Saturday, October 6, 2012


I pondered all day on how to write this blog post. It could be complicated with loads of links proving what baggage BB brought with her to LA plus the baggage she has created since being in LA. Or it could be fairly simple. Let's try for the latter.

Barnette is attempting to take donations made to the shelter animals to reinstate a TNR program, using a back door since she is prohibited by a court decree to not participate in TNR activities. Is this not what No Kill/Winograd accuses HSUS and others of doing, taking donations deceptively? Tell me what the difference is. Winograd screwed his followers on the TNR issue originally. Who hasn't Winograd screwed, speaking of certain people.

This blog has more than you want to know about Breeder Barnette, her days in King County, Washington, conspiring with cohorts to "undermine" Animal Control for personal gain. Only when it was to come out to the pubic about this conspiracy did King County suddenly turn around and basically kicked BB to the curb. Unfortunately she ended up in LA. You can search on this blog for several words such as ACO Guild, Claire Davis, and of course, Brenda Barnette. This blog followed her long before she came to LA. Besides she is a disappointment to Winograd anyway, she failed to deliver in Seattle and now she is failing to deliver in LA, choosing instead to jump into bed with Best Fiends.

Now there is a new kid on the block. I received this link last night.

I do like the way it summarizes the situation with Barnette. I said all along that she was brought into LA to privatize and now people see that happening. At one point this blog was almost fully dedicated to LA City and Brenda Barnette's escapades.

I finally gave up hope and moved on. Winograd is trying desperately to get his morbid CAPA legislation installed and that has taken far too much of my time away from this blog. I apologize for that. I ask that readers in LA please support this new blog. Politicians want to hear from constituents, not outsiders. It's time to be heard on this issue of No Kill/Barnette. A goal of no kill is what we want, not the agenda/program of No Kill.

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Anonymous said...

Brenda Barnette is a legislative lobbyist for the AKC, supporting puppy mills (the AKC makes their money from puppy mill registrations) and opposing anti-cruelty laws so the breeders can make more money.

She has long worked to help people torture animals for money.

Overbreeding, breeding too many animals, and fighting regulation is how breeders and all their organizations like AKC MAKE MONEY.

To avoid taking responsibility for all the surplus of the animals they breed (sold unaltered, of course, so they breed as well) breeders have to lie and claim there is no overpopulation so they can fight off regulation and keep cashiong in and getting rich.

To try to prop that lie up, No Kill was subverted by the breeding industry to try to cover for the breeders, is a ploy by breeders to get taxpayers and the rescue community to pay for all the surplus animals the breeders breed, and to try to pretend "they care."

Breeders could not care less about unwwanted pets. Brenda Barnette and her breeder friends have long said that shelter and rescue animals are worthless garbage that should be dead.

So now the breeders like Barnette are doing that, killing the shelter pets- the long slow painful way by abandoning them, refusing to take them, or dumping the pets with hoarders and the like or outdoors so the animals die off the statistics. (Best Friends, who SOLD OUT, does the same thing.)

The breeders think if they can keep faking the statistics, and hiding the dead animals, the public will be fooled.

It is thanks to two city council members who are corrupt individuals in cahoots with the rich breeder lobby that Barnette was pushed into LA animal control tyo torture and kill the pets and do harm.

As long as the rescue community abandons the suffering animals to the con artistry of the No Kill breeders, the pets will keep suffering.

When will they fight for the pets and stop letting Barnette and her friends hurt them and use them?