Saturday, May 19, 2012


This is so confusing. Let's see if I can get this right. 

Okay, there is Austin Animal Control (AAC), Austin Pets Alive (APA), San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA) and maybe some more as we go along. Austin Pets Alive is basically SAPA. Same organization. Both headed up by Ellen Jefferson. They also started Dallas Pets Alive. Jefferson is a climber addicted to the spot light. Chronic habit of over reaching. SAPA got paid a large sum from the city of San Antonio to pull so many animals a month out of their  City shelter. APA also got a $400,000 grant from either ASPCA or the HSUS for their work in San Antonio. SAPA/APA  bit off more than it could chew. Now they don't have the staff or volunteers in place to take care of all the animals they pulled, leading up to the cat hoarding situation in which kittens are dying from a lack of attention, food, and medical care.

Urgent Need For Kitten Bottle Feeders!

San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA!) program is overwhelmed and kittens are dying for the lack of volunteer help. There are 140+ kittens at 9107 Marbach Rd. Suite 109 in the SAPA Kitten Unit. If you can spare even just a few hours, please go there and offer whatever help you can.
Map link:
It's not far outside Loop 410 on Marbach Rd.
To volunteer, go to this link and follow the instructions.
People are not showing up to feed or care for these kittens. About 40-50 are bottle-fed, others are old enough to eat gruel or soft food but in the evening there are only 1-2 people who have to focus on keeping the bottle babies alive so the older kittens are in dirty cages sometimes going without food and water.
Please ask your friends and neighbors if they have 1-2 hours to spare in their day to go there. You don't have to be a bottle feeder. They need people to wash bottles and syringes, clean cages, and put fresh food and water in older kitten cages.
As simple as this is - it's not being done as the people are focusing on keeping the bottle babies alive.
The evening time is the biggest need. No one is feeding through the night so the ones that die during the night are collected each morning and removed.

This went to a wide distribution in San Antonio, including city officials and Dr. Jefferson, so it should be okay to make it public here:

This was sent out yesterday after the author had visited the facility the night before. I `know that the situation was equelly bad last night and would have been a complete horror story if some people from a rescue group had not shown up and spent the entire night. No one from SAPA was there. No one with experience with kitties. There is a lack of supplies and equipment.- total chaos.
ACS should not be giving kittens to SAPA to just be left to starve to death or die of illness due to lack of care. This is the result of caring only about numbers. I would like to see the numbers of how many kittens were given to SAPA and how many died and they are getting paid to take them!
The city should have an independent Vet evaluate the facility and the care being given. If this were any other organization they would be charged with cruelty. I realize that Dr. Jefferson is trying to run SAPA and APA both and is only one person but that is no excuse for this chaos. The city and SAPA should immediately ensure this situation is corrected. They should purchase all necessary equipment and supplies and if necessary hire competent people to care for the kittens. The city responsibility does not end with shoving kittens out the door and SAPA is getting paid money to care for the animals they take.
This has to be corrected. Now.

John Bachman



Anonymous said...

Someone from that county should go to the Magistrate Court and secure a warrant - take these online postings and information with them for cause/proof.

Sheriff's Dept will serve the warrant and arrest the accused.

Anonymous said...

This is a horrible abuse of the trust placed in this organization, and I would certainly hope that the authorities are looking into this situation. These kittens deserve better, and I would hope that the taxpayers of San Antonio have higher expectations for their tax dollars. NOT OK!

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Alas, here's another hoarding case from Arizona:

Repeat offender too.

Anonymous said...

What veterinarian would let this cruelty go on under their nose?

The licensing board needs to find out.