No Kill supports. No Kill equals Slow Kill.

Winograd wants his cohorts to take over animal control so they can wipe out animal control laws for the breeders' sake, so it is ok everywhere to do this to dogs like Tripp.

Tripp is the face of No Kill.


HonestyHelps said...

You're right that Tripp is the face of "No Kill". Where are the "No Kill'ers" for dogs like Tripp? Outta sight, outta mind so Tripp doesn't exist to them.