Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The ADL (All Dumb Liars) Take on Brenda Barnette's Screw LA Meet & Greet

The evening started off with about 100 confused looking crazy cat people. Michael Bell was there trying to bribe them all, of course, leading this writer to think he had rounded them up off the streets and paid them to come in.

Ugly man Koretz was running around trying to find a piece of ass. He's always worked the cat crowd because of their reputation of being so gullible. He chose the right venue because everyone was hanging on him, although someone finally put a paper sack over his head and that helped the atmosphere of the room.

When Barnette got up to speak, she made fun of how ignorant LA is instead of answering the truths that have been told about her. She said so what that she is a breeder, so what that she lies about SHS, LA was going to hire her anyway because no one else wanted the job. She came across as hateful, spiteful, and true to her reputation in Seattle. Many times she would not answer because she hasn't enough experience to know the answers. Some pertinent questions were asked but Barnette just shrugged them off and said to ask the Mayor.

She did say that she would continue to take homes away from the shelter animals in Seattle/King County by shipping dogs, altered and vaccinated by the LA taxpayer, to SHS, continuing her vendetta against King County for telling her to take a hike. She explained that this was "saving" lives. Actually it is taking lives but we won't tell anyone that.

She reminded everyone that she was part of the group that CLAIMED to make San Francisco the first "No Kill" city. Of course, she failed to mention that this was just a claim, not reality. The reality is that the SF SPCA has never taken pit bulls from the shelter and thus, they were euthanized. But hey, under "No Kill" that can be done because it's a numbers game and those pits were just classified under aggressive so they could be killed and it didn't affect those numbers.

Barnette explained the numbers game. She just took half of her "saved" numbers and put them out to "foster" homes, aka hoarders. Unfortunately her scheme to get taxpayer money in Seattle fell through and that is why she ended up in LA. She applied at her old stomping ground, the SF SPCA, but they said no more and didn't hire her. Oh, well, LA is better than facing the music in Seattle. She talked about her program to keep a pet with the owner who wants to surrender it. That is comprised of a $200 surrender fee, a waiting list, and just plain rejection. With her plans, there will be 100,000 foster homes in LA, no adoptions, just foster homes.

Flashbacks of Richard Nixon, shaking his head stating he was not a crook, were inspired by Barnette when talking of her breeder affiliations. "I am not a breeder" were her words while her fingers were crossed behind her back.

Even though Seattle Humane puts people on a waiting list, turns away pit bulls, and charges a whopping surrender fee, Barnette claims it is open door. According to the employees that she hired, this ain't true. While turning away animals in Seattle, Barnette helped LA out by taking their already altered dogs, the cute and fluffy ones, never a pit bull, or an old, injured, sick, dog, just the good stuff, the easily adoptable ones. Did she mention that the euthanasia that has to be done were on the animals that came in as strays from two terribly small contracts for housing? Many felt that her explanation about emergencies meant that SHS is an open door shelter, wrong again, explained Ms. Barnette.

At least she was honest about one thing, turning down the offer to speak at the "90 % Club" using the excuse she had to move. Do you think that somewhere deep down she actually does have some truth in her? Nah.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe there is not more of an outcry about Barnette's continuing vendetta against King County animal control with her importation of dogs. It doesn't make sense for orgs to import dogs/cats from outside their juris when they have many in their own juris needing help. I believe the problem lies w/ the ones who market this as a means to save animals lives and do not tell the truth about the ones it negatively effects. We in the business are keenly aware they only import highly adoptables and the harder to adopts are still destroyed, except I would argue it causes more untimely death do to the ones PTS as a consequence of these smaller breeds being brought in and the others are overlooked. In addition, I would argue if you import several dogs in you can PTS more others since the imports offset yout numbers and lower your PTS rate. It is common sense.

HonestyHelps said...

Me too, Anon. You aren't saving lives when your actions cause others to die. Barnette is doing nothing more than brokering dogs, cherry picking the best ones and selling them for lots of money. Her excuse is if she doesn't do it then the people will buy instead. Wrong again. The reason people seek shelter animals is that they don't want to buy, either because they want to save a life or they don't want to spend the money for a purebred. Not even to mention that so many of the purebreds are medically unsound.

Of course it helps LA and therefore the LA idiots don't give a shit about the Seattle animals that die because of it.

The fact that it offsets the numbers game called "No Kill" so more animals can be euthanized under that guise, is just that, a fact. This is happening everywhere now with the transporting of pets into other areas that are still euthanizing. A scheme by the "No Kill'ers" to make open door shelters look bad-er is all it is. This isn't helping, it is trading one life for another. Then these very ones doing it continue to scream about euthanization when they should be blaming themselves, not animal control. What an evil web of deception the whino weaves along with his butt buddies like Barnette.

HonestyHelps said...

I shouldn't say it helps LA because it is costing the LA taxpayer. Double whammy because it also costs the King County taxpayer. KC taxpayers have to pay to house and then destroy animals. There are no winners with this game.

Anonymous said...

Barnette left because she failed in Seattle, failed to carry out Winograd's orders to take over, failed to stop the employees from speaking out about her lack of management skills, she is nothing more than a failure.

Here is why she left as report two days before LA found out she was ending up on their doorstep.

"" The county had been in talks with the Seattle Humane Society to take over animal shelter operations.

"Last year, when we decided we wanted to get out of the animal sheltering business, there was an outside entity that told us they could take our animals," Patterson said. "When the time came to transfer our animals to that shelter, it turns out they didn't have room for those animals."

In April, when the new county plan was announced, Seattle Humane Society officials said they were taken by surprise. Brenda Barnette, head of the local Humane Society, said at the time she believed her group could provide the best care for animals.

On Tuesday, Barnette said the local Humane Society determined that it couldn't take all of the animals without making physical changes to its facility.

Prior to his election as County Executive, Dow Constantine had advocated having a private takeover of animal care operations.""

BarnetteIsClueless said...

Barnette sounded just as stupid as she looks at that "Meet and Greet". The only reason anyone showed up was to complain about everything. If those people had their way about it, we would have no laws protecting humans and animals. I estimated fewer than a hundred and yes, indeed, most were the crazy cat ladies.

Barnette was unable to really give satisfactory answers to many questions. It ws obvious to me that she doesn't have a clue. She came off about the same way she did during the council meeting, dumb as mule shit.

But the question is who would want the job anyway? Not anyone with a decent reputation. So they scraped the bottom of the barrel and came up with Barnette, still wreeking from her defeat in Seattle. I've seen nothing from this woman that says she will be able to do the job. I predict she will be around just long enough to find another job. She couldn't take the chance of doing that in Seattle, not after all the things that have come out about her and will continue to come out about her.

HonestyHelps said...

I was told that the only good thing about Barnette in LA is now she is subject to public records requests and she hasn't dealt with that before, along with governmental budgets, unions, and lots of pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Someone say PRA requests?

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, Brad, PRA requests. Barnette has never had to answer those. In fact, she refused to submit to a PRA request in Seattle as a member of the animal commission. This brought about a ruling from the Attorney General that yes, indeed she was subject to a PRA on her private emails that related to her position on the commission. Her response? She resigned her seat on that commission. King County had to threaten legal action because they had legal action against them for not providing it. Only about a month before she was hired in LA, were some emails turned over to answer this PRA. Over a thousand emails were given and they are being reviewed right now. So she has little use for PRA's and would rather resign than give hers up.

I do hope you will keep her busy with them. How about starting with the recent exportation of dogs? A PRA for the breeds, sizes, and costs to the LA taxpayer would be nice at this point. It's one thing to claim you are saving lives when you take the old, the injured, the pit bulls, the sick. Quite another when all you take is the cute little fluffy dogs, that's brokering and this is what Barnette does the best.

HonestyHelps said...

We still don't know if Barnette's emails were included. There was one from Claire Davis, who either does or doesn't know Barnette stating that there was a "scheme" to create (not discover or document) instability in animal control for the gain of Barnette. I have it posted, just search for Claire.

cravendesires said...

last fall i saw an article about bonobos or chimps having funerals when one of their troop members died. i copied a quote from one of the comments. it seems very appropriate here with all of the kooks in no kill:

"In the process of rescuing animals... I am rescued."
- Ted Thelander, USA

i wish people would just stick to rescuing themselves.

HonestyHelps said...

Craven, elephants do "funerals" too. To point out again, there is no rescue in what Barnette is doing with her import/export because she is taking homes from the animals in Seattle, in effect causing their euthanization. That is not rescue to substitute one for another in the name of money.

Have you seen this video of a "rescue" coming out of LA going into Canada? It is pretty telling as to what this is all about - money. Plus Barnette's vendetta against the shelter in King County.

HonestyHelps said...

Sorry forgot to post link.

cravendesires said...

re: video, our treatment of animals is disgraceful. shipped and bounced around just like any commodity. i see zero concern for the dogs.

HonestyHelps said...

The "rescuers" in LA don't give a shit, Craven. Because of the sheer numbers in LA they have more than their share of those "Savior" rescues. Savior rescues are the Frankensteins of the world, yelling "They're alive!!!!" rather than caring about the quality of the animal lives. Those Savior rescues are the ones who shipped those dogs to Canada, those Savior rescuers are the ones supplying the likes of Bemis, Grudger, and Kimi Peck, condemning dogs to a life in hell. Created and fed by Nathan Winograd.

Anonymous said...

Winograd still tries vainly to claim that Tompkins County was a success, when it FAILED. He also lies like Barnette and claims it is open admission.

Tompkins County shelter ALWAYS had a waiting list, and for pit bulls, people had to leave cash payments of I think it was $200, no guarantee to take.

So this taking money from people, wait lists, and not taking pit bulls is something else that Barnette maybe stole from Winograd.

Of course, people can't wait and the dog gets shot or thrown on the streets to die.

Plus we have a witness who saw a college kid bring in an abused pit bull, Winograd came out of the office, saw the pit bull, and said "we don't take dogs like that."

Who knows where that dog got abandoned to die.

Anonymous said...

As far as Best Friends goes, they have already given pit bulls to hoarders to kill while the hoarder made money from them.

Don Chambers, the Dog Guy.

And that's just one they found out about!

Since Ledy VanKavage of Best Friends has been involved with pit bull breeder groups who have connections to dog fighters, and pushes to get dogs given to people related to these dog fighting/pit bull groups, who knows how many dogs have been tortured in the name of No Kill?

No Kill is not just giving animals to hoarders. They are giving them to dog fighters, or people connected to them, who pretend to be rescues!

HonestyHelps said...

I know the woman you are talking about that witnessed the Whino's complete disregard for a suffering pit bull. She actually petted the dog. She was so appalled at what she saw him do she wrote a letter to the Ithaca Journal. I do have her name and we have been in contact.

She is a native of San Dimas and moved to Itaca. She is a paralegal, worked in major law offices in Pasadena prior to the move. Once there she went to Tompkins County SPCa to adopt. While there a college student brought in an emaciated, mange ridden pit bull to surrender. The staff called the Whino out. She said he walked out and shortly stated "We don't take those kinds of dogs", and turned around and went back inside his office. She told me if nothing else he should have take the dog to euthanize if not file cruelty charges against the student. It upset her greatly. She did talk to Michelle Dawson with the Rancho Cucamonga City Manager's office when the Whino was trying to take over there. They didn't listen of course.

She also said that after her letter, the Whino sent her several emails calling her everything but a white woman, hateful emails. You would think that he would have tried to explain his actions but no, he called her names. Winograd is one sick puppy and those who follow him are even sicker.

HonestyHelps said...

That's San Dimas and Pasadena, California, by the way.

Felony said...

California dogs coming to a Seattle Rescue to meet the demand for cute small dogs. The newslink says there are very few small dogs in shelters. Yep, that's my experience. We've got LOTS of ugly pit bulls though. If you want a small dog, you have to support pet stores.

CoolBlog said...

When did you folks all go to the meet and greet? Did you get to meet Honesty and get to shake her hand? Tell her that she has a super-cool blog and thank her for her entertaining news stories?

HonestyHelps said...

First of all CoolBlog, you have the wrong gender. And I have eyes and ears everywhere plus a lot of frequent flyer miles. The world is a very small place actually with airplanes, trains, cars. Hint, use Burbank airport, much easier than LAX.

Anonymous said...

Oh Brenda, how your lies just continue and continue. Never a breeder, huh? How about the time you brought your pregnant white poodle into the SHS office or how about when you brought her in AFTER she had the pups and wasn't nursing them?

And the article from Komo....well, Herb Weisbaum, a KOMO news anchor, is on the SHS Board of Directors so I'm not surprised this article was put out. He, plus the rest of the Board, were blinded by Brenda's bullshit and probably still are!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, Barnette can repeat over and over than her participation in the AKC was nothing more than a click of the button on her computer to send out their propaganda. We know she is a breeder, she knows she is a breeder and before it is over the entire world will know it too.

And SHS board must still love her because she is shipping them dogs already unaltered, paid for by the LA taxpayer and they are SELLING them for lots of money. Of course, they still love her. All this while the animals in the shelters in King County are being euthanized because SHS is importing more dogs taking away the homes from the shelter dogs.