Friday, April 27, 2012


My mouth is still hanging open after reading what Natan Whino has to say about spay/neuter and the role it plays in reducing the pet overpopulation problem, which he says doesn't exist.

I've said all along that the Whino is a front for the breeders, he protected one in Tompkins County and I bet it is no coincidence that he left Tompkins shortly after being outted about this puppy mill that he refused to bust. He left animals to suffer.

So I think this says it all. 

"While spay neuter is important, our goal has never been no more births, even though birth rates might help. Our goal has been and is, and has always been no more killing. And when you focus on the no more killing part, spay/neuter actually takes a backseat to all those other programs like foster care, and adoptions, and helping people overcome the challenges they face that cause them to surrender their animals."

WTF!?! This man is a complete idiot! Can you not see that he is promoting more births with this stance on putting spay/neuter in the backseat? What of "You can't kill them if they ain't there" does this fool not understand?

Nathan Winograd, you have a warped, sick mind. But today brings hope for your downfall and it won't come soon enough. Later on that. I can assure you that "No Kill" has been sent a shock wave recently by a Maryland court. It's now a matter of time and Natan and his cult will be hitting the road, and I know it will be the road to hell where he has sent so many animals in his "No Kill" rescues and sanctuaries. 


Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd is the Madoff of the pet world, shilling hard for those puppy mills and dog fighters.

Winograd wants pets to die so his crooked breeders can keep up the torture for profit.

Dancing like a puppet for his parents-in-law and grubby wife, too, the one who shilled for him and hid her relationship by giving her maiden name to the press and unethically hiding the fact that she was his wife.

They told Nathan to go make money for a fat cat lifestyle, and he sold out to the animal torturers.
Hey, he's in the hot tub in his million dollar house (paid for by his accused as corrupt stock shilling father in law) while the animals suffer and die.

He laughs as he lies to pet rescuers, getting them to do the work and spend their money so he can have a cushy lifestyle and do nothing but give orders and cash in.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent post! I wish places would read your blog before hiring this guy or any of his followers.

HonestyHelps said...

I do believe there is enough evidence to back up that he is a pawn for the breeders. I said from the beginning (04) that he was and people said I was nutz for thinking that. Well, more and more are seeing him for what he is.

He took a "poll" but failed to mention that the majority of his followers disagreed with him on spay/neuter. Then when he writes the results of his poll, he doesn't include that his followers think he is wrong on spay/neuter. I bet that cost him. It's only a matter of time before we will be spitting when we hear his name.

Anonymous said...

Did you see his recent posts saying to NOT spay pregnant cats? What a cruel, insane man. So infuriating!

HonestyHelps said...

He would rather take the chance on the kittens either A. not ever getting a home B. being dumped in cat colonies C. becoming fodder for fighting dogs D. you name it.

Can't he see that cats in our shelters don't fare well. Most shelters have a 1-2% adoption rate for cats, reason being, it is too easy to acquire a kitten from those "oops" litters. And the return to owner rates are about the same, indicating that there are a lot of irresponsible cat owners out there.

Anonymous said...

There was some indication that he was being funded by breeders, but then when his link to Rick Berman and Center for Consumer Freedom was exposed (they actually issued press releases for him and did personal relations and marketing work for him, and Nathan cut and pasted their propaganda on his blog repeatedly) and he was hired by PetPac, the AKC breeder run lobbying group for puppy mills, Winograd was exposed for all to see.

He also is affiliated with Berman connected NAIA run by Patti Strand, the AKC board member who runs their puppy mill business.

Nathan Winograd works FOR breeders and animal torturers and profiteers, and he doesn't even deny it any more.

He's just a disgusting, greedy sellout with no conscience. Money is all he cares about.

Anonymous said...

The cat breeders support Nathan too. Can you imagine being such a disgusting money-hungry piece of trash to actually breed cats when millions upon millions are homeless and just suffering so much?

But the Cat Fanciers associations lobby with AKC and Rick Berman. They are all the same garbage, and garbage hires garbage to lie for them.

There is always a greedy, selfish liar around for these criminals to hire. Nathan Winograd gives them everything.

HonestyHelps said...

You can add to that Anon:44, those who support the Whino who are also closely associated with breeding such as Bett Sundermyer.

He's the best thing that has happened for the breeding community in a long time, that's his only true claim to fame.

HonestyHelps said...

Again, both Koretz and Rosendahl have those breeder connections. Rosendahl has been quiet lately. I think he is getting ashamed of Barnette and is staying low key about his role in getting her here. However, Koretz is taking up the slack even to the point of having himself put in a position on a committee that Barnette has to use all the time. Koretz is an idiot.