Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick Notes

As my readers know I definitely consider TNR (trap, neuter, and RELEASE) to be the ultimate cruelty to cats and that I support TNR (trap, neuter, and RETAIN). Those "crazy cat people" who think only in terms of the cats forget that people can be affected by their leaving cats in the neighborhood. A case in LA of a colony that was 45 YEARS OLD brought this to the public's attention first. Kinda puts the quast on neutering them and they will go away, didn't happen with this one. There was a day care facility close to where this colony was and the children were getting sick. The problems were traced to the cats, coming into the day care play yard, leaving feces, fleas, etc. Some children actually required hospitalization. So as a reminder, here is some info on how cats can affect your health. Keep in mind that cats do attack and bite, just look at records from any animal control agency. Here's some information about cat scratch fever, something that I have suffered from several times in the course of rescue work.

Cat-scratch disease (CSD) is the result of a bacterial infection known as Bartonella henselae. Surprisingly, about 40 percent of all cats carry the bacteria in their saliva at some point in their lives, with kittens being more likely to be infected than adult cats; however, neither commonly show any signs of illness.

Most people contract CSD through bites and scratches; however, it is also possible to contract it by petting an infected feline and then rubbing your eyes.

Symptoms include fever, nausea, chills, headache, poor appetite, fatigue, vomiting and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

People with a compromised immune system such as HIV/AIDS, organ-transplant patients and those receiving chemotherapy are at greater risk of developing abnormal blood-vessel growths that resemble tumors after becoming infected. These masses can cause severe organ inflammation and lead to a host of other issues.

In the healthy person, however, CSD should resolve on its own without treatment. If lymph-node involvement remains, a patient might require prescription antibiotics for up to a month.

The key is to have your physician make a correct diagnosis, receive antibiotics if appropriate, and take precautions at home by preventing all cats from licking a scratch or open wound on your body; avoiding rough play that might induce the cat to scratch; and washing your hands after playing with the animal. By all means, enjoy your cat, but take precautions to ensure your good health.

Then take into account the numerous people who are allergic to cats, tapeworms, etc. Cats are not harmless and do risk public health when left in colonies. I expect KCDogPoop to come up with one of his unreasonable excuses such as putting on a contamination suit in order for these cats to live their lives or killing yourself so as to not be a hindrance to these cats.

Next note is President Obama. I never liked him anyway, even before he was running for President. Just has a look about him that says "Don't trust me". First he disappoints all of us by buying a dog rather than adopting from a shelter. What happened to getting a "mutt" like himself? He bought a purebred and that probably meant that some poor dog in the shelter was euthanized because he didn't adopt. Then he allows off shore oil drilling, another thing that needs to go the way of the dinosaurs. Remember that the Gulf spill is killing animals and we need to speak up on that. Obviously Obama had no concerns for the lost of lives with his decision.

Personally I think he will prove to be the enemy of the environmental movement in this country before it is over. I really dread the next three years under him at the rate he has been going.


cravendesires said...

re: obama, i'm not a fan either but that has more to do with his appointment of wall street psychopaths to run the fed and the treasury dept and his desire to help bankers but not homeowners. he is proving himself to be a slick, articulate version of the idiot he replaced. he is feeling the heat in the gulf but more out of concern for the damage to the fishing industry, ie profits & jobs.

HonestyHelps said...

There are always consequences to actions. One would think that he would encourage alternative sources for energy rather than offshore drilling to begin with. He has deceived the people in my opinion. Youth thought he be environmentally friendly, we thought he would help the shelter dogs by adopting one, and the blacks thought he would be on their side. I predict that he will end up being the worse President ever before it is over.

HonestyHelps said...

Wonder if he and the Whino went to the same school of deception.