Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I am in the wrong business, I need to become a fortune teller. I said Austin would fall in a year and it was a year in April that Abigail Smith began her term as warden for the Austin animal prison. This is a sure sign of the beginning of the end of "No Kill" in Austin.

"At some point, this council is going to have to decide what kind of resources we invest to maintain the services that we're providing," Martinez said.
All adoption fees are waived at the Austin Animal Center. Adopting a pet will include spay and neutering service, vaccinations and a microchip—a value of more than $200, according to the center.
Talk about cutting one's own throat, giving away taxpayer money just to make those numbers, will be a deal breaker. When that money lost from these free giveaways and the General Fund has to replace it, watch the fireworks, folks.
Not to mention continuing de-valuation of pets. Free means disposable. When it gets sick, why pay for a vet, let it die, get another freebie. These animals go to lab research, bait dogs/cats, abusers, hoarders. Do they really think that just normal folks show up for these freebies? To give away pets is an invitation for disaster.
After celebrating the achievement of no-kill status this year, the Austin Animal Center euthanized 17 dogs Friday and might kill another 20 today to make space in the shelter, which is 18 percent over capacity.
On Monday evening, more than 530 animals — most of them dogs — were housed at the center, which is equipped to hold 450. Some dogs and cats were placed in staff offices and the quarantine area.
The city shelter recently moved from downtown to a new $12 million facility in East Austin, and officials said Monday that they are struggling because more animals are coming in as adoptions drop.
Of course, the adoptions have dropped. Austin has played out or rather burned out the foster homes and APA is bringing in pets from all over to compete with the shelter, taking away homes from the shelter pets. Duh.
Then, it is so bad and they obviously don't know what to do about it (kick it to the curb before it is too late) that they are asking for public input!!!!!
The new Austin Animal Center, opened only in November 2011, is already well over capacity. And the city is asking for your input on what to do now.
Have an idea that can help?  The city has launched an online discussion forum at, where participants can share their own ideas for alleviating crowding at the shelter.
I would like to see those ideas. Austin asked for this. Any time the public hears the term no kill, they have no reason then to go to a shelter to save a life. Not to mention that the public feels free to breed, take them to the no kill shelter when the litters become problems, don't have to explain to the kids. Let the kids see the miracle of birth. Before "No Kill" we could respond to those parents to also let their children witness the deaths of their irresponsibility. 
Austin, you are screwed. Better cut your losses because it only gets worse under the morbid "No Kill Equation".
Already Winograd is playing his pre-set excuse. If you notice, he always includes something to cover his ass in case of failure. He did with Brenda Barnette in LA. He is falling back on that pre-set excuse now to explain the problem in Austin. One day that little, fat man will run out of excuses and then he will be unable to function. Let's hope that day is soon.
Reno is next.


Anonymous said...

He says the problem is that the shelter moved, but the old shelter is still open, filled with 'overflow' animals and being run by Austin Pets Alive. That location never closed!

They actually have two overflowing shelters instead of just one.

Anonymous said...

And this examiner blogger is calling NW out on his deception.

So that explains why he is doing damage control on his blog about Dorinda Pullium - and bashing the ASPCA:

Pah said...

Sure hope Washoe County reads the animal news :)