Thursday, July 28, 2011


As my readers know, I have been blogging over and over again that Breeder Brenda Barnette never mentions spay/neuter in her "press releases". As we all know, breeders don't believe in spay/neuter and BB is staying true to her roots. She just ignores the free ink of this vital subject, concentrating instead on making herself look cute by singing the blues.

FINALLY, BB has released a public information that does mention spay/neuter. She starts by mentioning that citizens are blowing the whistle on backyard breeding. Well, Miss BB, we have always been doing that. I do a reverse lookup on telephone numbers advertising puppies, I call it in to agencies serving that area to ask for a license check or a breeder permit. So far, about 90% of those resulted in NO dog license, much less a breeder permit. I know another person that does the same. So this is nothing new, BB.

"Recently, Angelenos expressed their concern that Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) still puts animals to death for lack of space.  They took action for positive change and reported neighbors and people advertising puppies online to LAAS."

Guess BB doesn't realize that this is more a sign of her incompetence in enforcing the ordinances of LA than anything else. Enforce the laws of LA City, don't sit and expect the citizens to do your job.

I'm curious as to how many citations have been issued under the reign of Brenda Barnette. I can tell you, not nearly enough.


Anonymous said...

Spaying and neutering have many more health risks to a dog than benefits. A truly responsible dog owner does not need to put a dog through un-necessary surgery and does not have to use this method to keep their dog from having unwanted litters.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, Breeder Anon, we know where you get this ridiculous information from, your puppetmaster the AKC.

You are full of shit with this one, absolutely full of shit. If it were the way you say then vet schools would not allow it to be taught. I have had thousands of pets altered in my several decades of rescue and not one, NOT ONE, has ever experienced these "risks" you talk about. Next time do the research on any vet that says there are risks and see what his connection is with the AKC. That vet is on the payroll and says whatever the AKC wants him/her to say. In fact, s/n was invented to solve the problems experienced by unaltered pets. You're a fool.

Anonymous said...

S/N is a solution after some health problems may arise. This is why vets learn the procedure. The procedure is now being abused by dog owners that want the easy way out. I have a bitch that is spayed and she is incontinent a not uncommon result of spaying. Will these same dog owners that spay for convenience so they don't have to deal with a heat cycle maybe twice a year put up with a dog that leaks daily? The AVMA also acknowledges the risks of s/n as do the AKC.

HonestyHelps said...

You just insist Breeder Anon on making your mouth just a little bit larger for that nasty foot of yours to fit.

Yes, after problems and why do the pets have those problems? BECAUSE THEY WERE UNALTERED.

Look at the bios of the AVMA, agribusiness friendly, they support the cruelty of agribusiness. They also include the cruelty of puppy mills as well because that is agribusiness. Of course, they don't want to alter pets, they make too much money off pets becoming sick. Operations cost a lot of money.

And you don't even think in terms of what your female in heat is doing. She is attracting every male for miles around. They get out of their homes, get hit by cars, end up in the shelters. So you are doing your share of putting pets in danger and causing them to die in shelters. All because you are too dumb to get your product altered. Making those bucks is your real reason, there are no medical reasons. You're still a fool and now an even bigger one.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Health problems can arise. Most women don't cut off their bosom on the chance they may get breast cancer. To tear out a dogs reprouctive organs on the small chance they may develop a problem is absurd. If a problem actually develops then is the time to have the surgery.
Dogs do not come around when my intact bitch comes in season. My neighborhood is very good about not letting their dogs run loose. A real sign of responsible dog ownership. My girl is 6 years old, a champion and has had one planned litter. That one litter is all she will have but I will not put her through spay surgery unless there is an health problem.
No Births = No Dogs

HonestyHelps said...

No one said to operate on a dog to prevent health problems, spay/neuter has sooooo many more uses than just that.

You're full of shit if you think your unaltered product doesn't cause problems. Look at your neighbors, they have to make special arrangements, their rights are thrown to the wind, all because of your selfishness.

When your product finally does develop cancer and other things because she isn't altered, don't say we didn't tell you so. Responsible ownership means doing all you can to keep your pet safe, and you don't give a damn about yours.

Anonymous said...

I have raised puppies for over 27 years and have neutered many a puppy before it goes to its new home. I believe neutered males make better pets. In all those years not one to my knowledge has ever had any problems due to early neutering. Spaying is done later on the females and still no problems. I just feel the benefits of unwanted puppies outweigh any of those health risks a few vets talk about. The overpopulation pet problem is not due to the dogs it is due to irresponsible dog owners. Unfortunately the responsible owners or breeders always have to pay the price for the not so responsible.

HonestyHelps said...

I agree with you Anon:10. Although I say that you shouldn't breed while others die, I don't have a problem with "responsible" breeding. Responsible means altering pet quality product. I can never understand breeders who sell unaltered product because all they are doing is creating competition for themselves. Purebreds should cost a lot of money in my book but when so many backyard breeders are in the mix, real breeders have to reduce their prices and it becomes a vicious circle.

And I have been altering since the early 60's and narry a problem with anyone of them. Over the years, that would mean thousands of dogs and cats, thousands. The risks of pregnancy far outweigh the risks of altering. If breeders would just alter their pet quality product then you would probably be very surprised at the difference it would make, for all of us.