Thursday, April 26, 2012

On May 26th, Breeder Brenda Barnette released a "Public Information" bragging about the beds donated to the shelters. Last weekend was a major adoption event sponsored by Best F(r)iends over two days. According to a statement here, IT WAS A REAL BUST!!

"Sure enough, close to 1,300 animals showed up from 18 shelters and approximately 50 rescue groups, each ready to find his or her own happy ever after.
"In the two-day event, there were 284 same-day adoptions and 102 animals pulled from shelters to be placed safely into rescue groups (including Best Friends).". (Note:  the 102 will just be local "relocations.")
And all the while, Best Fiends is collecting names and addresses so they can solicit donations, keep in mind Best Fiends is not really a local charity. They use us to garner donations. But look at those numbers? Do they justify the City giving away a new shelter to these people? I say it is a poor showing and all the shelter will become is a sanctuary, useless as such.
So today's "Public Information" should have been about this adoption event, one would think. Now one thinks, Barnette is so ashamed of the poor showing of her buddies that she is trying to take the focus off and not even talk about it. How many failures does it take, Mayor, are you going to jerk around like you did with Boks? Cut your losses while you can.


Anonymous said...

Best Friends is taking lessons from H$U$ on scamming John Q Public. But, I sincerely doubt you can blame Brenda Barnette for that or for LA's problems. Look at your City Government - they haven't a clue. They believe what they're told from Animal Haters (aka Animal Rights) and NOT the people who really care. They're clueless. Maybe if Villar and his cohorts could keep their pants on, they might think with their brains.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous crook breeder, The City government of LA is being led down the path by two AKC breeder lobbyists pretending to be legislators, one being the corrupt Paul Koretz representing breeder organized crime.

Koretz's AKC breeder masters need to keep expanding the puppy mills and opposing regulation to keep making money and pay for their dog shows, and they also want to keep being unregulated and hauling in loads of tax-cheating cash.

Brenda Barnette is one of them, a lobbyist FOR puppy mills and her tax cheat AKC friends, and also involved with Rick Berman, the lobbyist for AKC's puppy mills and every other animal profiteer and torturer.

Barnette is torturing the pets of LA on behalf of the greedy, abusive breeder industry (that doesn't like HSUS, because HSUS exposed their puppy mill crimes)

Best Friends is helping her torture and kill these shelter pets so Best Friends can shill for more money to stuff in their pockets.

HSUS has NOTHING to do with the corruption of Best Friends, because HSUS accomplishes things that help animals, with no fraud.

Best Friends just steals money from donors, divides the loot among themselves in lots of big management and board salaries and benefits, and does nothing to help animals. Plus they work with Rick Berman, the lobbyist for you corrupt AKC breeders.

You can blame "animal rights" (and indirectly the rescues, that you hate for taking away business from your puppy mills) but the torture of killing of pets in the LA shelter system by Barnette and her cronies is the full result of you criminal breeders. You even support torturing your own breeds for the cash benefits.

Anonymous said...

It is time for the AKC tax cheat breeders of LA to pay their fair share and give money to the rescues that are going broke trying to clean up after AKC breeders and their puppy mills.

Paul Koretz is shielding rich breeder tax cheats, and bankrupting rescues while killing pets!

Koretz also needs to come clean about the Berman and breeder money getting stuffed into his pockets and "campaign money laundering funds" to help the puppy mills and profiteers and to protect the crook Barnette. City Council doesn't need a crook that represents animl abuse.