Saturday, May 19, 2012


Winograd sez:

"Washoe County, NV, is also made up of many towns and cities, too. Seventeen to be exact, including Reno and Sparks. When Washoe County created a joint powers agreement for animal services and merged into one large entity, it was an agreement with three separate municipal governments: the City of Sparks, the City of Reno, and Washoe County, representing all the unincorporated towns including Empire, Sun Valley, and others. As a result, Washoe County Animal Services became Washoe County Regional Animal Services servicing all of them and the others ceased doing their own animal control. Granted some of those communities are really small. Empire, NV, was a company town and the company shut down. It has just a few hundred residents, so maybe it is misleading to call that its own No Kill community. Maybe. But Washoe County is certainly not one No Kill community, it is at least three—Reno, Sparks, and the County—and as many as 17!"

Along with this "quote" comes a map which fails to show true county lines. 
Empire has 75 people on a good day. Sun Valley was listed in Ripleys Believe it or Not as the worlds largest trailer park. There are not 17 communities in Washoe County unless you count sub-divisions as communities, what a nut job. We are called a Washoe County Regional Animal Services because we serve WASHOE COUNTY not Carson City or Podunk Utah.
Only the two cities of Reno and Sparks merged with Washoe County and Sparks never had a Shelter it hired out to the County. Sparks animal trucks went to Washoe. Two cities merged with ONE COUNTY. There is one shelter for all the county and all the population is in Reno and Sparks.

Whinograd is trying to cover his ass again with all the Austin crap hitting the fan. Trying to make like "No Kill" is taking over. Sorry Whino, it ain't sticking on this wall. People are awakening to your lies, distortions, intimidations, and your house of cards is crumbling under your feet. With the likes of Ryan Clinton just waiting to take your place too. I don't know which is the lesser of two evils actually.


Pah said...

You're so right on.
Why is he trying to make Washoe look bigger? it's hickville rabbit brush & coyotes hear his sad songs. He has no constituents only rabbits & rattlers.
Look at the map, not a town in sight.

HonestyHelps said...

Hell, look at a lot of others he claims. One article said 1200 shelters, but failed to mention that those are Private, not open door shelters. None of his are true open door shelters. He deliberately distorts the truth and most people don't know. If they try to google a search, there's all his followers with their koolaid and it's hard to weed through.

That's why it is important to have blogs that expose him and these are sent to the legislators. Do their work for them, they always appreciate it.

Jake said...

Don't make me jealous with talk about coyotes and rattlers. DE only has a few coyotes and poisonous snakes. So with our lack of predators and no shelter that will take cats since November, we may need you to "transport" some predators East. Otherwise, we'll need a Tsunami just to clean up the cat crap that everyone here will be dealing with.

On a serious note, I'm not sure if all legislators appreciate the knowledge. There were warnings in DE, but they were ignored since the sponsor and our gov are tied to one of the NK shelters. Of course I'm sure it doesn't help that we're the Mayberry of states with too many Barney Fifes who know everyone's business. We don't even have televised legislative sessions here in 2012. But that's also why I think they are going after larger counties like Hillsborough and Broward in FL, after their state efforts fell flat. Fortunately I think NK made some serious missteps in Hillsborough and it does appear there will be an epic battle there. Their animal services has pretty strong support by a number of rescue groups, and they are set to speak up.