Monday, June 21, 2010

Just How Dumb Can the Whino Be????

The Wayne Pacelle wanna be, Nathan J. Winograd, must be the dumbest fucker around. He condemns HSUS not realizing how he hurts the local humane societies with his lies.

The public thinks that all humane societies operate under a national one, and that would be HSUS. So in condemning HSUS, the Whino hurts the donations of these local humane societies. And many of them are practicing no kill. Of course, most of them are closed door, limited admission shelters but all the same they are trying to help animals.

Nathan Winograd is one dumb fuck for doing this, he is cutting his own throat. Those humane societies are now realizing the damage he is doing to them and turning against him. How dumb is that, Whino?

If you would like to see one of the Whino's biggest supporters and what kind of supporters he has, then here is a site for you to see. Berman pimps the Whino and the Whino reads Berman's lines about HSUS verbatim. So the Whino is basically a pimp for Berman, a puppet whose chain is being jerked by Berman.

And there are the cult followers of the Whino like KCDogPoop, Brent Toellner who are further down on that jerked chain, spreading the lies of the likes of Whino and Berman. One day that chain will be broken and then who will put words into their mouths, the spirit of Hitler?


Anonymous said...

He's not smart enough to re-instate his attorney's license and he needs to, he ain't making shit consulting. Check his 990's.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. This is a specific Rick Berman, Center For Consumer Freedom current smear campaign against HSUS (because the HSUS successfully is fighting against the animal cruelty that Berman's clients engage in to make money, including factory farms, puppy mills and dog fighters)

Nathan Winograd is literally doing Rick Berman's bidding, and simply reprinting the Consumer Freedom smear campaign.

Just like you'll see the AKC puppy mill breeders doing, and the dog fighters.

Nathan Winograd is working for Rick Berman and the Center for Consumer Freedom. Nathan Winograd is supporting and aiding animal profiteers who make money from animal abuse and killing.

Also a lobbyist like Berman who works for the liquor industry and the tobacco industry doing the same thing.

It is a joke that Winograd tried to claim he is some kind of civil rights leader. Winograd is a tool of the most evil of capitalists, PROFITEERING ANIMAL TORTURERS and KILLERS.

This puts the terroristic activities that Winograd's crew has engaged in in a whole new light.

It's terrorism for corporate animal killing.

He's trying to destroy animal shelters and humane work on behalf of the corporate lobbyist he works for.

Winograd should get arrested for misrepresentation in an effort to collect money and support for corporate animal abuse.

Anonymous said...

Rick Berman also PAYS his lobbyists.

HonestyHelps said...

I've said all along that this is a conspiracy to destroy rather than help. I firmly believe that. I believe that the Whino was sent to ingratiate himself, making the officials think that he is the link to satisfying all, humane community, breeders, etc. Then when accepted as the Savior of all, the officials would automatically follow his lead. Didn't work, Whino. You fucked it up and now it is being called out.

HonestyHelps said...

And Berman has so much money, he can easily pay cash under the table. Guess that explains why the Whino hasn't bothered to re-instate his attorney license, more money from Berman.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i saw berman on 60 minutes a while back, when a piece of shit he is. what kind of psychopath opposes MADD?

HonestyHelps said...

The same type of psychopath that supports the Whino, in fact that is what Berman does, pimping the Whino's books, etc. Says a lot about the types that follow the Whino.

Anonymous said...

First of all, this is a great blog, I have learned so much. I, too, was taken in by Nathan Winograd and his No Kill Equation. Once I saw what really happens in an open door shelter when it goes no kill, I started researching thinking our shelter was just doing it wrong. Nope, I learned that this is standard for an open door no kill shelter. I learned that no kill is just a term to define between an open door shelter (kill shelter) and a limited admission shelter (usually private). I saw in our shelter how kennel stress makes the dogs unadoptable although they were adoptable when they arrived. We have so many volunteers but no amount of walking the dogs will overcome this. Dogs need masters, a home, and I believe they know the difference. It is so wrong to let them languish for months and years at a no kill shelter. I would rather see them put down so they can be given another chance in another life. I do believe in reincarnation. Thanks for exposing no kill for what it is, evil.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh yeah, that should WHAT a piece of shit...

as you can see from the time stamp, i was tired.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog. It has been a resource for me in my decision to not support the no-kill movement. We have a Winograd supporter in our area that is promoting this agenda. I do not want to see what is happening in Philly happen to our area. Are there other blogs or websites similar to this one out there to debate this agenda? I would love to read them.

HonestyHelps said...

Thank you Anon for making that decision. Let me make myself clear, no kill as a goal is what we all work for, "No Kill" as a movement has divided the humane community even more than it was and is not the way it is presented by the Whino.

I have helped several places in their fight against this movement and would be glad to help you in your fight. You can send a comment marked "Not for Publication" with your email address and I will get back with you. Because of the intimidation tactics used by the Whino, we must keep confidential. I understand how he operates and can try to guide you to overcome his Whinonettes.

As a matter of fact, two recent websites have been started against the Whino.

People are now starting to speak out but you need to be careful. Look at what he did to Pat Dunaway for speaking against him. She is a regular commenter on this blog. Note on the Friends site that the poster's name is "Not Pat Dunaway". This is because any time there is opposition he credits just one person for it, like there are not any others. He can be defeated like he was just defeated in King County. Let's join forces.