Monday, February 27, 2012


Once again "No Kill" has reared it's ugly head and right on the verge of the SB 818 which would allow more of this particular behavior. It took all day for me to compose myself enough to do this post after seeing the pictures from this "No/Slow Kill" sanctuary in Florida. This isn't the first time either for a large cat "No Kill" sanctuary to go down and it won't be the last.

Only a short while ago, this sanctuary was being proclaimed all over. A wonderful place of 30 acres where cats lived a leisurely life.

Caboodle Ranch was eye candy for the national media, shaded paths, ponds, rows of brightly-painted cathouses and treehouses- a mini-kitty city where cats could presumably while away their time lounging in the Florida sun.
On his website Grant describes the property as a "permanent sanctuary for cats who have been kicked around by heartless people." He states all the cats are up-to-date on vaccinations and get seen regularly by a vet.
The reality was very different, according to investigators.

And who rode in on a white horse to save these cats? Not Nathan Winograd, the organization he despises, PETA. Without their investigation, these cats would still be suffering under the house of "No Kill".

Yes, Florida this is only an example of what the FARA will do for you.


Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd IS the face of Hoarding.

Berman and the AKC convinced him to do it, so they could walk away clean when this all blows up, and he was stupid enough to take the bait. And Berman will throw Winograd under the bus.

The name Winograd will be forever associated with hoarding and pet torture. It already is.

Anonymous said...

The legislators that support No Kill are also going to be associated with Hoarding.

When you get in bed with puppy mills and dog fighters (the ones influencing No Kill now and running the show through Rick Berman, Best Friends, and Nathan Winograd) you are going to be linked to the ugly animal torture they endorse and support.

Anonymous said...

This cat hoarder and killer had the usual sleazy website with the posed cats and the cutesy decor, all designed to dupe the crazy cat ladies (and associated male weirdos) into sending him money and cats, and thinking it's a kitty heaven. FRAUD!!!!!

The No Kill idiots got tricked with a fake website!

Do ANY of these No Kill nuts have a brain? They so willingly support animal abuse as long as someone has a slick web site or Facebook page and a lot of lies. They don't even visit these scammers and look behind the scenes. They just send money and promote them, and help them slow kill animals.

If Hitler had a slick website and said he operated a No Kill sanctuary, these No Kill dupes would support him!