Friday, June 4, 2010

Energizer Spadaro Just Keeps Going, and Going, and Going....

Today an order was issued that Spadaro must relinquish another 40 dogs today bringing her total to 115 dogs still be tormented by this bitch. She must also find another place to take 35 more dogs on or by July 2nd making the total left of 80 to continue to endure this pervert. And whatever has managed to stay alive until August 6th will be picked up by animal control.

Spadaro has been order to let animal control know the whereabouts of all these animals within 48 hours of her taking them from where they are now. If she fails to do that, then all the animals go to animal control.


The law needs to be changed. No one should be allowed to continue to torment animals like this bitch has been allowed to do. Only the Whino can lay claim to tormenting more animals with his "No Kill Equation" bullshit. He and Charlotte Spadaro are two of a kind, comrades in arms, both claiming to help animals when actually they prey on animals. I wish the two of them could share a jail cell.


cravendesires said...

what the fuck is going on here? why is SHE getting special treatment?

HonestyHelps said...

Not special treatment, just the fucking laws. She is an attorney and knows how to delay. Cindy Bemis is another one who pulled the same tactics. They both have gone through several attorneys, firing them when a court date was to be set, thus putting it off again. She has cases in both Riverside County/City and San Bernardino County. If you look at the Superior Court cases online you will see how many times she has been wasting taxpayer money with these delays and they are legal. Riverside County with Rob Miller, a closet "No Kill'er" has let her slid and she was right around the corner from the shelter there, easy to check daily, they had to go right by her place. San Bernardino County was brought into it when Rialto fucked up on their bust of her. SB County is doing all they can and have managed to get the courts to force Spadaro to place the dogs elsewhere. Only problem is that she just took them to empty houses that she manages and she was busted for that in Riverside.

Not special treatment just a screwed up justice system more than anything else. There was some karma here, she was hit by a truck about 6 months ago and was in a wheelchair for awhile. Of course, she solicited the pity of the court for more delays.

If you look at how hoarders in CA are getting away with murder, you'll see how the laws are fucked up. And of course, the Whino doesn't want these laws changed and campaigns against any that are introduced that might stop this shit.