Friday, May 25, 2012


I recently posted a story told by a participant in a transport. Seems it did create a little stir. I do want you to keep in mind that when pets are brough in from another area, local shelter pets lose their homes. This is not ethical.

Here are some responses to that post found online.

This is about a BARC dog transported very recently.....everyone should read!  This is turning my stomach and makes me vomit!  WE ARE the eyes and ears for the animals and from this story this animal was failed miserably although luckily this dog is now safe due to someone who OBSERVED AND CARED!  I personally hope there is another side to this story.   There is a lesson to be learned in this for every rescuer out there! (There is and it is called the pressure and mentality of the "No Kill" movement.)

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Interesting take on rescue...and links to 'no kill'...there must be a way to check out the ultimate destination of the pets.  BARC is the open intake pound in Houston. (If BARC refused to release pets to rescues, imagine the uproar that would cause. "No Kill" is taking away the ability of shelters to do what is in the best interest of a pet as far as who can get them.)

 BARC has stopped taking in animals , this from one of my board members in Houston, and is no a “no-kill” shelter ???.  Thisd is a bad joke.

Barc is not a no-kill shelter, although they have been working on implementing  no- kill practices with the  help of "Friends of Barc". The Houston area does not have any no-kill shelters. They are the city shelter, so they never close intake except on days shelter is closed....and they are full right now with many dogs at risk as a result.
My understanding is this was not the fault of BARC. Rather, an approved rescue let an individual pull the dog under their rescue name even though dog was not going to the rescue and rescue was not involved at all with dog ot screening where it was going. This has become a wide spread issue where shelters are deceived as to who is really taking the dog, and ignorant individuals that "brokered the deal" on Facebook put dog in harms way with help of rescue that allows pull with no due diligence and transporters that do not ask questions before helping.   (This is "No Kill", no concerns about the quality of life, just make those numbers. So there are BOGO sales, freebies, and additional work heaped on shelter staff so they can't take time to check things that need to be checked. "No Kill" has created the "Savior" rescues who only want to say they are alive, they don't care about the life afterwards.)

Do a search on this blog for "transport" and read all the others. This isn't the only example and it won't be the last. How many aren't caught because of the mentality of not revealing mistakes of "No Kill"?

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Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Speaking as a long-suffering homeowner who never consented to have barking noise force-fed into my living space, I object to the name of this shelter. Could it please be called something other than BARC.

Enough with the BARC-ing already.