Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Someone sent me a screen shot and I had to respond. Haven't been able to reproduce the screen shot on blogger. The screen shot basically said that I was trying to play nice now. I have no idea where this broad gets that from. She probably is reading one of the many people she accuses me of being. I'm out here, Broad, I don't hide.

Just to set the record straight, Maria, I have no intentions of "playing nice" with any of you. I do not cyberstalk the Whino, he cyberstalks me. And we will never "get along". You can't get along with a crazed person who lives in another world like the Whino does.

Now, I know this is so hard for you to believe but there are actually other people in this world who don't care for you or the Whino besides myself. I don't have time for either of you. You are children, playing games and this is a serious business. The army against Winograd is growing daily and that leaves little time to worry about the likes of you or him. 

You're running scared at this point and all your childish activity shows that.


Anonymous said...

Screen shot did not post Thanks

Anonymous said...

Well I was really hoping for the screen shot of the threat to Mr. Winograd's dog but I guess that is not and will not ever be available as perhaps it does not exist. Another claim that they are unable to back up I guess. I notice a growing discord on the main No Kill site as their actually appear to be some folks commenting that actually have some experience with having to deal with large numbers of animals and some how their observations from the trenches with animals pouring in the door or puppy mills out off control are not exactlly jiving with the "No Over Population" song that no kill likes to sing. I will be very interested in watching Austin the crown jewel of no kill this spring as the animal influx starts. Since the city council is apparantly fed up with the ever increasing budgets and hollow promises of the no kill movement and did not allocate many additional funds. I guess during the winter slow season they should reread the no kill book again to figure out exactlly how to do it at no cost! Or perhaps they would be better served trying to place the hard to place animals that no doubt have been in the shelter for months or even years at this point. Might be a good time to figure out how to "transfer" some animals to Egypt for adoption too! The sad part is some of us know exactlly what will happen with crates jammed to the ceiling full of animals, fair weather volunteers that just happen to have something else to do, disease out of control since their is no isolation possibility and of course the animals will suffer. Perhaps to the State inspectors will keep an eye on all or a few will blow the whistle if it gets too bad. We will see.

HonestyHelps said...

One would think that he would have posted a screen shot. Does he just take someone's word for it? I can say yes to that.

More and more, things are coming out, and it will be coming to a head sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Well it happened sooner than I thought! The Town Lake Animal Center (old shelter) given to Austin Pets Alive (No Kill) had a surprise inspection from the vets at the Texas Health Department. Guess what? They are on probation due to the kennels in the facility not being up to standard as it relates to disease control! I guess they will just have to find some more $$$$ to fix it up so it can house the "non over population" that seems to be filling it up. Thank heaven the State is actually looking out for the welfare of the animals! I noticed no comments on the no kill pages. This info needs to be shared. Full story at kvue.com

Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd has proven very strongly that he is a habitual liar that uses mostly manipulated and deceived women to clean up after his puppy mill breeder and dog fighter supporters.

He is the very definition of a con artist, and some of the women that he has used and manipulated so he could cash in from breeders have actually clued in to this crook.

His routine support of animal abuse has not gone unnoticed either.

All Winograd cares about is inflating his ego and cashing in at the expense of rescuers and the animals. He lives a rich lifestyle while he encourages rescuers to impoverish themselves caring for the overpopulation of BREEDER pets that are cast off by Winograd's breeder supporters, and he also encourages hoarders and abusers to persecute these pets and hide their deaths to make his breeders look better.

He even has his breeder friends SUING NO KILL RESCUERS and persecuting them if they even dare ask a question.

Winograd belongs in jail with his friend Rick Berman, and I hope that some of the used and manipulated rescuers will put them both there!

HonestyHelps said...

Just the philosophy allow gives credibility to breeding, period. If there are enough homes, make more. What part of that can't these people understand!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the conversation myself. I read their conversations and think why would you let any of these people around animals? They have no humanity in their souls and they claim to love animals? No I can't see it. They are not animal lovers and by far, are not the saviors.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the breeders are realizing their money is not well spent with raving egotist nutty Winograd, and he's getting desperate!

The guy's a loser and no one likes him or believes him.

Only the dumbass breeders would enlist someone like that.