Friday, July 16, 2010

Sorry Readers

I am responding to my non published comments about the pissing match with this pit nutter/"No Kill'er". Unfortunately you know that I don't censor and thereby I have to tolerate these types of jerks. You also know that it isn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. Just want to say thanks again for your patience and also the great info that you've sent. I have the best reading this blog, couldn't do it without you guys. Remember, HonestyHelps always.


Anonymous said...

Actually Honesty you have provided entertainment that we all love. He tried but you're always on top of it. When will they learn, HonestyHelps takes no one's shit. A big THANKS!!!

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks, Anon. I like providing entertainment but it is such a waste of valuable time.

BoardWatch said...

Finaly, the "animal community" had their own Glenn Beck with his own whacked sensibility and false facts.

You know, General, I've poked around and there just isn't anything here about "working help animals." It's a hate blog, plain and simple. And just like FAKE News Channel, you have your little cadre of blind followers.

Here's one for you. You wanna screw around? This is both illegal (on many levels) and unethical--which believe it or not is also illegal in some aspect in our infected City. Turning an animal shelter over to the Mayor's girlfriend and exploiting the animals on the taxpayers dime. Go fish (as long as you're getting your content from us)...

Gee...I wonder who'll be there.

HonestyHelps said...

Ah, a day without Jeff is like a day without an enema. At least I get comments on my blog, duh. Where's all your followers?

And Glory Be, you finally get something right, it is a blog of hate, you damn right. I hate fuckers like you, Jeff, I hate fuckers like the Whino, I hate bitches like Barnette. I hate those damn blind puppets of a movement that has brought nothing but suffering for shelter animals.

Depending on which personality you are that day, maybe the two of you will be there BoardWatch/Jeff.

HonestyHelps said...

Okay people, I have finally told this jerk where to go and I will no longer read or post his comments. Entertainment is over till the next nutter and there will always be one.

Anonymous said...

Is this Jeff de la Rosa? The pervert whose dog attacked somebody and he enjoyed it and said he had the right to do it?

If so, no wonder he likes being Winograd's little boy.

He doesn't care about animals. He likes hurting people and getting attention.

Anonymous said...

BoardWatch is Jeff de la Rosa isn't it?

If this is Jeff de la Rosa, isn't he also the one running the fundraising scam for his vicious dog that he has kept in a cage for five years isn't it?

Isn't he another one of the ones with the fake expert?

Isn't this another Bella the vicious dog fundraising scam a la Winograd?

See the comments here


Anonymous said...

If it's Jeff de la Rosa, he's been collecting money for years.

Has he accounted for that income with the IRS?

Anonymous said...

And Jeff's friend is Ed Muzika, the one who advises the hoarders not to let other rescuers on their property to see the abuse or they'll be reported, right?

Quote from Muzika for the hoarders

"Don't let another rescuer on your property--ever. It appears that other "rescuers" are more dangerous to rescuers than the ACTF"

Anonymous said...

If this is Jeff de la Rosa, why isn't he running a spay neuter program for pit bulls? Why isn't he using his "donations" to do it? Where IS that money going?

Anonymous said...

A look at the life of Jeff de la Rosa, and this from a pit bull fan

"this is yet another in a long line of examples of bad judgment on the part of Jeff de la Rosa. I believe Jeff knows full well that the city does not want to kill Stu at this point. But over four years he has behaved in a way that makes many people, some overtly and some secretly, believe that he can't be trusted to keep Stu safe. It seems pretty clear that LAAS decided to kill Stu because Jeff was such a jerk from the get-go on this.

Yes, Jeff has fought for Stu over these past four years, but maybe if he had admitted his mistakes and errors of judgment it might never have come to this. Jeff, to my knowledge, has never admitted any mistakes. Everything was someone else's fault. He is hostile and threatening to people who have the power of life and death over his dog. And now he's basically daring the city to kill Stu.

There are a lot of people who worry about Stu's safety if he is returned to an owner who behaves in such an erratic way. If Jeff has never admitted that his mistakes led to the initial bite, how can he be trusted to make sure it doesn't happen again?"

Anonymous said...


"de la Rosa has done his utmost over the past four years to convince everybody who could help him that he is in complete denial about his responsibilty in this matter. He has been foolish, arrogant and narcissistic, and the support he has gotten for Stu is because of the dog, and in spite of the owmer.

Who among you, if your dog's life was in danger, would write a letter like this? Who would talk about cremating him? Who would write "I am requesting Stu be killed?" This is a blatant attempt to shame and confront an admittedly morally bankrupt department, but there is no shame on Jeff's part for having put Stu in a position where this could happen. He put his other dog (the one who fought with Stu prior to the attack on Edwards) in a situation LAAS said she couldn't be in. Four years ago he broke an agreement he made with LAAS and now he demands that his neligence be ignored and that he should be trusted with a dog who hasn't lived with him for four years - or he wants to kill him on the 23rd, because, he says, he's "not available on any other day."

Anonymous said...

If Jeff de la Rosa is complaining about Fox New Channel, he should really be aware that Brenda Barnette and her AKC friends are all extreme EXTREME right wing, and they hate gay men, Jeff. You have no idea what they yap about in their breeder forums.

Those breeders call everyone commies.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Readers, I could have said all of this but I was actually being nice to the guy by my standards and I think you know that. It won't happen again.

HonestyHelps said...

EDITORIAL: For those unfamiliar with LA, it truly does live up to the nickname of "LaLaLand". There's almost 4 million people that live there so these numbers contribute to the large numbers of those one can label "kooks". In the heading of my blog is a quote, Those who are dancing are considered insane by those who can't hear the music.

All those "kooks" go around calling the others insane. The truly good people in the humane community can't really put their necks out there in fear of these people. People such as Jeff who attacks everyone, the ADL-LA, and occasionally others who are misguided. So don't judge LA by these people, but you can feel sorry for the good ones. They have to sit quietly and watch the fiasco.

Thus is the legacy of Nathan Winograd, intimidation, lies, as well as the suffering. These "kooks" or "No Kill'ers" as I like to call them are giving a bad taste to the officials. How many times have I met with officials and the first question would be "Are you a member of (fill in the blank depending on the area)?" That's the best reason as to why I work alone. I immediately tell them that I am a pet welfare advocate and I stick to that issue. Animal rights is too hot an issue and it turns people away.

What we need is a social change, but that is like sending someone to Mars, an overwhelming effort. As long as the humane community fights with each other, it won't happen. Thanks to those "kooks", the animals continue to suffer yet they think themselves the heros. The legacy of "No Kill".

Anonymous said...

As usual, right on the mark, Honesty. I was wondering if you have any update from the Ohio Attorney General on your complaint about misidentifying pit bulls?

HonestyHelps said...

No Anon, just the last email I sent to the list where they are investigating. As I understand the word is now out about the complaint and I expect the Lucus County shelter to start being a little more careful or rather a little less deceitful.