Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Fallacy of "No Kill" - A Fate Worse Than Death

Recently I read a letter from a little man who has very little experience in humane work. This man has only handled about ten thousand animals in his entire career and those were with small non profits. He describes where there are more than enough homes for all the animals in the shelters when he knows this is not true.

This little man has never been in the trenches before and his ignorance speaks to this. He is blinded by the money in Maddie's Fund and all the money that is donated to HSUS so he tries to get this money by proclaiming himself as a Messiah. This little man has an agenda that doesn't allow him to admit his mistakes, the rest of the world made the mistakes. This little man can't see through his rose colored glasses that you actually have to work at earning respect. This little man condemns those organizations who actually do some work, such as busting puppy mills (the little man's bed partners) or stopping cruelty.

This little man still believes there are successful open door shelters such as Reno. He hasn't bothered to find the real truth. Of course that is hard to do with a private agency that doesn't have to answer to public record request. He knows that and loves that fact.

Recently I met a vet that believed in TNR. After showing her the pictures of the results of putting these cats back out, this vet immediately lost her cookies and broke out in a sweat. She no longer sees TNR as an answer. She sees the fate awaiting feral cats and now states that TNR is the ultimate cruelty to cats.

This little man tries to take credit for all the good things brought about by honorable organizations such as HSUS and Peta. He refers to the legislation that other people brought about. This little man wants us to forget about his "interviews" with CCF, the very people who support farm animal cruelty. And less we not forget about his jumping into bed with the breeding community, yet this little man continues to insist he cares about animals.

Right now this little man is backpeddling. He is seeing that that his way is causing animals to be left with their abusers in order to avoid adding to euthanasia numbers. He is seeing that pits are not getting a bad rap, they are actually dangerous. He is seeing that there are consequences to his actions and his "program" and he is desperately trying to make excuses.

Not only does this little man bring about suffering for the animals, but he also causes suffering for people. There are good people in animal control, not all are bad, but just like anything else, you will have the bad along with the good. This little man doesn't paraphrase by saying let's get rid of the bad, he wants to get rid of all. And he thinks we aren't smart enough to figure this out. Get rid of the experienced people and then no one knows the difference when it comes to what is abuse or not. I would like to direct this little man to his failure in Philly where the animals suffered greatly because there were no experienced people left. I find it strange that he claims to care so much for animals and yet, he is so hateful toward people.

Yes, this little man is quite a piece of work. I just hope they threw away the mold afterwards.


Anonymous said...

HSUS did a post on Wayne's blog this week about CCF. Winograd is their darling although he explains it that he whores himself out to anyone who wants an interview. But you don't see CCF asking Pacelle for an interview, do you? Why is that you suppose?

Anonymous said...

Oh it wasn't just interviews with CCF.

CCF did PRESS RELEASES FOR HIS BOOK and then sent emails and notifications to their related groups to start pushing him and pushing his book.

This was a business relationship.

Right there on the internet in public view and HE GOT CAUGHT. There is no backpeddling now.

Also with NAIA.

Anonymous said...

I too read the fallacy of no kill on Mr. Winograds blog. He is out of touch with reality, and now he is back east spreading his misinformation to other insane people.

Honesty Helps said...

Yes, this is the weekend for all the Whinoettes to kiss each other's asses. I wonder if we could be so lucky as to have a hostage taking of these whackos now that they are all together? We can hope.