Monday, May 17, 2010

The First Annual JOY Award

This is to announce that we are now accepting nominations for the annual JOY award.

The JOY award, Joke Of the Year, is given to those who are or have made the biggest fool of themselves for that year. Several names have already been submitted such as Brent Toellner of KCDogPoop fame, Karen Delise with her infamous bullshit, and the list goes on.

Sorry, Nathan Winograd is not eligible for nomination because he would win hands down and he has been a joke for too many years already.

Send in those nominations, folks, and why you think your nominee should be the Joke Of the Year!!


Anonymous said...

As someone from KC, I just have to nominate Brent Toellner for Jerk(Joke) of the Year.

He has worked hard for the breeding people under the guise of being an animal person. Yeah, he is an animal person, a pit nutter.

HonestyHelps said...

Be it finalized, that Brent Toellner is officially nominated for Jerk/Joke of the Year. Thank you for the nomination.

Anonymous said...

I second the nomination of KCDogPoop (I love that one!!!) He's screwed our area up with his cult rantings.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's a tough one. but at this point i am leaning towards toellner.

HonestyHelps said...

Craven, he is in the lead since the Whino is not allowed to run.

I nominate Karen Depiss (Delise) for the title. Her associations with the dogmen and breeders definitely qualify her for this title.

The "Not for Publication" votes show Toellner in first place.

Anonymous said...

I would like to nominate Brenda Barnette for the JOY award. She has proven herself to be a royal pain in the ass in Seattle. She continues to import dogs when the shelter dogs in King County die for lack of homes. She lies about these importations and has been caught lying. She has the heart of a breeder because she is one and doesn't really give a damn about shelter animals.

Anonymous said...

Barnette was nominated to be the new chief with Los Angeles City