Monday, October 29, 2012


I realize that your puppets required a Cliff notes book indicating that you think they aren't the brightest ones on the block, but please, this latest about someone threatening your dog? Get real.

Now I ask you, just why would anyone put a threat directed to you on an obscure rescue facebook page, one of tens, if not hundreds, of rescue pages? What would be the chance of your finding this threat under those circumstances? Why didn't they post it on a No Kill page, any of them?

Now where is a screen shot proving this? You mean to say that someone found this on an obscure page and didn't have the mind enough to make a screen shot? Did you see it yourself, Natan? Why didn't you make a screen shot and post it everywhere?

And if there was indeed a threat on this rescue page, ask yourself why? Why this page out of all the rest? Maybe something was said against No Kill and a puppet decided to get some revenge? Maybe someone was turned down or fired and they wanted to cause trouble. I'm saying if there was a threat, then the possibility of it being a No Killer is greater than anyone else. One the puppets wanting to make brownie points.

Heed this advice. Anyone with a facebook page that the public can comment on, check your pages carefully. I think maybe this will be the new tactic, making a post on someone's page and then sending it to the Whino. If you are not one of his puppets, then you can be open to this kind of attack. Then he can have you kicked off Facebook. He must be up all night thinking up all these scams and schemes.

Since No Kill Nation is trying so hard to take away our First Amendment rights via the lawsuit filed against Randy DeCarlo, this sounds right down that alley. They want to silence us.

Then it has been used as background for another child's article on the Huff Puff. I suggest that this Huff Puff kid start doing some research instead of continuing to listen to the Whino. Then again, I see his play as just a washed up writer trying to get groupies. I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for him and consider him a victim of No Kill. Wow, I need to wash my mouth out with soap on that one.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, can you spell Publicity Stunt. Since there is not much "good" news to report about "No Kill" I guess they needed to stir some contorversy up. What better way then to make your self the victim or better yet your poor blind dog! That should get the juices flowing. And a boost to the ego too! It is interesting to note however that after 24 hours there are a grand total of 116 likes! In my neck of the woods the local group posted a grand total of 1, yes ONE like. Where are the legions of supporters? Oops ego deflate. Post a bunch of stuff quick so it drops to the bottom of the page! I wonder to if it was an accident that the supposed page that was alleged to have posted the threat was one that clearly supports control of breeding? Better go back to the drawing board on this one. Or maybe admit your "No Pet Overpopulation Myth" is not flying to well even in OZ.

Shelter Girl said...

The comment you reference about " playing nice is Lilly Tangers, they think it's you..Hell everyone is you.......Willard, Tully, Hilda, Chris,Harve, Another point of view there must be 30 people and yet if they would look at our page they would know we have over a hundred..

Shelter Girl said...


HonestyHelps said...

Shelter Girl, I think you meant this one for another post but that's okay. Thanks because I didn't know where it came from. I know it is probably on DA's piece on the Huff Puff but I don't keep up with him.

I know how they constantly try to say others are one person. They find it easier to stay in denial that there is a growing movement against the No Kill Equation. Let them continue, I think it will be fun to watch them squirm as the anti-Winograd movement takes hold.

Anonymous said...

Looks like terrorist Winograd fabricated a complaint to try to trick people into ignoring his con artist activities!

Facebook should be aware that he is using their site for terrorist activities.

Anonymous said...

No one threatened his dog. He's good about killing his own pets anyway. Let that poor cat lay around suffering for the longest time. Winograd kills his own pets, no one has to do that for him.