Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Calgary, Bill Bruce and Bullshit

Haven't quite finished this one yet but here's a start. This Bill Bruce guy isn't a "No Kill'er" at least, that's about the only good thing about him. Seems that pet rats are immediately euthanized in Calgary under his program. Does this apply to other pets outside of the typical dogs and cats? Why not be able to have a pet rat? If nothing else, require that pet rats be altered, then if they escape at least they can't reproduce.

In a very recent news article it states that there are 105,000 dogs and 48,000 cats licensed in Calgary. The Los Angeles County and City handled more than that every year coming through their shelters. So Calgary is small potatoes in regards to true experience in handling the problems of pet overpopulation. I'd like to see what his bullshit would accomplish in a place like LA.

But in researching I find that he has to be in league with the devil/breeders. Seems that the majority of his "speaking" engagements have been solicited by the breeding community. That's enough to say that this man is one that you avoid at any cost.

The breeder forums talk about how there are no fencing requirements in Calgary and they love that. Means less money and work for those who breed. Would be interesting to see how many dead animals they have to pick up from the streets.

Another disturbing thing is that bite cases are not recorded by breed. Sounds like he is covering the pit nutters there in order to avoid BSL.

The breeder forums talk about how there are no anti-tethering requirements in Calgary. Can anyone say pit bulls? Can anyone say inhumane?

And no pet limit law. Oh boy, just the thought of having a dozen or more untethering, unrestricted pit bulls running around the neighborhood is enough to make one want to move to a deserted island. Not to mention those who will go overboard and can't afford to take proper care of the animals. Pet limit laws are to protect pets. Studies have shown the more pets a person has, the less likely they received medical attention. So again, this supports inhumane practices.

And if low license fees with hardly any differential between altered and unaltered is what he pushes is again in favor of the breeders, not the general public. Experience shows that a differential in licensing fees means more animals being altered, which is a good thing for everyone, including the pets. It does not mean people will turn their pets into the shelters as the "No Kill'ers" would have you believe.

All in all, Bill Bruce is the next "devil in disguise" to the animals in this country. I'm all for building a wall around Calgary to prevent this man from joining in on the destruction of our pets in this country. You really only need to know one thing, anything good for breeders is bad for us and Bill Bruce is the darling of the breeders. "Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

This guy would get busted for racketeering in the U.S. He's working for breeders and the dog fighters.

Every single person is at risk in that community.

Deaths are just waiting in the wings.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

not recording dog breed in bite cases makes it so much easier to squeal "pomeranians kill people too!"

and no pet limits is a major pet peeve of mine.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, Craven, you are exactly right. "Bylaws Billy" is covering up without a doubt for the pit bulls in Calgary. You can't very well pass BSL if there is nothing to base it on and he is making sure of that.

I have read more than one study that shows without household limits, animals suffer. The more pets one has the less likely they will see a vet when necessary. Not to mention having the time to properly socialize the pets so they aren't a menace to neighbors. Having too many pets is a sure fire way to have some poisoned, shot, etc. because they become a nuisance to others. But, hey, the breeders love it and they love Bylaws Billy. One only needs to know that, what is good for the breeding industry is not good for pets.

Anonymous said...

I work for "Bylaws Billy" and all is not the way it is being presented. We have a severe problem with dog bites and 95% of those bites are from pit bulls. But the pit "nutters" as you call them control, as well as the breeders and we aren't allowed to report dog bites by breed.

I think this may be coming to an end soon, hopefully. People are wising up to Bill Bruce. He is definitely on the side of the dog fighters and breeders of pits. He has been overstepping his bounds lately and really ticking off officials as well as the public. Let's hope.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, any time you want to post about him, please feel free. All I can find says he is protecting dogmen and breeders. Whenever he has done "seminars" here in the US, it has been at the invite of the breeding community. Your system is different from ours in that he is over enforcing laws pertaining to things outside of animal control. So as I can understand, he is not really a shelter director/manager or an animal control manager like we have here. Looks like he has a staff for enforcement of many laws and our animal control agencies don't have these kinds of staff. If we did, then we could do something similar as far as enforcing animal licensing. You probably have more powers to enter property, etc. than we do. Makes a difference but still doesn't say that he has a successful program as far as the animals.

Anonymous said...


HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Anon for the heads up and you might want to check my latest post as a result of your comment.

Anonymous said...

FYI, rats are illegal in the province of Alberta. It is a rat free province and the government spend millions every year to keep it that way. Rats not only increase the likelyhood of disease, but also can cost hundreds of millions in crop and infrastructure damage each year. By controlling rats, far fewer end up being killed in the long run. Bruce was required to eliminate the rats according to the laws of the land. Get informed!

HonestyHelps said...

Hey Anon, we allow rats as pets and you don't hear of any crops being damaged or infrastructures being damaged from them.

The only rat you need to worry about there is the one named Bill Bruce. He's the one doing damage.