Friday, April 24, 2009

Boks Has Bit the Dust!!!!

It's official, Boks has "resigned". Earlier it was reported that a four year lawsuit in NYC had reached the end and Boks was found to be guilty of racial discrimination.

And today the Mayor is praising him for his past work in LA. Yeah, right.

Now keep in mind that Boks has stated that Winograd recommended him for the job. So Boks in addition to Winograd's hand picked manager, Tara Darby, in Philly adds up to his being a very poor judge of management material. Course we all know that his failures have all been contributed to a lack of good management.

Now Winograd is "praising" Doug Rae in Indy who was originally with PACCA and Tara Darby in Philly. Care to look at the audit done by the City of Philly showing how poorly the shelter was run. And who is to blame? I vote the Chief Operating Officer, Doug Rae. Hey, Winograd, where can we find the good managers, got any suggestions?

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