Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pimping for Pits Channel Now Brings You the Highway to Hell

Whne you start bringing in more dogs into an area that is still euthanizing in their local shelters, then this is immoral and unethical. But doesn't matter to those with the "Savior" complex, they don't have to be in the euthanasia room when another dog loses it's life because some stupid "save them all" bitch has taken it's home to give to another.

Thus the "Highway to Hell" program begins. Granted the far most New England states have such bad winter weather that the strays are killed off and they may need a few extra dogs but not otherwise. Plus the interview before hauling the poor dogs half way across the country, consists of a phone call. Some screening process. Here take this dog, doesn't make a shit to me whether you live in a home or a studio apartment, doesn't matter to me that you work 12 hours a day, doesn't matter to me if you have no idea of dog ownership, just take the fucking dogs so I can lie my head down at night and think what a good job I've done.

Bad enough that the Pimping for Pits channel selects their role models from a woman who sells other women to feed her addiction to pits or a midget who lies about being a rescue in order to get on television, but now to open up a country wide supermarket that causes other animals to die who might otherwise get a home is beyond immoral.

If these fucking no kill "Saviors" put as much effort into stopping the pet overpopulation as they do into their unethical practices, we wouldn't be in this shape. Pimping for Pits channel is a sucker, a fool, and is only condemning the animals, not helping them.


HonestyHelps said...

Anon, can you post your information about the New England states here? You put it on the Highway to Hell post. Thanks for the info, interesting, want to learn more.

Anonymous said...

Brenda Barnette imported animals to Seattle instead of saving those in the local King County shelters. How sick is that? Taking homes from the shelter animals by brokering dogs cherry picked from out of state shelters. And all the while it was part of a conspiracy to undermine animal control so she could get her lesbian hands on taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

(Sorry, Honesty. Here it is.)

"Granted the far most New England states have such bad winter weather that the strays are killed off"

This isn't true in New England. It isn't happening.

There are better animal control laws, zoning laws, dog limit laws, mandatory spay neuter laws, and many other rules of basic civilization in New England which means that puppy mills, backyard breeders, mass dog fighting breeders, can't set up shop in New England, and problem people who insist on dumping on their communities can't keep doing it

They actually have animal control throughout New England that actually does work unlike many other parts of the country which is still pretty third world, and either has no animal control at all, or Bubba who just collects a salary and doesn't do anything.

The strays actually get picked up promptly in New England. There isn't a large stray population because it isn't allowed to become a problem.

There are also many low cost spay neuter programs throughout New England.

And this is all without the horrors of No Kill.

If only the rest of the country could get it together in some similar ways. Instead the No Kill maniacs want to wipe out all the laws so things can get worse.

HonestyHelps said...

With the stance of the Whino, we could do without drunk driving laws, laws against child molestation, hell, do away with the rules of the road. Let everyone run wild in the streets. For an attorney, the Whino's stance doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Anon :51, not only did she import dogs but she failed to recognize state laws and the ACO Guild reported her for it. There are laws regarding the importation of quantities of dogs into the state as far as vaccinations, etc. She took a chance of bringing in disease, whatever. But from the looks of things her shelter already was suffering from disease anyway so she didn't give a crap. And she wasn't saving lives, she was brokering dogs for a lot of money. The dogs she took from LA were altered at taxpayer expense and she didn't offer to reimburse the City for those services. She is well hated in Seattle and soon will be well hated in LA.

cravendesires said...

is there a new pit tv show?

HonestyHelps said...

No, this is about a crazy "Savior" who takes homes from local dogs by bringing in more. She is helping other "Savior" groups to destroy their own local shelter by taking away homes. This is not saving animals by sacrificing others. But it does create a situation whereby the local shelter doesn't have them taking animals out and making the shelter look bad. Just part of the Whino conspiracy to destroy local shelters.

Think about this, what does these Whinonettes want to do? If they can supply themselves with animals outside their local area, then they will cause the local shelter's adoption rate to go down, thus setting the stage for yelling "No Kill". Fuckers, I hate these types, they kill animals, they aren't saving lives.