Friday, July 16, 2010

Letter to the LAAS Animal Commission

Dear Commissioners:

With the coming of Brenda Barnette to LA, I would like to bring up the subject of temperament testing for pit bulls since Ms. Barnette practiced that at her previous shelter and would be very familiar with it.

If you are not aware of this, pits are mauling and killing people and beloved pets in numbers unlike any other breed in history. The pits in the shelters have no history, you don't know whether they have been bred and trained for fighting, if they have shown aggression in the past, or if they are suitable as a pet. They certainly were never meant to be a pet in that they were bred for one thing and one thing only, to kill. An informative website about pit bulls is, the site that the dogmen (pit bull fighters) and pit bull breeders don't want you to see. Then for your consideration this blog is a compilation of media reports showing the daily maulings and all too frequent fatalities by pit bull and their types: The victims of pits are almost always left with no recourse for their medical bills putting a burden on taxpayers because most insurance companies will not insure pit bulls and the victims have to turn to the charity hospitals for their life altering injuries.

Other breeds were bred to be of service to mankind, but not the pits and bully breeds. Shepherds tend and guard flocks, border collies help to round them up, hounds help to locate food for the table, but what were pits designed to do is the question one has to ask.

To put a pit bull or any dog out to the public, a public who usually doesn't have any idea of how to train a dog or, in many cases, don't even know that a dog has to be trained, without knowing the temperament of the animal is a disaster waiting to happen. Plus it sets up the dog and the owner for failure in too many cases. Taking the position of doing better screening of applicants is not the best of ideas because people can lie or think they know more than they actually do.

I implore you to re-consider installing temperament testing at the shelters since Ms Barnette is so well versed in doing that. Thank you for consideration of my thoughts on this issue.



BoardWatch said...

Funny. What a novel idea. Just coincidence I'm sure.

HonestyHelps said...

Oh, no coincidence, Jeff. You want to be a smart ass, I just showing you that I can be one too. Effectively I just cancelled you out. And I do intend to send the letter to each commissioner.

Anonymous said...

What, LA has no temperament testing prior to adoption? Are they nuts? Oh yeah, I forgot, LaLa Land full of nuts.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, they are nuts. They are drinking that koolaid of the Whino. I wish I had a patent on that shit, I could sell it to those gullible fools and make a fortune.

So LA send dogs out without knowing a damn thing about them. I've been doing rescue for decades and would never do that. They try to say that being in the shelter is too stressful as if going to a new home, new people, new everything isn't????? If a dog can't handle stress, then it isn't a dog you want to put out to a family with kids running around, yelling and crying. Besides if you go into any shelter, you will only see a few dogs that are stressed. Most actually seem to enjoy all the noise and commotion, which shows them to be good candidates for adoption. Saying temperament testing is wrong on shelter dogs is foolish, stupid, and only idiots/No Kill'ers think that.