Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Blows Me Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

You guys know how much I respect , well I would say now that is an understatement.

You must go to the DBO Blog, , and read the fantastic piece of research that will blow the pit nutters outta the water on one of their biggest lies, the culling of "man biters". I've always known that was a lie because I have dogmen in my family. I always heard them bragging on "man biters" and the idea of killing one was met with hostility. "Why should I throw away good money? If nothing else I'll sell the damn dog and get something back." was what I would hear.

And this is carried through on which give even more information that shoots down this pit nutter lie of culling. This blog is great on it's own, uncovering the criminal element of the pit nutters and exposing them for what they are, low life, scum suckers. So to all you pit nutters who continue to spew the propaganda fed to you, read and weep. And I ain't talking about dogmen, the "Savior" rescues and pit "owners" qualify most definitely for the term pit nutters.

Another lie of the nutters that is shot to hell in this post is that Staffies and pits are two different breeds. Sorry, nutters, but DBO has the evidence that this just ain't so. They are one in the same. A pit by any other name is still a damn pit. This can be used now to show why "Staffies" need the same treatment as pits when it comes to regulations and bans.

Slowly but surely DBO is shooting down all the lies of the pit nutters. When they come up with more, DBO will be right there with the gun of truth. Thanks DBO, you probably have saved lives already.


cravendesires said...

seriously, colleen lynn deserves an award for this.
this doesn't just dispel the myth of culling manbiters. this goes after the myth of the "responsible" dogmen and the myth of the "properly" bred pit bull.
this is big news.

HonestyHelps said...

Craven, I agree wholeheartly. It also shows that a Staffie is just another pit bull by another name. It sure made my day and a few more days because I intend to use it in my efforts. She's one helluva lady and one day she will be recognized properly for what she does.

Anonymous said...

DBO is a powerhouse to be recognized as the leading expert concerning the crisis with pit bulls.

DBO has the stats and evidence to back up what it is trying to accomplish. One doesn't need credentials when one has all this evidence showing that pits are dangerous.

DBO fights to save lives unlike those who defend the pits and don't care about the human and animal lives that are being taken by pit bulls.