Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yes I know, I know. I haven't posted too much lately on Breeder Barnette. She's been involved in a lot lately. The investigations are finished and none have been in Barnette's favor.

I am waiting for some things to happen so I can combine all her recent failures along with the future failure to make one helluva post about this retched woman who suffers with penis envy.

Just hold on, it's coming. 


Anonymous said...

I thought this should go here too.

I think I know what Barnette and Best Friends may be doing to the city. Of course, they are screwing rescue, first of all, as well as everyone else in the city.

This may all be a lot worse than anyone thinks, using taxpayers private details to sell to marketing companies. I guess the AKC already does it, and more than likely Barnette is giving the AKC access to license registration information to sell. Best Friends is probably doing that too, so they can sell people's name and addresses to marketing lists and make more money to stuff in their pockets and steal from the animals.

Here is what has been forwarded. I bet no one knew this was going on. Koretz may be more corrupt than anyone thinks! Maybe this is a cash cow for him too and Rosendahl.

"“Is your name on the mailing list? AKC provides mailing lists of registered dog owners to various companies for a profit. Right now AKC is working with The Travelers Insurance Company to provide homeowner’s insurance to those in the fancy that may be experiencing difficulty in obtaining homeowners insurance. Isn’t that nice of the AKC to do this for these people? Actually, being nice has little or nothing to do with it.

The deal is that the AKC will receive a 50/50 split on commissions for providing this list. Questions were brought up during the December’99 delegates meeting regarding this issue. Some of questions that intrigued me the most involved the possible cross referencing of existing policies; people being put into a separate risk pools; and possibility of the names being used for more than one type of insurance.

Insurance companies sell many types of policies. Will the 50/50 split of commissions be restricted to homeowner’s policies or will they include life, health, or liability policies sold as a result of this mailing list as well? How long will AKC receive a split on the commission, is it the entire life of the policy? Do high-risk categories mean higher premiums, and do higher premiums equate to higher commissions? Is the AKC seeking a bigger piece of the pie and thus creating the need to generate even more inside funds through increased registration fees and an expanded DNA program? When you register your dog with AKC are you setting yourself up for contacts by insurance companies, credit card banks, and others? It seems that you are. The AKC is already involved with First USA Credit Card Bank. When you pay for your litter registration you are identifying yourself as a credit card user? Will your name be put on a “good-risk” mailing list? Is your name being sold for a premium?

I wonder just how many and what type of mailing lists does the AKC generate? Additionally, with the advent of DNA and genetic testing, will you one day be encouraged/required to purchase health and liability insurance on each dog that you own? Will the AKC be seeking a 50/50 split on those commissions as well?”

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with having representatives of the breeding industry handling a public safety and information job. They can just steer personal information to their business to cash in on. Barnette means they wouldn't even have to pay for the lists of names and addresses.

People would have to be crazy to license their dogs in LA! They may be getting ads for dogs for sale sent to them by the puppy mills!

Best Friends can also be getting these names and stealing donations right out of the pockets of shelter and the rescue groups.

The founders already get mailing lists to send their merchandise catalogs to selling Tshirts, vitamins, supplies, Best Friends mugs, and whatnot. The animals don't see any of that money. It goes into a private corporation that the Best Friends founders personally profit from.

Meanwhile they are protecting the breeders. They don't have to get licenses.

HonestyHelps said...

Any inside info you might want to send can be sent NOT FOR PUBLICATION. I protect my readers about them sending info that could be linked to them.