Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Although Nathan Winograd insists that there is only one person in the entire world that speaks against him, Pat Dunaway, and even though there are people dumb enough to believe that, Douglas Anthony Cooper, it just ain't so.

So now friends of Winograd are banned from Facebook and rightfully so. They played their childish games there never realizing the consequences.

A Facebook message board yesterday contained this message.

Per: Debi Day (of No Kill Nation)
EMERGENCY: Douglas Anthony Cooper has been banned from posting on Facebook, for his efforts to expose the HSUS. The campaign of intimidation began with an attempt to have his name removed from Wikipedia.

Debi Day -- the president of No Kill Nation -- has so far now been warned to remove content. 

And I was sent this as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Conflict_of_interest/Noticeboard#Douglas_Anthony_Cooper


Anonymous said...

At the risk of drawing attention to their Facebook page I did pay a quick vist today. Kind of sad really if you can feel sorry for them. The lattest attempt to "justify" and start dialog on the on going no pet over population myth was commented on by a grand total of 60 some odd people. Lets see out of a Nation of some how many hundreds of millions that hardly seems like a ground swell or a mandate for action. I did fall into the trap I guess and posted a brief comment on if their is no over population then how come all the shelters are full. Since their are few real facts everone can agree on this would seem to be an obvious data point even a casual observer can see. I was not surprised to see a comment by one poster who apparantly did not agree with the no over population myth and had her posts deleted. Guess you always win the argument if you simply delete any facts to the contrary. Will be interesting to see how long my post survives. Too sad that an organization of any type has to resort to that to try and prove their unprovable point. Keep up the good work as I believe most are getting wise to the "No Kill Equation" simply not adding up. Unless of course you delete the math from your Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Looks like part of your last post maynot be working. May want to take a look

HonestyHelps said...

Anon: 34 I don't see a problem myself on the blog. The screen shot was cut off anyway. I do have a few more screen shots but they aren't worth publishing, just the usual minions running their mouths.

Anonymous said...

No problem, just saw the (X) on my screen and wondered if something had been lost. Just as an FYI for some of us how did the Facebook banning happen? And how does one know about it. Thanks.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:46, I don't see an X on my screen. There is a screen shot of the announcement of Cooper being kicked off Facebook. I do hope you see that.

I have no idea who is responsible. I have received anonymous comments but no names, nothing to go on. I do know and looked at it today, that there is a Wiki section regarding complaints, etc and there is a person named there. I don't recognize that name either. It just makes me feel good that others are coming to see how evil Winograd is and are joining the fight. I would like to organize these people to be more effective but hey, we were effective enough to stop his ass this past year on his legislation. Maybe we don't need organizing.

Anonymous said...

I did finally see the information but not the screen shot after upgrading to Explorer 9. (not a plug for Explorer 9, lol.) I suspect No Kill will fall by its on weight at least as it exixts today. The good news in an ironic sort of way is to the degree that the whole contorversy has created awarness then down the road that will no doubt help the animals. I suspect over time it will result in stronger spay neuter efforts as even No Kills own charts seem to show their are too many "other available animals" for folks to go to the shelter. (Do I smell breeders here? Wonder where all those other animals are comming from?) No Kills numbers also assume animals are "widgets". Unfortunally many people want to pick and choose a certain type of animal. Consequently No Kills "gross" number comparisons do not really make sense. I suspect the challange going forward will be that some folks have figued out how to make a living off the no kill non profit agenda so will focus all there energy on that while cloaking themselves in the save animals crusade. (IRS where are you?)The challange too is that a shelter can go no kill for a bit simply by warehousing animals but eventually the room runs out. Austin and Las Vegas anyone! Consequently in the short run it gives the illusion that all is well until disease pops up, vet bills and holding costs sky rocket and caring shelter staff are beat to death. Note that you never see any published numbers by no kill or no kill advocates about shelter capacity, over crowding or how much the shlter is holding beyond what it was designed to hold safely and with limitations on disease. Reason being that is the flaw in their logic and they know it. As always with no kill just pretend it does not exist. And if questioned on it just scream out "thats the old way of thinking" and offer no real solution while running out the door. (yep I have seen that behavior before!) The good news I guess, although really not for the animals, is that as a few more shelters attempt to go "No Kill No Cost" it becomes obvious to all the model is flawed and word spreads quickly as other cities question those who have tried it. Eventually they wise up like Austin did and decide not to continue to fund a "black hole" based on a flawed premise.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, the logic is flawed. When you ask certain questions of No Kill, you will be referred to Whino's books. If you pin No Killers down, they don't have the answers, all they can do is refer you to the book and hope you can find the answer yourself. They just don't have any logic to offer based upon No Kill's philosophy.

Keep in mind, these people who follow the Whino are not thinkers, they are mindless drones who follow a scent.

Anonymous said...

Mindless drones sounds a bit harsh but I am hard pressed to disagree with you! The sad part is most I have meet (not all!) really seem to have good intentions at heart but have this amazing ability or should I say lack of ability to focus on one antedotial event or one animal (typically a dog I have noticed, poor cats)and completely tune out the others. Hours spent trying to find a home for a dog that has bitten multiple times or a special needs dog (brings in the donations I guess)while the other non descript animals languish in obscurity and catch disease due to over crowding. Interesting to watch evryone "share" on face book and go to bed content I guess and 6months later the animal is still in the shelter and even after their best efforts are exhausted they still don't seem to get that some animals can't be placed.Unless of course they are willing to pony up the money (and non are I have seen) for care than what is the option. Charge the tax payer I guess for continuing their quest to save all even in extreme circumstanes and risk public safety and spiraling taxes. (Austin comes to mind) It has been interesting too to watch some of the "advocates" spin off as non profits and do adoptions on their own at twice the shelter rates. Most interesting is the mix of animals. While criticizing the shelter for not doing enough to adopt a problem dog or a breed hard to adopted suddenly their Facebook posts for adoptble animals is full of fuzzy wuzzy small dogs and kittens. Of course call them to outplace or rescue a problem animal and you are informed they don't do rescues they are simply "Animal Advocates". Unless of course it is a fuzzy wuzzy they can double their money on many times at tax payer expense since spay neuter is already done! And you are right the followers simply hold the leashes and talk about how cute they are and remain totally clueless about the big picture. Some where along the line it appears perhps due to the need for votes at elections that many City Administrations have lost their ability to distinguish between an animal lover and a person that can run an animal facility. Certainly you can run a facility and be an animal lover but just being an animal lover or a volunteer does not give you the ability to run a shelter. Guess my analogy would be I am an alcoholic so I would be great at running a bar. Maybe not! But I am saving the saved, lol.

Anonymous said...

These people are using Facebook for terrorism and to hurt honest people.

There also is a lot of unsubstantiated money making going on using Facebook, preying on people who don't know how the money is being spent.

They are involved with the breeding industry which is itself corrupt and terroristic and abusive and has been for some years.

As this has been exposed they have had to resort to using people like Cooper hiding out in Mexico using Facebook to commit terrorism.

All of this devolves back to Nathan Winograd and his criminal breeder friends.

These people hurt animals, they hurt people (especially women) they prey on the disabled, the list goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

The IRS needs reports on all these money games with this set too.

Charities are not lobbyists and they are not money laundries. They can get shut down for abusing these laws.

They need to be spending money on services and I see none other than terroristic attacks and weird arrangements with funds that pass in a ghostly way among a handful of characters and where is the substantiation? I'm looking and don't see any.

Anonymous said...

In a word, Spindletop.

That "no kill sanctuary" was torturing dogs for years, pit bulls that came from Best Friends Animal Society and shelters that Winograd touted as being his "successful" No Kill buddies.

They were just shipping these poor dogs off to a torturer to kill slowly and secretly where the donors and supporters couldn't see them, emprisoned in crates, even burning to death in a plastic crate because she was having fires they all knew about.

But they kept shipping dogs to the Spindletop "sanctuary" in Texas, claiming to donors that the dogs found good homes. ALL LIES, and all to fudge their statistics like usaed car salesmen and con artists.

Meanwhile the No Kill salesmen like Winograd and Best Friends are living rich, luxurious lives, stealing from donors they lie to, and getting money from the breeders to keep up this charade.

There needs to be a revolution and these people need to pay for their crimes to animals and people.

There are more Spindletops out there NOW torturing animals and people need to hunt them down and expose the suffering and save those animals!

Anonymous said...

Just saw an article by Mr Cooper himself that says he is off Wikipedia and glad to be so. Damage control on his part I guess. If he is off Wikipedia and Facebook then it is obvious he over stepped some bounds! I do not know him at all so have no axe to grind one way or the other. He may not be silenced but clearly his "venues" for expression have been reduced.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:55 Mr. Cooper is a childish man who thinks this is all a game. He doesn't acknowledge the danger he has created because he doesn't know the people he is dealing with. His rantings appeal to a type that is unstable and will act in his name. What started as a quest for groupies for a middle age crisis has ended up in death threats being made.

Hope someone is reporting this to the Huff Puff.