Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good Guys 2, Whino 0

Bad week for the Whino. Seattle is finally safe from his clutches, although the bad news is that the Mayor is trying to install the Whino's lackey in LA. That still has to go thru the City Council and believe me, people are already organizing. Even the Whino's biggest Whinonette in LA, Daniel Guss, is opposed to this broad. She won't last long even if she does get the appointment.

And now Oreo's law has been tabled for this year, pretty much sealing it's fate. Oreo's law was patterned after the Hayden, the worst piece of ill thought through legislation in the history of CA. The Hayden actually encouraged shelters to euthanized with it's mandate, which was repealed earlier this year. And under the Hayden, you only have to present yourself as a rescuer to secure animals from the shelters, you do not have to be a 501c3. Thus the rise in hoarding.

Guess the film of how the Hayden caused overcrowding of the shelters and the results was enough to convince them, huh? One little film, tightly protected, shows how the Hayden tried to destroy the California shelters.

The Whino has very little left on his plate now, hopefully he will have to get a real job and leave the saving of the animals to those of us who know what the hell is going on.


Anonymous said...

"Granted the far most New England states have such bad winter weather that the strays are killed off"

This isn't true in New England. It isn't happening.

There are better animal control laws, zoning laws, dog limit laws, mandatory spay neuter laws, and many other rules of basic civilization in New England which means that puppy mills, backyard breeders, mass dog fighting breeders, can't set up shop in New England, and problem people who insist on dumping on their communities can't keep doing it

They actually have animal control throughout New England that actually does work unlike many other parts of the country which is still pretty third world, and either has no animal control at all, or Bubba who just collects a salary and doesn't do anything.

The strays actually get picked up promptly in New England. There isn't a large stray population because it isn't allowed to become a problem.

There are also many low cost spay neuter programs throughout New England.

And this is all without the horrors of No Kill.

If only the rest of the country could get it together in some similar ways. Instead the No Kill maniacs want to wipe out all the laws so things can get worse.

HonestyHelps said...

I think this was in the wrong place. But good info all the same. Anon, could you do another comment for the Highway to Hell post?

When I first started studying "No Kill" is when I learned that the weather has a lot to do with it. Cats can have up to 3 litters a year in CA because of the good weather whereas cats in cold areas usually only have one litter a year. Mother Nature comes into play. I would like to learn more about the New England states from your viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

The Hayden Law

How puppy millers, dog fighters, hoarders, and perverts get their dogs

right from California animal control

Talk about a law that causes animal abuse, this is it!

HonestyHelps said...

You should see the video of what the Hayden caused. It was sent to New York and it tabled the Oreo's bill. Those idiots who think the Hayden is the cat's meow, it's more like the cat's screaming because of the suffering caused by the Hayden. The whole fucking thing needs to be repealed. It actually encouraged shelters to euthanize, that's what these fools don't grasp. Spadaro, Bemis, Peck are all receivers of the Hayden, they drooled at the mouth when it passed. You don't have to be a legit rescue to get animals UNALTERED, from the shelters. The breeders wanting to replenish their breeding stock can get them from the shelters. The Hayden will go down in history as the worse legislation in CA's history.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Honesty, I agree with you about cats. Weather certainly plays an issue, New England versus the warmer climates where fewer die from exposure to cold and there are more litters.

Feline leukemia also wiped out many cats in New England, still does, as well as other diseases.

Cats are still a problem in New England overpopulation wise, because cats aren't covered by animal control laws.

But for dogs, the tighter animal control, zoning, dog limit laws, environmental laws, mandatory spay neuter in New England has made all the best difference.

I will send the comment to the right blog post. Sorry.

HonestyHelps said...

Cats are the biggest problem in all shelters now. I remember the time, and not that long ago, when the highest population in shelters were dogs. Then along came "No Kill" and TNR. Blame both for the overpopulation of cats. Because of TNR, people now feel that they can just turn their cats loose and the "crazy cat ladies" will take care of them. Why bother to take them to a shelter or find them a home, TNR provides an easy out, just open the door. "No Kill" takes the blame off the public and it has come back to bite us all. Now the public is even more less likely about doing the right thing by their pets. God, how I hate this shit.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oreo's law is interesting in that the dog fighters and the "dogmen" think dogs are property to do with what you will. oreo's law seems to elevate animals in a way those hillbilly redneckers won't like. i don't see this law getting a lot of support.

HonestyHelps said...

Evidently the legislature didn't support it, they didn't cave to the lies of the Whinonettes. It has been tabled when it deserves to be under the table. Why pass a law like that when the fucking "Savior" rescues there are importing animals? These rescues better wise up, people are on to them.