Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We've posted about this crazy bat lady in Texas before. 
AND her crazy attorney.

Well, the saga continues. This came in as a comment but deserves a post. Seems this blog has become part of a court case.

has left a new comment on your post "You've Heard of the Crazy Cat Lady - Now Meet the ...": 

May 11, 2011 Blogger user A. Lollar made a post on this thread, see above. In the current lawsuit against Amanda Lollar which is here Lollar turned over discovery items to Plaintiff Mary Cummins. Lollar was asked in discovery if she had a Blogger account. She said no. She was asked if she was user A. Lollar. She said no. At her April 6, 2012 deposition Cummins again asked if she had a blogger account, was that account A. Lollar. Lollar again replied with no. Lollar said she had a Blogger account a long time ago just to make one post on a friends article. She had no current account.

One of the discovery items which Lollar did turn over was a print out of this page. She admitted to making that one post. Cummins showed her the document in her deposition and she finally admitted to posting it. Then she said "it's not a blogger account. I did not post on a blog." That most certain is a blogger account. This is a blog. Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary continued to perjure herself throughout her deposition. 

Can anyone say 2-5 years for perjury?  Read more about Mary Cummins and the crazy bat lady at


Anonymous said...

When they all knew they could scam people out of money by claiming "rescue," the thieves came out of the woodwork.

Who could be stupid enough to give money to these crazies just because of their Facebook posts, or their lying web pages, or because some other lunatic online promotes them?

Animals get hurt, money gets wasted, and everyone loses.

It seems to be mostly women who get suckered into supporting these crazies. Do they have any idea that rescue fraud is an an all-time high, and the ones who tell the most emotional stories and make the biggest claims are the biggest frauds?

Another big problem are the people dumb enough to bring animals to these crazies. I guess people want to believe fairy tales, when someone tricks them into believing they'll help. But the writing is on the wall with all of these thieves. I think of the people who brought cats to Caboodle Ranch. They actually believed someone who said he could take unlimited numbers of cats, and could handle big numbers of cats? It isn't possible. They just wanted to dump their problems instead of take responsibility, and the animals sure do suffer.

Anonymous said...

Why was Randy Turner not charged for defrauding the public with the fake war veteran thing?

Has anyone contacted the board of that state?

Anonymous said...

This blog is actually now part of two court cases. This blog is listed in a motion to amend injunction in a case in Texas. Seems bat lady thinks Mary Cummins is the owner of this blog and made the posts about bat lady. That is obviously not the case. The Judge stated that she will not force Cummins to remove things she does not control and did not post.

Anonymous said...

The real problem here is an attorney trying to protect someone who is abusing animals and potentially committing fraud if she is taking in some kind of alleged donation. What about her IRS filings too?

This same attorney, if this is the right case, was involved with another client who told lies and cheated people out of donations. But the attorney made public statements and spoke falsehoods, then when the lies were exposed just sort of disappeared, wasn't that what went on with the fake veteran case?

This bat lady must have a bank account, and the attorney is encouraging her to spend it to harass and stalk someone who exposed the cruelty and probably prevented the bat lady from getting into serious trouble with the law, especially if rabies was transmitted. The whistleblower was actually her best advocate! If the bat lady were smart, she wouldn't waste her money on lawyer's bills, but would be an adult and clean up her act and behave with dignity and responsibly. Some clients don't understand that they might be getting used and be nothing more than a bank account. Spurious "filings" are a way to run up the bill and she ought to doublecheck what is going on.

Some clients have had to file complaints about their attorneys because of bad lawyering.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes Anon, this is the same attorney who defended Stephen Wood, the fake military guy with the fake pit service dog. That dog, which the attorney got back, has gone on to attack again. It got a well earned dirt nap this time. Plus the attorney defended another crazy woman who was stealing traps set to help animals. You should see this attorney on Mary's site, he looks like Charlie Manson to me.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's high time that the word "rescue" be restored to its rightful place in the English language. It implies acts of heroism like what Mayor Corey Booker just did in Newark, NJ. (He brought his neighbor out of a burning house.) Or how the Coast Guard pulled New Orleans residents off the roofs of their flooded houses after Hurricane Katrina.

Adopting a dog from a shelter or a "rescue" group does not rise to the level of heroism. It's a business transaction: Money is exchanged for a dog. There might be some screening of the potential owner before the money changes hands, but not always.

HonestyHelps said...

I agree Anon. I am always saying live up to the title. It is out of control and regulation of these "rescue" groups is needed.They tear shelters down just to make a good story that collects donations. There are good ones out there, but the bad ones seem to outnumber the good ones these days.

Anonymous said...

Corey Booker may have scored some kind of self-promoting photo op for himself in Newark pumped up by his friends in the media and his outside the state political promoters, but his administration is suspect. This guy is corrupt as any other politician, and the people who work with him are corrupt. Booker is for sale to the highest bidder, just like all the administrations ahead of him, and one of the reasons is one of his deputy mayors Adam Zipkin who has hooked up the media to promote Booker and hide the corruption and tell lots of stories to foopl thje little people. They are personal friends and these two losers forced out the previous administration and then swept in to office to cash in themselves.

You can't believe a media that lies to cover for people they are promoting in politics

This is only one of Booker's friends and aides using the political office like a personal bank..

He and Zipkin are using Newark for the benefit of outside interests in Washington and California, and are tied into a lot of the scummy West Coast celebrity political skeezes.
In Zipkins case, he's sold out to Rick Berman. Zipkin is a crackpot failed attorney (sound familiar?) who preaches about helping the disenfranchised but is involved with the Animal Farm ny dog fighter lobby and Rick Berman and Winograd. He has been attacking good people at shelters and animal control that have been getting screwed over by the politicians like Booker that don't clean up the dog fighting and rampant breeding, all so Zipkin can bring in Winograd Berman types to persecute the animals and help turn Newark into a cesspool of animal abuse and dog attacks.

Zipkin is another Warren Patitz (Indianapolis.) Zipkin is in business with Winograd and Berman, and is showing up at Winograd's conference business. How much payola is changing hands here? Does Berman have a direct funnel into his bank account?

It remains to be seen as to whether Booker is smart enough not to let Zipkin and Rick Berman play him for a fool and let the city start torturing animals. So far, Booker seems to be letting Zipkin pull a Patitz.

I think someone at craven desires wrote about this booker and this scumbag Zipkin. The media is more than likely pumping up his image in hopes they can hide the corruption and advance him in political office and rip off the whole state, not just the city. They already have been writing up fake stories with him grandstanding around some dog that ac rescued and trying to claim the glory. He's a fraud and the media is covering for him. I still don't think that people understand that today's media is in the business to promote special interests, not tell the news.

Anonymous said...

Booker is very similar to the mayor of LA and is tied into Washington political crooks, and those crooks are connected to Rick Berman. Zipkin is the link in newark.

It's always the same story. Lots of talk about "reform" and all it is is a new set of crooks, with some of the media hiding their crimes and lying for them.

Hopefully the animals of Newark won't get tortured by Zipkin and his corruption. No politician or city administrator has any business participating in Winograd's personal for profit Rick Berman business. That is corrupt. It's catering to special for profit interests, not public benefit and not animal welfare. But Rick Berman pays corrupt politicians to get involved with his front groups, and Zipkin took the bait whatever that bait was, knowingly or unknowingly. He's a fraud.
Again, we'll see if Booker is smart enough to keep Rick Berman out of his city and deal with this crook Zipkin, who has some pretty racist friends.