Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brenda Barnette Has So Much Dirt

Seems there are those who can't take their time to read links provided. So I will be so kind as to post this article in it's entirety to show just how stupid Barnette is and how she fails to show that she gives a shit about shelter animals. Keep in mind that she got many of these dogs already altered, ready to be SOLD, at the expense of the LA taxpayer. She couldn't bring herself to help the local shelter animals in King County which should be her first priority. Wonder how LA will feel when she starts bringing in dogs from Arizona or Nevada rather than finding homes for the LA shelter animals.,0,1367074.story
State Investigates Illegal Transfer Of Dogs From California To Bellevue
Investigators say nearly 200 dogs brought to the Seattle Humane Society in the past year did not have rabies vacciations or required health certificates.

Bellevue - A state investigation is underway into the illegal transport of dogs from California to the Seattle Humane Society in Bellevue.

According to investigators, none of the animals brought here between September 2008 and July 2009 had rabies vaccines, heartworm tests or the state required health certificates.

"Our first choice is to rescue animals in our own community, but we were unable to get healthy dogs here locally in King County and we did not want to put our own population at risk," says Seattle Humane Society CEO Brenda Barnette. Then why did your own medical director stop vet services to the shelter animals, what did that help? And also, you did several transports over a period of time, does that mean that the shelter animals continiously have disease? Since that was a concern, why didn't you make sure the LA and Kern dogs were without disease?

Some say the Humane Society did just that, by taking in 180 dogs from Kern County Animal Control in Bakersfield, California that could have been sick.

"We didn't realize that they didn't have all the vaccines until recently and we weren't bringing them here. A volunteer was bringing them from California," says Barnette. "I mean it's our responsibility to know about it. I don't want to say we shouldn't but our vets didn't tell us about it." It was your responsibility to know the law, Barnette, not anyone else's. She's learned her Whino lesson well, always blame someone else, never accept your own responsibility in all of it.

King County Animal Control Sgt. John Diel says he was alerted about the alleged illegal transfer of animals from a Humane Society volunteer. Diel says this poses a serious public health hazard.

"If a dog came in with rabies and exposed another animal it would be very likely it could be spread if it came in contact with a human," says Diel.

Kern County Animal Control Director Gary Shaw admits the dogs were sent here without vaccines or papers, but says he was unaware of Washington state law. Shaw says he will now comply, but must charge the Seattle Humane Society five dollars per dog to have them vaccinated before transfer.

Sgt. Diel in King County says this is unnecessary when there are plenty of dogs locally that need homes. Diel says he has reached out to the Humane Society on many occasions, asking to transfer hundreds of dogs from his shelter, but been told there is no room. Could it be that she doesn't give a damn, Sgt. and was only seeing $$$$$ with neutered and free animals?

"It's a shame. It's unfortunate and I don't know what message they're giving their donors. I thought the mission was to help save dogs in King County," says Diel. Barnette's mission is to make herself look good, not to help the shelter animals.

Brenda Barnette says the Humane Society stopped accepting as many dogs from King County Animal Control recently because the dogs were sick with illnesses like Parvo. Then why not volunteer your druggie medical director to help instead of having him withdraw vet services? Again did the shelter have parvo over a year while you continued to import dogs?

A state vet from the Washington Department of Agriculture did visit the shelter Monday morning and says there are no concerns about the health of any of the animals there right now.


Felony said...

I never heard about this! And I live in the Seattle area. MY GOD! If LA doesn't take her is she coming back to Seattle?

HonestyHelps said...

LA has her now, she passed thru the Council yesterday but they did give her hell. Just pray that the CEO position at SHS is filled soon because I don't look for her to be staying long in LA.

I also think that there is a strong possibility that she was asked to leave Seattle, not of her own accord. She did apply in SF, her old employment and they turned her down. Tells you something, doesn't it?

Don't worry, we won't let her back in Seattle, took too much work to get her outta there.

Anonymous said...

God, Honesty, how can anyone think this woman cares about shelter animals? If she didn't try to save those in her own backdoor, why does the ACL-LA think she will try to save them in LA?

BoardWatch said...

I'll ignore your snipe and just say that this is shocking to know. There's wrong on both sides of this. Kern should have known the "export" law and Barnette should have known the "import" law. That said, bringing in cheaper or more "desirable" animals over taking those from your own town is despicable. I wonder what she'll try here. Will she ship out all of the "undesirable" dogs? Where to? Having animals shipped in will never fly (if we know about it).

If you knew about this, why didn't you raise this issue at the full council meeting?

HonestyHelps said...

Board Watch, a bit of advice, ignore nothing I say. Everything is said with a purpose.

And why should Kern need to know the law in Washington? Does that mean Kern should know all the laws for every state? Barnette has already said that she will continue to send LA dogs to Seattle, already altered at taxpayers expense, taking homes from the shelter animals there. By the way, she never offered to reimburse LA for the altering.

Wasn't you who said that it is a done deal? The ADL-LA threatening as well. My question is why didn't you bring it up? Why have you waited too long before trying to get to the truth? Maybe it's because you don't want to go to the links and read them because you feel you have other things to do. Is this just something you dabble in on occasion or are you serious about helping the shelter animals? If it is the latter, then do something instead of complaining about my providing proof in the form of links.

BoardWatch said...

"Board Watch, a bit of advice, ignore nothing I say. Everything is said with a purpose."

Yeah. I'll ignore that, too. Anonymous rage is really pointless and kind of pitiful.

"And why should Kern need to know the law in Washington? Does that mean Kern should know all the laws for every state?"

Nope, just the states they send animals to. It's called responsibility. But that's Kern. They'll do anything to get rid of dogs--dead or alive. They and Barnette are both wrong.

" Barnette has already said that she will continue to send LA dogs to Seattle, already altered at taxpayers expense, taking homes from the shelter animals there."

Really? When and where did she say that? I'm sure L.A. citizens would love to have free animals with paid neutering and vaccs. I'll bring that up.

" By the way, she never offered to reimburse LA for the altering."

By the way, they didn't ask to be reimbursed. Did you complain about the taxpayer money being spent on that. Probably not, because they did it without Board approval and only told the Board afterward. That's Barth for you.

"Wasn't you who said that it is a done deal? The ADL-LA threatening as well. My question is why didn't you bring it up? Why have you waited too long before trying to get to the truth? Maybe it's because you don't want to go to the links and read them because you feel you have other things to do. Is this just something you dabble in on occasion or are you serious about helping the shelter animals? If it is the latter, then do something instead of complaining about my providing proof in the form of links."

My opinion of this appointment has been on the record since it was announced. I've read just about everything that's been written about Barnette as it relates to this job--it doesn't matter. The deal was done when Tony V announced it- ADL just looked ridiculous--and no, I'm not afraid of Pam and Jerry. They have gone from just being ludicrous sometimes, to just being irrelevant in the wake of their Barnette lovefest. I didn't speak publicly at the Committee meeting because it would not have mattered. Although both Dan and Phyllis both had pertinent info that would bring questions to anyone's mind about Barnette, they were largely ignored--as expected. This deal was done behind closed doors and with Ramsayer's influence via Lu Parker. That's how this City works --and especially, that's how this Department works.

Council wants 'somebody' to do that job and be able to blame it on money, etc. when 'somebody' fails. They figure that this person from a "humane society" background should satisfy everyone.


BoardWatch said...

Well, Blogger says my comment is "too large to process" so if you don't have it, it's gone now.

Anonymous said...

Does Ed Muzika actually have a brain? This guy seems to be one of the most gullible fools I have ever seen.

He got tricked by Berman/Winograd yet again.

Let the animals die so the AKC can make puppy mill money and the dog fighters can be happy and profitable.

The ADL-LA I expect this from. They aren't sane, never mind smart.

I guess so much of this is an ego thing, these people will let animals get hurt before they'll finally admit they were tricked.

HonestyHelps said...

Jeff, you don't come to my blog wise cracking, anyone who reads my blog regularly will tell you that if you fuck with me, I fuck back. So get off it. This ain't a nice subject and I am not nice about it.

And no, Kern does not need to know the laws, those bringing the dogs across state lines need to know the laws and Kern did not participate in doing that.

The part of the continuing shipment of animals to Seattle was quoted in the news and was again told at the Council meeting by Barth, sitting next to the bitch.

Ever heard of ethics, Jeff? Barnette needs some and if she had any she would reimburse without being asked to do so.

Since I don't know who you are but I think I have an idea, you have not made yourself clear as to where you stand. I saw a comment yesterday in the news where you told Barnette to give them hell. You just said in your comment that it wouldn't have done any good to speak up, it was a done deal. Besides I've done my work, every Council member, including Public Safety, has all this info.

If this is Jeff de la Rosa, then why are you commenting also as Board Watch. I've seen the Board Watch blog and there's nothing there that says you are against Barnette, in fact, it looks like you are in favor of her if anything. If you aren't de la Rosa, then I apologize. But why post under two identities?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, do you understand why people like Winograd and Berman prey on people like you and lie to you to get your support for their animal-abusing, animal profiteering clients?

Do you understand that these people use emotional manipulation like fake talk about loving animals or caring about animals to trick people into helping them abuse and profit from animals? To trick people into giving the animal profiteers power and control to help their fellow abusive profiteers in the business?

I have sympathy. These Winograd and Berman and AKC people are very conniving and experienced at being deceptive to get what they want. They prey on people's goodness, their innocence.

They are very experienced liars.

There is a LOT of money involved in the animal abuse for profit business.

But at some point, if you really do care about animals and aren't just in it to argue and bicker, it is time to realize the deception, to put down the ego on behalf of the animals so these profiteers don't continue to abuse and torture, and help others do it.

It is hard to admit that one was deceived, but if someone really, truly cares about animals then they have to, or the torture will not only continue but get worse.

People get angry when they've been misled by big corporations, the tobacco lobby, and the rest.

Well, animal profiteering is a BIG business too, and they use the same lobbyists and the same tricks to control the system. They use front men and front women to get their lies told and their misdeeds done.

Why is the No Kill community so tolerant of these users and tricksters?

I too once supported No Kill. But when I saw it being infiltrated by animal profiteers and business people who abuse animals and don't want regulation or exposure or anti-cruelty laws to slow down their abuse and profits, I realized the disease that had turned No Kill into something very bad for animals.

Anonymous said...

Who are Ramsayer and Lu Parker? What are their connections?

Jeff, you do realize that there are even dog fighters, never mind AKC puppy millers, who have infiltrated animal shelters and animal control under the guise of No Kill, and are using shelter animals for their own purposes, like using shelter cats for bait, and taking home pit bulls to fight?

They tricked people into letting them get the job and control by tricking the No Kill community, then they tortured animals once they were in charge.

Are you aware of the Jere Alexander affair in Fulton County Georgia?

These people use the No Kill talk because they figure that the No Kill people are too naive to dig behind the front and the words, and look at their connections and background, and what their interests REALLY are.

A group that Brenda Barnette lobbies with actually lobbies with and for dog fighters to help them out. It's work to do the digging and the research, but the information is there as long as people don't get suckered by someone just because they throw around the No Kill talk.

HonestyHelps said...

Well said, Anon. Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks

BoardWatch said...

"Who are Ramsayer and Lu Parker? What are their connections?"

Melanie Ramsayer is the installed president (unanimous vote dictated by the Mayor's stooge, Jim Bickhart) of the LAAS Board of Commissioners who are , by charter, supposed to oversee that department. They don't. Ramsayer is a Hollywood Agent. She was also the woman sitting next to Barnette--on her left-- at the Council meeting (not Barth as HH says- Barth was the woman in the $1000 white outfit at Boks's crucifixion before Council).

Lu Parker is a TV news reporter thing and Mayor Tony's girlfriend. Parker and Ramasayer are good friends. Exposing that crap was the last good thing the now-irrelevant ADL-LA did. So much for the Board as an independent overseer. What you have there is a corrupt "election" process which I (and others) have exposed time and time again.

BoardWatch is a blog I write for. If I post as BoardWatch it is to reflect the opinion of the blog which may or may not coincide with my personal opinions. Other writers also post as BoardWatch on occasion. So?


HonestyHelps said...

Can I take that to mean you have a split personality?

BoardWatch said...

You can take whatever you want from that. I don't hide or pretend to play puppetmaster. You can take that as you see fit. You have made this "discussion" personal when it was supposed to be about the issue at hand.

For someone who doesn't ID him/herself at all, why do you care what name I post under?

HonestyHelps said...

Get off the fucking anonymous shit, Jeff. I didn't ask you one time who the fuck you are, you started off calling me names like Daniel Guss. It's none of your business what my name is, now is it? You didn't exactly introduce yourself either. You just "assumed" that everyone has to know who you are, talk about an ego trip.

Either you want to learn or you don't. Now read this fucking blog from end to end and stop this silly shit you are putting on. I don't particularly want you in my army anyway now that I know who you are, you are a liability, not an asset.

BoardWatch said...

Actually, you did. But who cares? You see and hear through your own filter. You're forgiven. If you don't like my comments, don't post them. I admire that you do seem to post all comments. Live with them.

BoardWatch said...

I don't want to be in anyone's army and I have not applied. And no, I'm not going to read your blog from end to end. I get it.

HonestyHelps said...

That's the problem, you don't get it. Now read the fucking blog and learn something for a change instead of trying to be the big man.

Jeff de la Rosa said...


I've devoted enough time to you for now. The rest of your blog is more of the same. I get it. Now quit trying to be the big man.

HonestyHelps said...

If you had spent that time reading the blog, you would be a wiser man by now instead of the jerk you've shown yourself to be.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

A jerk is someone who doesn't bow down to you. I get that. If you'd stop messaging me through your comments, I'd have more time to read...whatever that happens to be.

HonestyHelps said...

Duh, this is MY blog. That is a stupid statement, Jeff. If I stop, what about you stopping and putting your time to better use?

Jeff de la Rosa said...

Duh? All of your readers are supposed to only agree with you? Okay. Got it. Funny. I keep unsubscribing to these comments and I keep getting them anyway. If you want to insult me further you can email me directly. I know, not as much fun as an audience, but it is more ethical ;) 1jeffdelarosa AT gmail

HonestyHelps said...

If you would read the blog, you'll see that not all agree with me. Read above the comment section for my take on it. Bring it on.

And do you honestly think that I would email you? If you can't stand the heat on this blog, then stay off of it. I don't go to your blog and start shit with you. You probably would censor it anyway.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

Now who's whining?

HonestyHelps said...

Just you, Jeff, just you.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

Hmmm. I must have missed that. All I see is you whining that I must READ THE FUCKING BLOG...and only then will I become enlightened.

Dude...stop already. Get a grip on yourself.

HonestyHelps said...

Read the fucking blog instead of making a fool of yourself. It appears to me like you have doing a little too much "gripping" yourself, literally. You want insults, I'll give you insults. Take your fucking dick out of your hands, and use the keyboard to educate yourself if you want to win this fucking battle with Barnette. Stop jacking off and do something constructive for a change.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

I don't have a battle with Barnette...yet. I can't say I like her and her shifty answers to Council, but I also don't like their acceptance of those shifty answers.

When she screws up, I'll be there. First she has to find house in a "nice" neighborhood for her dog pack. I'll be waiting for the first story of someone stepping on one of those poodles at the office...oh wait. No animals are allowed there...yet.

HonestyHelps said...

Then what the fuck are you doing here if you don't have a fight with Barnette? If you don't have a fight with her, then you approve of the shit she does including temperament testing. You don't make sense, Jeff.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

I don't have a fight with her HERE for anything she's done YET.

I'm on the temperment testing fight already, thanks. But your FOR that so I guess according to your logic you support her. You're not making any sense. Please stop sending me your crap.

HonestyHelps said...

Why in hell would you think I am sending you these comments? I don't want your sorry ass here. Look around on your email, there is such a thing as a delete button. You are just wanting to be a pain in the ass is all.

So sit on your sorry ass until she does something, yeah, that's the way to go. I see now you don't give a damn about the shelter animals. You are one dumb fuck, Jeff de la Rosa. Now hit the fucking delete button if you have enough sense to do that.

BoardWatch said...

Sorry, but I won't be reporting to you...whoever you are...what I've done, am doing or will do. You know the make up of this town...this ain't Seattle or Indiana. This is the big show of lies and corruption. Now we have a new player who's already been approved having SHOWN that she's a good manipulator.

Exactly what would you have me do? She will be here until she screws up or quits. I don't feel threatened and am not afraid of ALF or ADL...but others are.

It won't be long before her Birkenstocks fall on the wrong neck and the shit will fly. There is not one thing I can do until then. She's in and has managed to hypnotize the two most outspoken critics. Muzika is censoring comments and has rolled over. know that one. They even got Milan to pimp for her.

I could blast and blast her Seattle record/rumors/issues but that's been done and aside from alerting us, that has done nothing to dissuade the new "true believers." It may be that with the constraints of our laws and the union, that she might survive or just give up. It's already been stated that if she fails, it's our fault, although nobody has said exactly what they expect of her except for her to take the heat off the Mayor and Council. So far her big idea is to circulate "fliers." Great.

License fee canvassing has been suspended by pink-slipping 14 people who did that. What do you do with a City who cries "we have no money" and then cuts off a stream of revenue? So, go ahead...what are your big ideas?

HonestyHelps said...

I would call you a whiny coward, that is what I would do. Scared of a little fight? Defeated before you even start. Well, that ain't me. I will continue to fight. I have faith in truth, justice, and the American Way. It wouldn't be worth having if you don't have to fight for it. Sure, she'll win if everyone has that same attitude. That old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the oil is very true. Raise enough hell and things happen, maybe a little more slower in LA due to the stupidity found there, but all the same, it happens eventually.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh yeah, i remember now. jeff de las rosa, pit nutter, owner of stu the man biter. soliciting donations to save his wiggle butt from a dirt nap.

HonestyHelps said...

Thank you, Craven, for saying that. As you've noticed, I've been extremely nice to Jeff about that subject, not bringing it up. So unlike me wouldn't you say? He just doesn't realize he's gotten off easy.

I actually feel sorry for Stu now and understand why so many others say the reason Stu has sat on death row for five long years is because of Jeff himself being such an asshole. Who would want him to have a pet with his attitude?

BoardWatch said...

She'll "win?"
What's your definition of "winning" at this job. Nobody wins at LAAS. That's how it's set up. Looks like Monday's winner is Lu Parker.

HonestyHelps said...

Jeff, what are you smoking today? Your spelling sucks and you make no sense. I don't give a damn about the fucking shelter being closed and all that money being spent to promote the bitch. It's because of people like you allowing this to happen, that it is happening. Go protest or something, make yourself useful for a change.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

Figured. Like so many misguided "animal activists" it's not about the animals. It's about you. It's all about you. Vomit.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

Ummm...Stu's not on death row, funnyman. In fact, soon...there will be no "death row" for a lot of dogs who would have previously been slaughtered at the whim of a bureaucrat--bummer for you and your hate squad; but I wouldn't expect you to actually know what you're talking about...

Catch up, silly the world's passing you by.

HonestyHelps said...

You sorry piece of shit for letting your dog sit in a kennel all those years and you want to say that this blog is selfish? Look in the mirror, Jeff. See selfish written all over that ugly face of yours.

You're just jealous because I do have readers, unlike that piece of shit blog called "Board Watch". The only thing you watch is yourself. No wonder you're such a jerk, I would be too in your shoes. Now find that fucking delete button on your computer. I am making a decision right now that I will not read nor post any more of your rantings. You aren't on here to learn anything, you just want to condemn me for trying to spread the truth. Go to hell, Jeff, the same place you condemned Stu to by being one stupid son of a bitch. Maybe Barnette's illegitimate son?

HonestyHelps said...

So now who gets the last word, Jeffrey? I do have enough sense to figure out where the delete key is on the keyboard. You've never figured that out yet, have you?

Anonymous said...

So do you think Ed Muzika got a check from Rick Berman?

HonestyHelps said...

No, Ed M's not smart enough to ask for money, he's just an idiot, not a scammer.