Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Kill Equates to Hoarding

According to sources that track hoarding cases, the rise in hoarding has been in line with the decade of focusing on "No Kill". Philadelphia is a case where the Nathan J. Winograd program, the "No Kill Equation" was installed, along with his handpicked management staff, and failed miserably. In case you don't know, Philly allows 12 pets per household. Also, in case you have never been to Philly, it is very close living with a lot of brownstones. Imagine living with both sides of your home crawling with 12 cats/dogs/both and very small backyards if any. Not the way I want to live, smelling the neighbor's cat urine.

Because of the excessive household limit and the "No Kill" philosophy of pimping as many pets as you can without considering their quality of life afterwards, seems Philly is noticing a dramatic rise in hoarding cases. Stands to reason, "No Kill" doesn't give a damn who animals go to, just as long as they are outta sight so they can lay claim to "saving" them. I think the Whino named his program incorrectly and it should be named "FrankenKill", it's alive, it's alive!!!!
In Philadelphia, the number of large-scale animal hoarding cases went from one every six months in 2004 to one or two each month now. And the suburbs are not immune.

Time line here. The Whino's program was installed in 2004/5 when they were only seeing one hoarder about every 6 months and after his program hoarding cases took a dramatic rise to one or two a month!!!!!

"It does feel like an epidemic," she said, adding that the actual number of animal hoarders is probably much larger than the number of known cases.

"I believe there are many, many more cases in which people have not been caught," Paul said.

Probably so, no definitely so. It is an epidemic, an epidemic created by Nathan Winograd. He is the Messiah of those "Savior" rescues and many of those are nothing more than hoarders. The philosophy of pushing animals out the door results in more unnecessary suffering which the Whino and his Whinonettes just cannot see, they don't want to see.

Another article points out the "Savior" complex alive and well in Philly.
Federov, 59, couldn't even turn her back on dead animals that she found on the street. She placed them in a freezer until the next trash day.
Among the animals found in the freezer in a raid by agents of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on Tuesday at Federov's home, on Mascher Street near Nedro Avenue, in Olney, was a fox she'd found hit by a car on Roosevelt Boulevard.
The PSPCA said that it rescued 90 animals, including cats, dogs, chinchillas and pigeons from her property.

She disputed the PSPCA's figures on the number of animals seized from her home, andWilliamson confirmed that Federov had helped foster kittens for the PSPCA.

Federov said she had taken dogs from the former PACCA to save them from being put down.

And the Whino's PACCA let her have them. The PSPCA isn't any better with Sue Crosby, another Whinonette, who is destroying that agency too.

The Whino stills brags about PACCA's save rate only it is actually a hoarding rate, a suffering rate. Another legacy of Nathan J. Winograd - Hoarding.


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what "No Kill" is about really, supplying the hoarders so as to keep the numbers in line. FrankenKill is a good one!

HonestyHelps said...

I know for a fact that the "Savior" rescues were furnishing Bemis with dogs taken from the shelters as well as donations. These people are sick, no better than the actual hoarder.

Anonymous said...

Winograd and No Kill are actually PERMISSION for hoarders, in their minds. Nathan Winograd tells the hoarders that anyone who cares about the health and safety of the animals to call whistleblowers
"killers" and attack them with smear and lies.

Over and over again, the hoarders get arrested, their terrible abuse is exposed, and they basically say that Nathan Winograd and No Kill say it is ok to do this to animals.

Then Winograd and the No Kill terrorists attack and terrorize the whistleblowers!

This No Kill scam involves preying on the mind of the mentally ill and pushing them to do criminal things, and also shaking down money from them.

HonestyHelps said...

Winograd is a terrorist promoter, that's exactly what he is.

NoKillSucks said...

Permission for hoarders, permission for breeders and that amounts to permission for cruelty. His cronies have been caught as well, like Kim Sgro, Barnette's buddy, placing with hoarders. Look at Best Friends and the "Dog Man". They've never found all those dogs yet. Their motto "Move "Em Out" eliminates the quality of life for animals and that should always be the primary factor in dealing with animals. Then you have the likes of Toellner fighting the very things that make animals lives better, fencing, household limits, LICENSING. I can't wait until I look down from heaven and see all of them in hell's fire so I can say "TOLD YA SO, FOOLS!" Qualify of life is what counts, not quantity of a life spent in hell.

HonestyHelps said...

I agree with you Anon, quality of life is what we need to work for. Giving away free cats/kittens may get them out of the shelters but what does it put them into - the hands of those who will let them die rather than pay a vet bill, proclaiming, "well, it was free, just let it die and get another one". Or the $4 adoptions like in Indy under Doug Rae where several dogs attacked the new owners. Only when other shelters complained to officials about the high numbers of animals that were trying to be returned to them because Rae refused to take them back did things start happening and Rae ended up being fired. That and the cats in the ventilation ducts so the shelter wouldn't appear overcrowded. No Kill'ers could give a shit less about what happens once the pet is gone.

Anonymous said...

Best Friends gave pit bulls to a hoarder who killed them in bad ways, Don Chambers the Dog Guy. Still online news article.http:

They let Chambers continue to raise money for himself through Best Friends using their website after he killed them too.

And Best Friends told their donors that the dogs found great homes, please send money.

Who knows what other hoarders Best Friends has off-loaded animals to, that haven't been caught or it's been hidden, animals that died in bad ways anonymously and alone.

Winograd's PACCA in Philadelphia gave dogs to a known hoarder. They were even warned about the hoarder. They sent them any way, so they could continue the No Kill pretense. Some dogs died before other groups finally recued them.

There could be a blog just about No Kill hoarder rescue fakes and groups that have off-loaded dogs to hoarders to pretend to be No Kill.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you're right, probably there are others. I wouldn't doubt that Best Fiends does know about them but keep quiet now since the Chambers incident.

If you'll notice, in almost every case where a hoarder is caught, they will claim to be a no kill rescue. And no kill has turned people into hoarders as well. Vikki Shore, I have her on my blog, is a devoted Whinonette, she is now a hoarder.

In my opinion, it appeals to the mentally sick people of the world. I haven't met one person who supports no kill that I would put in the sane catagory.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i support strict limitations on the number of animals that people can keep. two dogs or 3 cats. especially dogs. they NEED close human contact.

zero exotic species.

HonestyHelps said...

Craven there have been numerous studies that show the more pets one has the less they receive in medical attention, good food, etc. When you have too many, they form their own pack rather than bonding with you. It is very difficult to train multiple dogs because unless they are all trained at the same time, they will pick up each other's bad habits. Cats too are the same as far as the more you have the less medical attention they get when it is needed. Toellner states that household limits affect fostering. That's easily solved by working on changing ordinances that can allow QUALIFIED foster homes. By that the foster home is open to surprise inspections by animal control. I've seen the reactions of rescues to that suggestion, they scream. And why do they do that, because they know that they are breaking the law and many of those foster homes are nothing more than hoarders. I have seen good foster programs where you are only allowed one foster at a time, open to inspection, and have required break times between fosters. Fostering shouldn't mean just providing shelter and food, it means preparing a pet for a home with training, socialization, etc. And you can't do that with a bunch of dogs/cats at a time.

Anonymous said...

In Best Friend's hometown of Kanab several years ago, the town tried to pass a law with pet limits to try to deal with the hoarding and problems there (if you have more than a certain number, you need to get a license and be inspected, which any rational and honest person would accept)

Best Friends sent their person in, (that guy that was COO for a while who came from Louisiana, Paul Berry) to oppose pet limits, because they knew well that they were giving animals to local hoarders.

Paul Berry and some others have since been fired, so maybe Best Friends has come to their senses and isn't supporting hoarding and abuse anymore.

Berry was involved with them when they gave those pit bulls to Don Chambers to kill. Paul Berry always seemed to have unsavory interests and connections, it didn't seem right, and that from some comments by people at Best Friends who were unhappy with the pro-abuse direction the organization seemed to be headed in.

Anonymous said...

"Toellner states that household limits affect fostering."

It is always ridiculous when Toellner tries to pose as being for "humane" interests.

What Toellner means is that household limits mean that his BREEDER and PUPPY MILL associates and supervisors need to get licenses, and since most of them are cheating on their taxes and hiding their businesses, or are even involved in crime, they sure don't want to get licensed.

Toellner just takes propaganda from the BREEDER AND PUPPY MILL LOBBIES (and yes, the dog fighters) and tries to put a fake humane spin on it and play let's pretend we care, let's see if the gullible don't notice this is all about breeders opposing regulation.

Doing that pays off for losers like Toellner.
Patti Strand tried to do exactly the same thing for years until it became too obvious, because she is an actual AKC breeder involved with the puppy mills.

I guess that Rick Berman etc think that Toellner, Winograd, etc are under the radar and give the appearance of being unconnected, and can maybe get away with the lobbying for the breeders if they pretend to care about animals.

HonestyHelps said...

Isn't that Paul Berry guy going around the country now proclaiming he is the next guru of "no kill"?

And people are wise to Toellner now it appears. He definitely is the darling of the breeders and he runs under the guise of being a friend of the animals. He's no friend, he's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Paul Berry came from Louisiana before Best Friends hired him. They hooked up with him during the Katrina debacle.

Paul Berry claimed all kinds of great humane leadership for Louisiana.

Well, while he was there Louisiana had among the highest rates of animal abandonment, overpopulation, dog fighting, and general animal cruelty in the whole country.

Berry did NOTHING. Accomplished NOTHING.

He has no track record of anything even remotely near success in the state he is from.

He was, however, one of the ones that Best Friends themselves claimed got them hooked up with and started on the pit bull promotion racket and with the pit bull breeders, which makes me wonder who his alliances were with in Louisiana while pit bulls were getting fought and bred in record numbers.

Anonymous said...

So now the State of Delaware will become the hoarder's mecca. The Whino is bragging that Delaware will become the first no kill state, wrong again, Whino. He has managed to put the private shelters together to blackmail the state and counties into doing their bidding. Can't wait for the State of Delaware to declare that emergency when they become so overcrowded and disease ridden that no one will touch the animals there. Then here will come the Savior rescues on their highway to hell bringing in more animals because of that disease. This will be a long one but it may just spell the end of Nathan Winograd because it is doomed to fail.

Anonymous said...

just a quick note honesty

the alphabetical state index on the left on the home page of the pit attacks blog seems to have disappeared

this was incredibly helpful to get right to the desired state. can it come back? thanks!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I accidently did something to do that but they are all listed under the February achives and it states so above it. As soon as I can I will put it back but this Barnette shit is keeping me busy. I am also behind on posting attacks since June 9th thanks to that bitch coming to LA. I hope to be able to get back on it in the next few days.

anonymouse said...

Pathological Altruism

Tufts University has an interesting web site concerning animal hoarding.

They also have a good "diagram showing what is required to provide competent care for animals in a population setting."

They also have a good "working model of animal hoarding."

And a "diagram showing how behaviors and traits, when coupled with functional deficits, lead to animal suffering."

Anyway, it seems to get at the heart of animal hoarding & FrankenKill & worth checking out.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Anon for those links. Now if we can just get tufts to do one directly linking hoarding to no kill.......

HonestyHelps said...

The other comment was cutting off these links so I am trying it this way.

Anonymous said...

I thought this should probably go under this post because it is related to No Kill and hoarding.

Just the latest of the constant No Kill insanity


"No-Kill Policy

At a called meeting on May 7, members discussed the organization's no-kill policy.

Currently, there are almost 40 dogs at the shelter. Some of them have been there for more than two years. The dogs who have been at the shelter a long time must be resocialized before they can be adopted.

The group voted Monday to table the no-kill discussion and any changes in the policy for six months. In the interim, they hope to be able to recruit more volunteers for fund raising, and most importantly, people to help with adopt-a-thons."

Meaning they will keep up torturing these dogs No Kill style, locked in cages, unsocialized and going nuts.

And turning away needy animals because the cages are full.

Animal shelters have really become canine concentration camps if it's No Kill.

And this No Kill shelter

refused to investigate hoarders because Greene County Humane Society is playing the No Kill torture game. They don't pick up strays, they refuse to take unwanted animals, they harass people trying to drop off abandoned pets, they don't investigate cruelty, there are packs of stray dogs trying to survive outdoors while this Greene County shelter does nothing. Check out the complaints in the comments.

We are become a Third World, No Kill nation with pets dying on the streets again and animal cruelty allowed. .

HonestyHelps said...

Look at San Antonio, dogs running the streets while they are sitting back trying to go "No Kill". Look at Doug Rae, telling his ACO's to not pick up dogs because it would affect his numbers. Perverted fuckers who follow the Whino.

Katie said...

Paul Berry is now executive director at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC.