Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Wayne Pacelle WannaBe Will Never Be

Today Wayne Pacelle posted a great read about Rick Berman. As we all know the Whino is nothing more than a Pacelle wannabe. So I googled for the Whino and Berman, just for the hell of it. Quite a few hits came up. I was surprised at some actually.

Seems the Whino is losing ground with his vegan friends. I found several vegan blogs about the Whino and his buddy, Berman. The Whino is not too awful smart degrading the the only organization that fights against the cruelty to the animals that are eaten, the vegans have picked up on that. I would venture to say that the vast majority of vegans are that because of their feelings about how animals are slaughtered for consumption. Then here comes a vegan who gives the impression that he gives a damn about animals, so the vegans jumped on his bandwagon. They are now jumping off it appears. How can one be so hypocritical about condemning HSUS when they are the main crusaders against the inhumanity involved with the raising and slaughtering of consumption animals? The Whino can because he still thinks he is the Second Coming. First of all, I have never believed that he is a vegan to begin with. He is just a little too plump and getting more so every time I have seen pictures of him. I bet he sneaks around for a McDonald burger every chance he gets and I bet he hides that from even his own wife. Just strikes me as that sort. Second, I have never believed that the Second Coming will be in an animal shelter.

Yes, indeed the Whino and Berman are in bed together. Course the Whino will crawl into bed with anyone that gives him the time of day and he thinks he can garner more monetary support. The recent lawsuit by Mothers Against Drunk Driving at Berman brought up something interesting. Berman is always paying himself from his non profits and there is a way to do this properly and a not so proper way to do it. Looking at the Whino's No Kill Advocacy scam, it appears that this is the case there as well. Might have to ask the Attorney General to have a look into the Whino's affairs.

Someone recently said that the Whino is an old game, he is losing support everywhere. He pissed off the "cat" people in LA just recently when he lied, just flat lied. He said they failed to contact him about the environmental lawsuit against TNR and they have proof that they did contact him more than once and he turned them away. Little by little he is pissing everyone off and I couldn't be more happy. The Whino is very smart in some ways and extremely stupid in others. To say he is clueless would be a correct statement.

Anyway I recommend that you read the latest posting by Pacelle on Berman. Keep in mind that Berman pushes the Whino. When asked about this association, the Whino's response was that he would do an interview with anyone, doesn't mean he is on their team. Duh!! Really, Whino, you can't come up with anything better than that to excuse your poor decisions. He's been grasping at straws since Philly fell, putting the blame on the management when he selected the management and bragged at the good job they were doing. That is until he got wind that cruelty charges were about to be filed.

Never admits a mistake, never thinks his program is at fault, and where does this lead? It leads to never learning. Mistakes are the best way to learn, we all make them but not all of us learn from them. The Whino certainly doesn't, he thinks he is perfect, his program is perfect, it is the rest of us that are stupid and imperfect. Can anyone say ready for the psych ward? The "rumor" is that the Whino is losing it, he is in dire financial shape and having family problems. I find it strange that he hasn't put his legal license on active status. I have always thought it was strange that he doesn't use his legal skills to help the humane community, that is the one thing most needed. There's more to that story I am sure.

And I want to thank HSUS for what they do. Imagine what it would be like without them fighting the fights. Who else is busting the dogmen, who else is trying to stop the suffering of animals for food, who else? Not the Whino and certainly not his butt buddy, KCDogPoop. They are too busy lending support and credibility to the breeders, hoping to get donations from them for fighting MSN, household limits, no fencing requirements, etc. Just remember KCDogPoop that their support is blood money, gotten off the suffering of their products. Yep, the world is wising up to this bullshit and none too soon.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I love it, passing it along to other friends. Particularly the KCDogPoop because we are in KC and hate this guy. You're right, he is in with the breeders and the dog fighters love him. Look at how they always link in his blog.

It's a good thing that Winograd is on his way out. I have to admit that I fell for his bull at the beginning. But as time goes on, I see the flaws in his reasoning. And his saying there is no pet overpopulation has hurt tremendously the work we have been doing regarding stopping puppy mills in Missouri. Whenever we try to get ordinances and laws, the breeders always resort to quoting Winograd and KCDogPoop. These two are allowing the suffering to continue with their bullshit. I see another posting here about a conspiracy and I am in agreement with that completely. I honestly believe at this point that they are co-conspirators with the breeding industry and that was their purpose all along.

Thanks for speaking out against these two. I know from personal experience that when you do speak against them, you are called animal killer/murderer. The truth is that they are the ones with blood on their hands, they are allowing the suffering to continue and actually contribute to it.

KCDogPoop, I love it.

HonestyHelps said...

All I can say is that KCDogPoop thinks his shit doesn't stink but as with everything else he thinks, he's completely wrong.

Anonymous said...

Rick Berman and the Center for Consumer Freedom SPONSORED WINOGRAD'S BOOK. They issued official press releases for Winograd's book, and they sent out promotion emails to their anti-animal, pro-abuse lobbying groups telling these profiteers that Winograd was WORKING FOR RICK BERMAN and to support Winograd.

They acted as his Public Relations firm.

Nathan Winograd is working for Rick Berman. People connected to NAIA a breeder, puppy mill, dog fighter lobbying group that is connected to Berman, have revealed in some online posts that Center for Consumer Freedom, Berman's lobbying group, hired Nathan Winograd and that he receives lobbying money from CCF.

This is why the dog abusers at NAIA promote Winograd.

More on Center for Consumer Freedom and Rick Berman



Berman's own son says this about him

HonestyHelps said...

I said awhile back that there is a conspiracy and the more I see the more I believe that. I think the Whino has been working with them all along. He first established himself with the humane community with his name on everyone's lips, except mine. Then when he starts giving credibility to the breeders, officials thought this was a way to bring the two groups together, seemed like they both were supporting the same thing. If that's not a conspiracy, I don't know what is.

I had the Whino's number from the very beginning, I never fell for his shit. Sure I wanted to believe but I had too much knowledge to fall for his spill. For those who are clueless, he sounds good. The last thing I am is clueless, I trust no one, I do my research first before I jump on any bandwagon. The Whino plays to the gullible, the clueless, they are his bread and butter. It's great that he has screwed everyone over, now let the breeders have him. He'll bring them down too, just like he brought down the shelters that tried his program. He thinks he will get the Maddie's Fund eventually but I can assure you, that will never happen. Get a job Whino.

cravendesires said...

dr evil is going down.

HonestyHelps said...

Craven, there are times when I wish I could give Winograd credit for something, but it just is not there. He's just repeating what we already knew, the methods to move animals into homes. The difference is that the attitude was directed toward the quality of life, either because of physical or medical problems, or just the home itself. The Whino changed all that. One only has to look at the numbers. How many animals were being euthanized 20-30 years ago and compare to the present.

Sure they are still being euthanized for time and space but it is a problem that compounds with human population, it is a problem that compounds with economics, it is a problem that compounds with many other outside influences. It is NOT a problem that can be solved overnight yelling "Stop the killing". That's bullshit.

The solution? Many things. First of all, we need a leader who will pull us all together, from the radical to the conservative, give us one goal. The Whino has destroyed what little headway we had gained in that direction. He has pulled us apart, put us at each other's throats. Made this blog necessary.

He deserves no credit, none.

Anonymous said...

Literally everything that Winograd comes up with to try to smear HSUS and the rest is right from Rick Berman's propaganda. It's all old. Winograd doesn't even change the words!

Rick Berman holds his puppet strings.

And Rick Berman gives money to those who republish his propaganda. It's how his organization operates.

Berman and Center for Consumer Freedom used to directly offer gifts and money to people that would push their lies around. They would even give people money and gifts if they posted links to Berman's front groups on message boards!

Now that is more hush hush, but it is still going on. Berman funnels money from the animal abusing profiteers to his slaves. It's a kind of money laundering by the abuser businesses.

For example, Berman gets people to post on vegan boards and smear HSUS because HSUS opposes factory farming. They pose as vegans and give themselves names like vegankitty and then they spread the Berman manure around.

After Petland was exposed for selling puppy mill puppies, Berman and CCF were handing out the goodies to those who would post smear about HSUS, who exposed the puppy mill Petland connection.

Guess who was reprinting the Berman smear about HSUS then?

Right along with the AKC people like Patti Strand who help AKC make millions off the registration of these puppies at Petland.

Anonymous said...

I love that you thank Wayne Pacelle & HSUS for "fighting" for the animals. What a load of poo. HSUS has to be the BIGGEST crook out there for stealing people's money, promising that it goes to the animals...when all it does is line Pacelle & Co. pockets.
How many SHELTERS does HSUS have or fund? ZERO. How many animals does that help? ZERO.
If HSUS wants to HELP, tell them to start GIVING some of those funds to help the homeless, unwanted, NEEDY animals by SUPPORTING local Humane Society's. Otherwise, those commercials we see on the TV, ARE LIES!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you are so full of shit. The only fucking crook is the Whino. You are so stupid to want HSUS to fund shelters, absolutely stupid. To do that means they have to sacrifice their programs to stop dog fighting, helping the inhumanely slaughtered animals for food, stop their RAVS program that goes into proverty areas and alters animals. There's a bigger picture for HSUS and they fulfill it beautifully.

Or being a follower of the Whino, you probably want them to stop doing all that. Stop doing it because it hurts those you support, the dogmen with their cruelty, the agribusiness so they can continue their cruelty to animals including puppy mills and the list goes on. You are part of that conspiracy to allow all that suffering to continue if you condemn HSUS.

And where is your butt buddy, the Whino in all this? He does nothing to help shelters, he destroys them. He gives the shelters no money, he takes it. Ever notice he never goes after the truly bad shelters, never volunteers his services for those shelters still using the gas chambers, never does it for free in those areas that really need changes.

And you probably want puppy mills to continue because the only one fighting against puppy mills is HSUS. Your fucking priorities are in the wrong place, Anon, you are one stupid, clueless dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Anon, do you have tunnel vision, can't you see the bigger picture and the role that HSUS plays in that? There are more animals than just cats and dogs whose lives are at stake. What do you do at your local level to help the shelters? It's your responsibility, not HSUS. They have a much broader sweep with their responsibilities.

Let me put it to you this way since you sound like you are drinking the koolaid of Winograd so you can understand his logic which makes no sense to us. Winograd says if you are against "No Kill" then you must be for killing. So if you are against HSUS and their fight against dog fighting, then you must be FOR dog fighting. If you are against HSUS for busting puppy mills, then you must be FOR puppy mills. For someone who claims to want to help animals, you sure are more convincing to the contrary. What the hell are you, a dogman, a breeder? You have to be one of those to have this attitude of wanting to stop HSUS from ending the suffering of animals.

Anonymous said...

Here's a perfect example, Honesty.

Your anon poster smearing HSUS is an AKC breeder that doesn't like the fact that HSUS has exposed the puppy mill and dog fighter activities, and wants regulation.

Since AKC profits from that, and AKC breeders wouldn't have their dog shows and the rest of it without the puppy mill money, these crooks will smear anyone who gets in their way with regulations.

These NAIA types have been doing this for years. This is the SAME OLD STORY. They say the same things. These people were posting this exact same trash years ago.

It's just smear and lies so they can go right back to their puppy milling and dog fighting income with no regulations. (And their tax evasion)

It's LEGISLATION that they are the most afraid of, and that's what HSUS has been so successful at.

Without legislation, the breeders and the rest can keep abusing and killing animals for money.

Without the puppy mill registration money, for example, the AKC will go bankrupt.

And these scumbags only care about making money from animals.

But HSUS gets the job DONE! They really are successful at getting better laws passed, and these animal profiteers don't like that one bit. They want to keep the money flowing in from abusing animals.

They hate HSUS because HSUS really does help the animals! They are SUCCESSFUL!

Have a look at the money in AKC, the Puppy Mill Industry of America.

The American Killing Club.

Most of it goes to LOBBYING in favor of animal abuse and salaries for scumbags.

And the AKC board member who is at the head of the dog torture for AKC profit, Patti Strand, http://www.

This crook gets money from Rick Berman and she and her fellows post this anti-HSUS crap (and anti-Peta, anti-ASPCA, any group that helps animals) for years.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:50 You're so right!! Their motives show so clearly. Too bad because the 11 million members of the HSUS is far larger than the number of puppy millers and probably the breeders period. They are losing the battle, not soon enough for me. Local shelters should be supported locally, they aren't the responsibility of HSUS. There's a bigger picture but this fucker wants HSUS to lower it's goals and sights. Sorry, it ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Winograd thinks he'll be next in line for the Maddie's Fund. Yeah, and it will be a cold day in hell.