Thursday, May 17, 2012


Austin, poor Austin, poor Winograd, poor Ryan, boo hoo. NOT!! My sympathies are with the animals under the NKE program there. Caged for months on end so they can brag on their numbers. Overcrowding in shelters is not to be taken lightly. Disease, fights, are only two things in a shelter but what about a lack of time for interaction with people? Reports are that the Austin staff are worked beyond what is humanly possible. 

And along comes the Whino with his ever increasing list of lame excuses for his program's failure. If you will take note, Winograd always covers his ass ahead of time by offering a reason for failure so he can say he told you so. Just shows how little confidence he has in his own program. Here's his excuse via his biggest shrill, Cornbread. (This blogger, Shirley/YesBiscuit, lives in Columbia, SC. She is an ex-breeder now self proclaimed no kill expert. Shouldn't Shirley be able to explain why the no kill equation hasn't been implemented in her backyard? Not only hasn't Columbia South Carolina implemented "no kill" in the county's high kill public shelter but it seems challenged in even helping to keep it's no kill shelter open.)

Here is an excellent take on the situation from one of our favorite blogs.

Here's a few links about the overcrowding that is "forcing" Austin to push pets out the door. Now when this happens, the bunchers come running, the hoarders, the dogmen, the abusers. Free pets, heck yes, better than chasing them down the streets. How many of Austin's pets are now ending up in labs, as bait dogs, as fodder for fighting dogs, abused, tortured, and all because Austin wants to retain the title of "No Kill".

And of course, my own post.

Now, let's hear a couple of the horror stories coming also from this shelter. 

Two long stories shortened both happened in the month.
1) Animal Services adopted a dog to a homeless man. The man went to jail. The dog got shot. After dog laid in the homeless camp for a day or two one of the other homeless guys to it to a non profit vet clinic. The dog was treated but had no place to go. One of the employees recognized the dog. It used to belong to a friend who got a job traveling and had to surrender the dog thinking it would go to a good home. She contacted the original owner. He took the dog back and is furious with  the shelter for adopting it to a homeless person.

ADOPTING TO THE HOMELESS?? They are homeless because they can't take care of themselves, much less a pet. If they will adopt to a homeless person, they will adopt to bunchers, dogmen, hoarders. This is shameful, and all in for the sake of claiming to be "No Kill", numbers, baby, it's all about the numbers.

2) I know an autistic family mother father and two 20 something sons; all autistic. No phone, no car, no jobs, no resources other than their SSI checks and welfare.. One of the sons wanted to go to the shelter and  find a dog to adopt. I took him thinking to myself; there is no way they would adopt out an animal to him. As I watched stunned the whole process was moving forward. I finally went in back and found a supervisor and explained the situation. The supervisor made a phone call and the process stopped.  But they would have adopted to him if I hadn't have stepped in and asked the supervisor to stop it..
A month later the one dog they already had chewed an 18 inch piece off his tail because he was so flea infested. I took them and the dog to the vet. Their dog is also heartworm positive. They have no money so guess who's paying for flea prevention and heartworm prevention?
Under the current No Kill plan the shelter  is under so much pressure to adopt; if I had not have intervened they would have had another dog. How long before it too became so covered with fleas it went crazy? How long before it had heartworm's too?  There is so much more to life than just living in misery.

Another example of how "No Kill" neglects the quality of life, it is all about the quantity that saves those NK numbers. These are only two stories, how many more are out there.

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Harve said...

In Austin there is spay/neuter program for the lower income side of town. In the last 9 months, the usage of this s/n program has dropped 60%. No Kill's education hasn't worked obviously and it appears that little focus has been put on this important area. And Abigail wonders why she is overcrowded.