Tuesday, April 3, 2012


About time for some others to get on her case. Here's a new website dedicated to pointing out Breeder Barnette's lack of management skills and lack of humanity skills. I said all along that Barnette was brought in to privatize LA City shelters and now it appears others are agreeing with me on that. 

Enjoy the read. http://savelaanimalservices.com/

If there's one thing I can assure these politicians of, it's that Angelinos are not in the mood to see 327 more good city jobs lost due to the Barnette plan to completely privatize L.A. Animal Services.  Nor do they approve of any more of their tax-payer dollars being spent to build new animal shelters, only to watch Barnette turn these valuable public assests over to her private rescue group buddies. 


Anonymous said...

Could someone tell me why in the hell Best Friends isn't outfitting a spay neuter van and sending it to poor areas where there aren't even vets, and people don't have cars to even get to the vets?

These rich racist bums at Best Friends do NOTHING other than warehouse animals, preach to a bunch of other idiotic rich white people, and blow huge amounts of money on FUNDRAISING FOR MORE GODDAMN MONEY so they can split it among themselves!

Why don't they go into some of the poor minority areas and spend some of that 50 million that they rip off donors for every year and get to the heart of the problem and HELP PEOPLE GET THEIR PETS SPAYED! Then there are fewer animals coming in to the shelters.

I looked up Peta. They have spay neuter vans going into poor areas in Virginia and nearby areas and they are spaying and neutering like 40,000 pets.

Best Friends spays and neuters like maybe 1,000, only in rural Utah at their place.

Best Friends just sits on their rich asses. They don't do anything. Spend some of that money on something productive Best Friends! You have millions and millions. Stop squandering it and solve some problems!

CKing said...

An open admission, no-kill, pro-breeder, anti-SN city shelter outsourced to a money grubbing cult.

Wow - just - wow.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, here in Tucson, the local animal control agency is pushing more pits back out into the community. Story from today's paper:


Anonymous said...

The Mission shelter is not supposed to take in stray animals. They are supposed to go to the existing shelters and if not claimed in the required hold time are then to be selected to go w/ "Best Friends" for adoption. There are currently a number of animals that have been stuck in cages for months. "Best Friends" does not seem to care about these animals. Any small or young animals will go immediately. And, try to take an adult stray animal to "their" shelter. You will be told to take it to East or West Valley shelter. I then dare you to take a puppy or kitten to that same shelter, and see if you are referred to City shelter or will they keep the cute and profitable young one?