Monday, April 20, 2009

Can We Vote Again??

Guess it is time to say something about Obama and his decision to get a dog from a breeder instead of supporting a shelter. I had to wait to allow my emotions to calm down.

Unlike some people who say it is none of our business, I feel it is definitely our business. This is a role model president and now what role has he established? First of all that he is not sincere because he said at one time that he wanted to get a mutt like himself. Has his perception of himself now changed since he was sworn in? It appears to me that he is now a Ted Kennedy wannabe. I can understand his children liking this dog but he needed to explain their responsibility in taking one from a shelter, not "buying" one.

There is also the great possibility of the breeding of this bred to now get out of hand, just like those breds featured in movies or adopted by famous people. Movies ruined the Dals, now with half of them estimated to be deaf instead of one out of ten prior to the movie. Chihuahuas are now filling our shelters when there was a time you rarely saw one there. Most have genetic defects as well from poor backyard breeding. So, President Obama, consider yourself part of the problem when this breed starts showing up at the shelters.

And for him to miss the opportunity to let the world know that there are wonderful "mutts" out there is the saddest of all. Yes, honey, it is our business to get on his case, we are trying to convince the public to go to the shelter, not buy from breeders until we stop killing in the shelters. And everything our President does is OUR BUSINESS, even down to selecting his dog.

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