Thursday, April 16, 2009

"It Takes a Community" - Yeah, Right

In pondering and researching, I can see a definite weakness in the NKE when it is dealing with non profits.

First, Tompkins County SPCA is in dire straits because the Whino developed his program off the backs of their doners rather than charging appropriately for the animal control contracts. Now their charity rating is dipping in the range of unfavorable. They can no longer support NKE and what will happen. Do I need ask? And did the community there stand by and support NKE. No they ran the other way, getting less expensive providers, or gave the SPCA less than was needed. Wise up, elected officials don't give a damn about "No Kill", they only want a deal. And they had one with TC SPCA but not any more. No more free rides.

And now Charlottesville is in the same boat without that paddle. They have done the same thing rather than getting adequate funding for their contracts. Then again can you see any elected agency voting to spend thousands of dollars on stray dogs and cats for medical in these hard economic times?

And when these non profits can no longer foot the bill, what happens? They fall back on their "mission statement" and give up the animal control contracts. Happens all the time. And that has drastic repercussions for the animals in the shelters. Suddenly government is hustling around to build a shelter and hire staff and who goes lacking while this is happening - the animals.

It's only a matter of time now before the Whino's beloved Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA hits the skids, it's already on slippery ground.

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