Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KCDogPoop Stinking It Up Again!!

UPDATE: Guess this will piss off this puppy mill supporter! S3424, Puppy Uniform Protection Statute S3424 was introduced yesterday. Your rotten buddies, Toellner, the puppy millers will have a hard time with this one. Kudos to HSUS for their timely production on the Pimping for Pits channel over the investigation of puppy mills.

Again, this fool is mouthing off and it is a real pisser. Now he is against enforcement of pet licensing. Yes, Fool, it is for public health, ever heard of rabies? Course you've been rabid ever since you jumped in bed with the Whino, but have you ever heard of rabies????

This is the advice for those trying to help animals by making sure they have their rabies vaccinations.

Basically they tell you to tell Animal Control to go to hell. This is the same advice given to breeders. This is also straight from the Whino's mouth to KCDogPoop's ass.

Toellner tries to take the focus off the issue with his rantings about there are so many other things that the officials need to be doing. Typical for a pit nutter, maybe he wrote the book, but I don't give him credit for being that smart, he just repeats what he hears like the puppet he is.

In other words, fuck laws, they are made for others, not those who own pits or don't get their dogs vaccinated or BREEDERS. Then he goes on to talk about our rights verses the law, straight from the mouths of breeders talking about their "property". This man claims to care about animals?

He calls it a grab for money. So fucking what if it is? That might mean more funds for the shelter animals. Again, this asshole claims to give a shit about the shelter animals?

Brent Toellner is as evil as the Messiah he follows blindly. He is a pimp for pits and for breeders, that's all he is and will ever be. Vote for him for Joke of the Year, he deserves it.

Wonder how much he is being paid to spread this propaganda? Surely he has enough sense to not do it for free. Then again................! Toellner, you are so fucking obvious, you ain't fooling anyone but yourself.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so i guess "hold owners responsible" is another hollow pit nutter ploy to divert attention away from the breed.

HonestyHelps said...

Exactly!!! Thank you Craven.

It is so obvious that this fool is sucking off the breeders. No one in their right mind would disagree with this, with the emphasis on "right mind".

Anonymous said...

Toellner has never been a friend to animals. He's a first class jerk. The only ones following him now are the puppy millers and pit bull fighters/breeders. It's deliberate, he's never been for helping shelter animals, just running under that guise so he can get his foot in the door. Fortunately he has shot himself in that foot and no one wants to listen to him any more.

HonestyHelps said...

Not only does he want dogs running in the streets from no fencing, but he wants them to contract rabies and spread that around. Craven was right with the comment that he is a hypocrite because he yells to hold owners responsible but the biggest responsibility of all is vaccinating your pets. Which means a vet visit and most pit nutters avoid getting rabies vaccinations because it is reported for licensing in many cases. They want to fly under the radar in case their ugly dogs attack someone and they can claim the dog isn't theirs. Has this jerk ever seen a dog with rabies, it ain't a pretty sight.

You're right Anon, he is a jerk, a first class stupid jerk. Note I said stupid which means he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground and doesn't want to learn how to get his ass outta that hole. Ignorant means that you don't know but you have the capacity to learn. So he is just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

Toellner, Winograd, and their Breeder Puppeteers are against licensing because most of the puppy millers run completely illegal businesses, don't get any licenses because they are trying to hide their businesses and their animal abuse crimes, and are cheating on their taxes. (Same goes for most AKC "show dog breeders!") Licensing is a problem for tax cheats. Licensing is a problem for animal abusers and illegal businesses.

Since this is all the AKC/NAIA/Rick Berman/Center for Consumer Freedom propaganda word for word, Toellner isn't even bothering to do his job and handle writing any copy for the puppy millers.

Rick Berman and the AKC women just hand it to him.

Berman must be tightening up on the Toellner/Winograd puppet strings.

No money unless his brown shirters do what Herr Berman tells them to do.

Rick Berman is a lobbyist for Petland. Petland is in business with AKC so AKC can get rich on puppy mill registrations, and also Hunte Corporation, the Missouri puppy mill broker.

The No Kill Nation means a nation of puppy mills and animal torture freely operating in the name of making money, no laws, so AKC and the rest have money to give back to their No Kill propagandists.

Winograd and Toellner will sell out any animal to enrich themselves.

Puppy mill breeding, dog fighting, it's all ok in the No Kill Nation!

HonestyHelps said...

Toellner tries to say that he doesn't agree with the Whino on everything, liar. His group gives the same advice that I myself have HEARD the Whino give. Just because there are some fools out there following the Whino makes Toellner thinks that everyone is a fool. We're wise to him.

He criticizes HSUS to no end except when it suits his agenda and then he uses them as a source. What a hypocrite!! The more I know about this guy, the more I hate him, almost as much as I hate the Whino. It's fools like him that make us all look bad.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to find this blog!!! We have been tolerating "KCDogPoop" (that's a good one) for far too long. But he's on his way out, thank goodness. Seems if you truly are an animal lover in Missouri that you would be working to shut down the puppy mills. Instead Toellner supports any and all things breeder. I say he won't be around much longer. Let the breeders have him, won't do any good. There's too many of us working to put him and his friends out of business. Guess he'll have to get a real job before it's over.