Friday, October 19, 2012


Here's the link to the latest article by Pat Dunaway in Opposing Views. Seems it is a take off on Cooper's latest attempt to condemn HSUS for his own personal gain as a breeder. Wonder why he's in Mexico?

So Pat decided that Mr. Cooper needed a lesson in being a hypocrite. Look at recent events like Spindletop and Boggs Mountain. Taking money and killing pets, all under the guise of No Kill. And where does the money go? No Kill doesn't have any shelters, No Kill doesn't offer low cost/free spay/neuter, so what good is it? And the list of these scamming No Kills gets longer every week.

And Cooper has the nerve to insinuate that people are too stupid to know who and what they are donating too. Money comes hard these days and most people are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to what they want to donate to. Not to mention just why would anyone want to harm the only organization that does bust dog fighting, that does bust the cruelty of puppy mills? Evil and vile people that's who.

In a previous post, I announced that Cooper and his band of groupies are off Facebook. I don't know how long, won't be long enough for me. Prior to that, I would read the pages and it was like listening to a bunch of kindergarten kids talking about pulling a joke on their teacher. Cooper doesn't have a clue about the underbelly that Winograd associates with, or maybe he does and doesn't care.

Anyway, enjoy the read.


Anonymous said...

Excellent reporting on this subject. What is really sad is that while legitimate shelters Govt. run or otherwise go under funded year after year this goes on. Why in thge world would some one "chip in" to this when they can donate or better yet volunteer at their local shelter? My guess is that going to volunteer actually requires doing some tning and getting your hands dirty. Much easier to sit on the computer and play word games I guess. And then No Kill has the adacity to contribute nothing to the animals but collect donations for them selves. Too sad.

Terry Ward said...

In a recent online column, Mr. Douglas Anthony Cooper describes himself...his m├ętier if you wish, like this:"I am a troublemaker"

Well, Mr. Cooper knows himself best.

The question is, do we need more self-styled 'troublemakers" in this battle for the rights/welfare of animals?

No one can know for certain the motivations of another person.

What we can know is what they say ..what is contained in their own words.

I do not know, and cannot prove, that Mr. Cooper is simply furthering his artistic career by stirring up 'trouble'. by his incessant pitting of animal lovers against one another.

But he is certainly succeeding.

The question is, do we need more self-styled 'troublemakers" in this battle for the rights/welfare of animals?

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder how much Berman is paying Cooper to destroy his own reputation, if he had one prior worth a toot.

Cooper isn't doing this out of love for animals. It appears he loves the groupies he is getting from this. I would warn his girlfriend that she needs to check his facebook more often.

I'm surprised he has a girlfriend as childish as he acts. Then again, some women just don't care as long as they have a human wearing a pair of pants. I would have said man but I don't put Cooper in that category. He and Winograd are so much alike, just a pair of bullies running around.

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth after working around "No Kill" folks for a while it became apparant it was not about the animals. It is primarily about their egos and yes the groupies. In the shelter I worked at not one volunteered any appreciable time. Yet they were first in line for the photo ops and any publicity. In one such event I recall that they were going to "help" with they became so engrossed in thier own selves we actually had to ask them to step outside as they were blocking the way for legitimate customers to come in the front door looking for aniamls. Now mind you this was an adoption event they were going to "help" with. Oh and did they volunteer to help in the back with clean up. Of course not too busy "preening" for their friends. I am sure their feedback will be something like oh we wanted to to help but the nasty shelter would not let us! Friends helping does not mean blocking the front entracnce to the shelter talking to your no kill buddies about all the good you do. Much as I hate to say it if you realize ego is their driver and the animals are just a vehicle to stroke that ego then their behavior actually bcomes logical. You can even see it on "No Kills" Facebook pages. Outlandish statements thrown out to garner comments and stir up interest. That is why I stopped commenting on their pages as clearly it was only feeding their egos and need for attention. Very sad!

HonestyHelps said...

Terry, you are so right. What we need is to be brought together, not torn apart like No Kill has done. Cooper thinks it is a game because he has just jumped in. His own books kinda show he doesn't function much in this world.

Anonymous said...

Some one mentioned his girlfriend better watch out for his groupies. Here is one response that looks like Lucy wants to leave Ricki. This was when someone referred to the girlfriend as wife and Cooper corrected her, Lucy chimed in with this.

Lucy Van Pelt
Learn to swim!!
280 Fans
07:27 PM on 10/10/2012
Yeah, big difference. Kinda like "happy vs. miserable"...haha, just a little joke, I don't mean it. ;)
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Anonymous said...

"time. Yet they were first in line for the photo ops and any publicity. In one such event I recall that they were going to "help" with they became so engrossed in thier own selves we actually had to ask them to step outside as they were blocking the way for legitimate customers to come in the front door looking for aniamls"

That's because the No Killers are there to scam people out of cash. TO STEAL.

They are trying to take the money that would be donated to the shelter for the animals and to the real rescue groups, and the No Killers are pocketing the money themselves for their own personal profit.

This includes the breeders involved in No Kill who are already tax cheats and running undocumented, illegal businesses.

Take video of them. Document them. Show your authorities their corruption and deceit. And above all report their money laundering to tax authorities in the state and federal.

There are strict rules for handling money by charities in states and national IRS. Research them. They can't just sit around and lobby and accumulate money and they have document every cent and how it is spent.

Don't waste time arguing with these crooks. DOCUMENT AND REPORT, all their fake chip ins, payment addresses, people collecting money, animal sales, look up their filings on guidestar and other sites and in the state records offices, collect every bit of information and report them.

It is easy to find the contact information for tax and charitable authorities, and they take charitable fraud seriously, as well as non-payment of taxes, non reporting of income, hiding income, failure to provide services, false promises, etc.

It has to be reported and you can do it anonymously, but collect every detail you can and track them. Don't get involved in personal squabbles with these criminals.

No Kill is just a scam designed to hurt people and animals, and allow criminals to thieve. Until good people report their scams, they can keep it going and keep hurting everyone and any pet involved.

Anonymous said...

Excellent advice about documenting and yes does not make any sense to try and have any sort of logical discussion on line with them as clearly they are not there for legitimate discussion. A major point that got me thinking was when you look at "No Kills" budget (I believe it was posted here) they spend all their funds on salaries and their convention. Would love to see the tab for some of those meals and drinks in Washington paid for by "little old ladies" donations to help the animals! When will people realize "Non Profit" does not mean they are spending their funds on good things and not having any personal gain. Non Profit simply means they have figred out a way to spend all the donations on themselves in many instances. Any idiot can spend all the money!

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note I had recently posted some information about No Kill and their tie in with breeders and their "Myth" of no pet over population and my Facebook page. Many "friends" on that page were fairly agressive No kill advocates although I have managed to retain a relationship with them. I got quite a bit of heat for that posting even dropping to personal insults. However this AM I took a look and was stunned to see one of them actually posted a nice little summary of how breeders hurt shelter adoptions and my golly their is an over population of aniamls! Duh! She is fairly well respected by that little no kill commnity so there is cause to rejoyce even if only in small steps. Thanks to this board for providing the information to turn the tide a bit!

Anonymous said...

His little groupie, Lucy, was outted on a piece this week. She thought she was safe behind that cartoon character name but her name and other information is now known. Have to know where to serve her.

And I agree, Cooper's girlfriend should keep better tabs on him.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Cooper is in this to prey on women and use his girlfriend as a dupe.

I don't understand how stupid any woman could be who fashions herself as "No Kill" as doesn't realize that Cooper and Winograd represent the BREEDERS who create the problem in the first place and are preying on naive women to help their rich beeder friends and lobbyists hurt animals and make even more money.

I really thought that feminism meant that women understood how some men con them. But this whole No Kill thing is like feminism never happened.

Anonymous said...

Some of the Best Friends Animal Society donations goes to first class plane tickets and luxury hotels so that "management" can fly around to mouth off and fundraise more so they can profit more.

Volunteers at Best Friends supplied that piece of despicable news.

They don't tell their donors that!

Terry Ward said...

Anyone with a strong stomach might get a giggle out of these comments..
And who the frig is Lucy Van Pelt?
Is she 12?

HonestyHelps said...

Terry, I don't want to publish the info on her. Let it suffice to say that we know where to find her when papers are to be served. She will be bringing down a shelter too when it happens.

Terry Ward said...

She is quite the muppet..
One of Cooper's pooper-scoopers who keeps trying to get me banned off FB for 'hate speech'
I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that they are more fun than a bathtub full of monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Its too sad that the volunteers for Best Friends has to be put in that type of position of reporting donation abuses. I cannot tell you how many really good steady their every day type volunteers we lost due to abrasive no kill avocate volunteers always creating issues. In the end of course it was the animals that lost out. I hope however some of those volunteers continue to report such events so that they can be outed on these or other forums. Other wise all the doner has to go on is the cute name of some of these organizations and of course the never ending emotional animal pictures choosen to garner donations.

Anonymous said...

Very funny when a bunch of breeders and dog fighters (this pimplike character Cooper and his breeder women) try to malign HSUS and the other groups that want to shut off their puppy milling and dog fighting.

These breeders seem to be going to the lefty Democrat type websites thinking they are tricking those people into supporting their Nazi-like dog profiteering, subsidized by Rick Berman, Mr. Animal Abuse lobbyist and factory farm lobbyist.

They are just the more current version of this puppy mill queen.


AKC people who lobby in there with all the other animal abusers, since AKC runs on puppy mill money.

She used to call all the rescue people terrorists until I guess the breeders thought they could trick them by using No Kill to help the breeders.

The fact that they have to pay off this clown hiding out in Mexico shows how desperate they are now.

I assume this Lucy Van Pelt is just another one of these AKC puppy mill psychos?

Anonymous said...

Is Winograd being shunted aside by the animal torturer crowd for new nutjobs?