Friday, June 25, 2010

ADL-LA, Are You Listening?

The Mayor of LA is such an idiot. First he hired Boks although a little research would have shown that Boks, as an old saying goes, shouldn't be hired as a dog catcher. I spoke out then against Boks, I did my research. Paid a hefty phone bill but it paid off in good information.

In an odd way, that threw me in with the ADL-LA, a group that I absolutely despise because they are nothing more than pawns of the Whino. But now I can vindicate myself because me and the ADL-LA are definitely on opposite sides. I have been helping with the fight against Barnette in Seattle for the past three years.

For those living in a cave, Brenda Barnette was chosen to replace Boks in the City of Los Angeles. Barnette is a flash in the pan, just like her mentor, Nathan Winograd. She conspired to create instability of animal control in King County for her own gain, or rather gain for the Seattle Humane Society. There is an excellent article on all of this: Comments are welcome and encouraged.

There are coincidences that stand out. First of all, the announcement that Barnette was out of the picture as far as taking over animal control was just two days before her announcement of coming to LA. Wonder what would have happened if this hadn't happen, would she have stayed in Seattle? And three days before her announcement about LA, one of her partners in crime, Claire Davis, issued an email to the CEO in King County, which I have posted earlier, admitting the conspiracy to undermine animal control. Ask the question, who would gain the most from killing KCACC, animal control, and the answer is Seattle Humane/Brenda Barnette. You can see the earlier posting and look at the 6th paragraph.

Now the ADL-LA is campaigning by showing letters praising Barnette and one of those letters is from Claire Davis. Claire Davis was with Best Fiends which is enough to condemn her to hell. Be darn, Claire Davis swears that she doesn't even know Barnette on this blog.

Bruce asked some direct questions of Claire in the comments and this was the response to the question of Barnette being in cahoots with her.

"4) The co-founders of KCACC Exposed are listed on the website and neither one of them is Brenda Barnette. As I don’t personally know Brenda or her thoughts on this organization, I am not going to speak for her. "

Yet on another blog in LA a letter is posted where Claire Davis speaks of how well she knows Barnette and how closely they have worked together. Can anyone say "Big Fat Liar"?

Claire Davis and Kim Sgro are KCACCExposed. Kim Sgro was the special projects director then for Pasdado's and she made the decision to dump these Hurricane Katrina pit bulls at EDNAH.
Of course, she went running and "rescued" dogs. Only problem was she placed them with a hoarder/rescuer, EDNAH. When EDNAH was finally busted, they determined that these poor dogs had endured months of living in the same carriers that they were delivered in by Sgro. This site has the story of these poor dogs.

So this is who Claire Davis falls in with, a bitch who didn't bother to check out where she sent the dogs. A bitch who used these dogs to solicit donations but from the looks of it, those donations never saw these poor dogs. Tells you a lot about the people that Claire Davis hangs with.

The ACO Guild in King County filed a lawsuit to get emails to show the conspiracy between all these players to undermine animal control. Barnette resigned her position on the commissions trying to avoid divulging this conspiracy. This week Barnette also removed from her facebook account the fact that she supports PETPAC, a notorious group that fights for breeders. Too late Barnette, copies were made of that association.

Barnette is the Whino's A+ student, she has learned all her sneaky shit from him, he is her mentor. Everyone knows that the ADL-LA has their nose stuck up the Whino's ass but they are really hurting themselves on this one. When all the shit hits the fan, the ADL-LA will look like the fools they are. I can't wait for Pam to get her comeuppance and it won't be long. Barnette is as evil as the Whino and worse than Boks. People in LA are organizing, the battle line is drawn, stay tuned.


cravendesires said...

kim sgro, i thought her name looked familiar! the pasado/hurricane katrina/ednah scandal!!!

the web of corruption stretches far and wide.

HonestyHelps said...

Yep, one and the same. Catmom where are you???

Anonymous said...

Barnette, Davis, and Sgro also were working personally with the vet who had his license suspended because he was caught prescribing controlled drugs to himself in the name of his dead dog.

What was his name?
Brad something.

He was involved with Nathan Winograd, Winograd's group KCACExposed and Davis, Barnette, Sgro, and went to the animal control shelters and lied and smeared about the animal control officers and volunteers on behalf of Winograd and Davis, Barnette, etc. when they were terrorizing the shelters and disrupting operations, and hurting the animals in the process.

Bottom line is that Barnette has been involved with criminals to hurt animals, and hurt animal control.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, you saw the comments on one of the Bruce blog entries about Barnette, Davis, and Sgro freely admitting they wanted to take over animal control so they could wipe out county animal control laws, which is what Barnette's AKC and NAIA want to do to help the dog fighters and puppy millers.

The AKC fights against mandatory spay neuter, for example, to help the puppy mill breeders that give them millions in registration money. So now Brenda Barnette will wipe out or ignore breeder licensing to help the puppy mills and tax cheat breeders?

So Winograd is working behind the scenes to get Rick Berman and AKC lobbyists into animal control positions to hurt animals and people.

NAIA, with which Barnette is linked, is also directly linked to Rick Berman's Center for Consumer Freedom lobbying.


Brenda Barnette is linked to the animal abuse industries.

Why would ADL LA want someone like this?

Are they getting Berman money?

Anonymous said...

It was even worse with Kim Sgro and Pasado's Safe Haven!

When people who personally knew about the EDNAH hoarders, Tammy and William Hanson, and their cruelty and their abuse of the Sgro/Pasado's dumped dogs, and warned Sgro and Pasado's that their dogs were dying, Pasado's, Kim Sgro, and the rest threatened these whistleblowers with lame threats of lawsuits, and told them to stop talking about these Sgro dumped, dying dogs and stop talking about EDNAH, and they should hide this.

It was only because the whistleblowers didn't get intimidated by the Pasado's and Sgro dumpers, and went to the EDNAH local law enforcement, and the local sheriff busted EDNAH and the Hansons and they saved the lives of the rest of the Pasado's dumped dogs with help from HSUS, who spent their money saving the Pasado Sgro dogs!

THEN the sheriff was getting death threats from the Pasado's linked maniacs (Pasado's Sgro were sending out emails asking people to attack the sheriff) even as the sheriff and HSUS were saving the dogs!

And then there was a KOMO news piece about it.

So you can see why Pasado's and No Kill has maybe gone to the Dark Side, and the AKC NAIA type people, and trying to protect hoarders, and breeders, and take away laws, and stop animal control from investigating animal cruelty.

How can these No Kill maniacs dump more dogs to die off the record if there are animal control investigations?

Here is more on this, with a photo of a dog that Kim Sgro sent to EDNAH to die, and then her Pasado's Safe Haven threatened people to be quiet while the other dogs were in the process of dying like this!


And Pasado's was telling donors that the Katrina dogs all got great homes and to send them more money! While the dogs were dying!

Donors should have filed against them.

Of course, Winograd is working for the Rick Berman, AKC, NAIA breeder puppy mill interests, and that's a whole new disgusting thing.

Anonymous said...

That picture of the Sgro dumped dead dog is what should go on Barnette's resume, because this is what she has been involved with through Kim Sgro and Kim Sgro's partner Claire Davis.

HonestyHelps said...

I remember the Vet and that is public record. I agree that Barnette surrounds herself with the low life of the humane effort and maybe that explains why the ADL-LA supports her. Thanks Anon.

Anonymous said...

Brenda Barnette, AKC legislative liasion, as is Patti Strand
and nearly all of NAIA


THE WOMAN IS A LOBBYIST FOR PUPPY MILLS FOR GOD'S SAKE! They didn't figure this out until now?

How did this happen Honesty? Who hid this from the mayor?

Anonymous said...

I would disagree that Barnette learned about the sneaky lying and coverups from Winograd. Everything Winograd says or does is right from the playbook of the breeder groups like Naia!

He is doing what they tell him to do, and how to do it.

Even the "overpopulation is a myth" lies that Winograd tried to spread- that is straight from Naia. They ran this exact campaign to oppose mandatory spay neuter laws and breeder regulations for years.

Winograd does, says, and writes what the breeders tell him to, and operates how they tell him to, along with their head honcho lobbyist Rick Berman.

All sneaky lying and hiding.

Anonymous said...

Naia for years posed as a humane group to try to influence legislators and the media. This is what Patti Strand represented Naia as, a humane group! They tried to pretend that they care about animals.

Their hands are so dirty that it was quickly exposed that they were a front group for animal profiteers and abusers, including puppy mills.

So then they, Berman and the rest latched on to No kill, figuring they could use the No kill name and front to get their needs and wants met, and to secretly get their people in positions of authority, and to try to influence the media to oppose regulation that breeders don't like, and let breeders abuse animals.

They needed a scam, a front. No kill served that purpose. It fools naive people who don't know that breeders are behind it using No kill for their own purposes, which involves HURTING animals.

The breeder lobbyists now call themselves No kill representatives, and have Winograd represent them.

They now try to influence the media and get their people in positions of authority using the No kill front and name.

This is one way that breeders now pursue their financial interests. They lie and claim they care about animals to try to dupe people in the humane world.

The real shame is the people at Maddie's Fund who are now involved in all this through the No kill sham. What are they thinking?

Anonymous said...

The advanced plan now seems to be to get breeder lobbyists and connections to run animal control so any laws like puppy mill regulation, breeder licensing, mandatory spay neuter don't get enforced, and they can work at weakening them or destroy them.

This is real corruption.

Anonymous said...

And we have Best Friends in the middle of all this "breeder protecting animal abuse" activity.

Best Friends has become so totally corrupted, they shouldn't even be listed as a nonprofit.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, unrelated to La, but an interesting AKC anecdote.

These were two AKC breeders who both knew each other from the AKC dog show circuit that Brenda Barnette says on her now removed facebook page she participates in, and also knew each other from the AKC breeder online forums where all these freaks go crazy supporting the puppy mills and dog fighters and opposing laws. Also UKC.


I think that very few people know how NUTS the dog breeding world is.

Bobby Jo Stinnett and Lisa Montgomery.


"Patsy Hughes felt sick when she learned a pregnant friend was killed and her baby was cut from her womb on the same day another friend claimed to have given birth under strange circumstances."Of course I was shocked," Hughes testified Wednesday in the federal trial of Lisa Montgomery. "Then I had a really uneasy feeling. My stomach was hurting."Prosecutors allege Montgomery, 39, had been faking a pregnancy for about nine months when she drove to Bobbie Jo Stinnett's home in Skidmore on Dec. 16., 2004, and strangled the 23-year-old dog breeder.Montgomery has pleaded not guilty, and her lawyers are pursuing an insanity defense.Hughes, of Ozark, Ala., shared an interest in dog breeding with Montgomery. Montgomery's 14-year-old daughter, Kayla Boman, was staying at Hughes' home to learn about dog breeding when Stinnett was killed"

BoardWatch said...

Wow. This is a convoluted and messy group of stories, for sure. Being in L.A. it's hard to get a grasp on it, but if someone would actually put all the pieces together --without links telling the reader to go somewhere else to read ---we'll publish that FACT CHECKED story--but not by "anonymous."

HonestyHelps said...

If you would bother, Board Watch, to search this entire blog, you will see more than these 2-3 posts on Barnette. Also if you want more then visit the ACO Guild blog. Search their blog for Barnette and Claire Davis. They didn't put everything on their blog and whatever they didn't publish, I did. Keep in mind that this shit with Barnette has been going on for three years in King County, you can't expect to understand all of it in a couple of minutes. Once you've done your research then come back and tell me what you think.

BoardWatch said...

Thanks for the links--even though I asked not to be given links to search around--but this one doesn't work so I have no idea what it is.

BoardWatch said...

I don't really have time to search and search and follow links to a story in Seattle/King County. I'm not a reporter and don't pretend to be one. If it's too much for someone (a WA local) to put the whole Barnette story into a readable single piece of writing, then I guess only the ones who have digging time will know it.

There are a lot of predictions of how and why she will fail and L.A. Council laid them all out for her. #1 for her or anyone coming in is that there is no money and she can expect to get less. If she taps into the money now going to private rescues, she's not going to make any friends in that world.

#2 is the employees. Unless they --for some strange reason-- fall in love with her (and I don't see that happening) then they'll be as big an obstacle as the lack of a budget. The LAPD comment was a winner. She is starting from square -3 with a lot of catching up to do and an AGM who will stab her in the back or sell her down the river if it suits her. Whether she covered up all of this "scandal" in WA or not, none of it matters to us in L.A. now. All that matters is what happens from here. BTW, people who make 200K don't use U-Haul. They have people in gloves come in and pack everything and move it down the road in an air-cushioned big rig the expense of the taxpayers of L.A. ($10,000 moving allowance). With that I could move everything I own to NYC and still have enough to stay at the Plaza for a few nights.

HonestyHelps said...

BoardWatch, you are lazy. First you want proof, then when it is provided you don't want to "look" for it. That link is the only one I have for 55 pages of the lawsuit that you requested. I will make an effort, because I am not lazy, to get more. There's more news articles about this lawsuit if you chose to read them. And what about the Attorney General ruling on public records from Barnette? Does this speak to her being open and responsive to the public when she is in LA? No it doesn't. She has the Messiah complex just like the Whino.

And correction, Barnette will fail because of herself and no other reason. She didn't cover up the problems in Seattle, just that people, like yourself, failed in their duties to bring these problems to light, chosing instead to cover their eyes just because she says "No kill". Just the mere fact that you are refusing to take your time to read links while at the same time demanding proof says it all.

And talk about nit picking and UHaul, you have the time to do that. Now do your job and it will lead you to the truth.

HonestyHelps said...

And by the way, Board Watch, if she does get screwed by the employees, then it is deserved after what she did in King County. Payback is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, does this Board Watch person seem to be a little off? How does this person think that all of this can be put into one single posting with no links to prove anything? Man, this has to be one of those HollyWeird people. And I bet Board Watch owns pits, just a feeling. Seems he/she is in denial about Barnette and taking lessons from the Whino on how to place blame everywhere but the right place. Along with that goes the pit nutters in denial about their frankenmaulers.

Anonymous said...

All of those people are seem to be tied to some sketchy activities. There's more about Posada's listed in there articles.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks for those links Anon. Always good to have a permanent record of such things. Barnette is here but that doesn't mean she can't be handed her walking papers.