Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brenda Barnette and Her SHS Vet: He prescribed pain medication in his dead dogs name for himself

Here;, the link to his charges. Look under the charges section.

He is the medical director under Barnette. So her group of low life friends continues to grow. Also see how he fits in with the ploy to undermine animal control in King County in this article. Imagine witholding medical services to the shelter animals, what does one gain with that? Ask yourself that question.

""A group of veterinarians that volunteered this year to treat sick animals at King County's two animal shelters has quit, citing a lack of accountability and a reluctance from shelter staff to fix a broken system.

In a searing letter to the county last month, one veterinarian stated that "pervasive negativity" and an unwillingness to change led the vets to stop offering their services at the Kent and Bellevue shelters.

"The general feeling was we were being used as an extension of the shelter while there were no significant changes being made to try and improve the problems plaguing the shelter," wrote Dr. Brad Crauer, medical director of the Redmond Animal Hospital. "I did not want to act as enablers to the proven failed procedures."

Act as enablers???? How evil is it to leave those animals without vet care? This is another fine example of the type of people Brenda Barnette surrounds herself with. I guess the saying is true "Birds of a feather leave shit in the woods together".

Here's a little more info on this situation.
posted by Erica C. Barnett on September 22 at 21:44 PM

Last week, the Seattle Times reported that a group of veterenarians were refusing to volunteer at King County animal shelters, “citing a lack of accountability and a reluctance from shelter staff to fix a broken system.” In the story, Times reporter Sonia Krishnan quoted vet Brad Crauer, medical director of the Redmond Animal Hospital, who said that he had stopped offering his services at the Kent and Bellevue animal shelters because “I did not want to act as enablers to the proven failed procedures.”

Crauer, the only named source to denounce King County’s shelter practices (the only other quoted anti-county sources are surveys filled out by anonymous veterinarians ), claims in the story that King County did nothing to improve problems at the shelters; isolated animals; and did nothing to help sick animals.

Last week, County Executive Ron Sims responded to the Times story—via Twitter, which he used recently to announce that King County’s budget deficit had increased from $85 million to $90 million. Sims’s understated post read simply, “Dear Seattle Times and KOMO - Here is a blog story regarding King County’s Animal Control that is worth reading.” A link went to a blog post at King County Animal Shelter Creatures, titled, “Pain and muscle relaxants prescribed by the vet for himself using name of his dead dog.”

The “vet,” in this case, would be Crauer—who, the post goes on to contend, also wrongly accused King County of falsifying euthanasia numbers and faking discrepancies in the logs documenting use of controlled drugs at the shelter, among other misdeeds. The clear implication: Why should the Times (and KOMO, which also reported on the vets’ defection) listen to Dr. Crauer, when he had falsified records and prescribed himself controlled substances under his dead dog’s name?

While I’m not sure if Sims’s criticisms are on point (Crauer certainly seems like a less than reliable source; on the other hand, do his alleged drug problems and supposed false cremation documents negate other vets’ claims that there were real problems at King County shelters?), his method (Twitter) and tone (combative) are noteworthy. And they certainly got the attention of the King County Council, which is planning to release a response later this week (a lengthy request for information about the shelters’ 2008 work, sent last Friday, has reportedly been in the works for some time) to Sims’s Twitter attack on Crauer. I’ll post their response as soon as I get it.""


Anonymous said...

They volunteered about about 3 months is all. Wonder if he had the job with SHS before or after this stunt?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what are they doing now?

Crauer R Bradley DVM - Vca Redmond Anmial Hospital
17980 Ne Union Hill Rd
(425) 885-1476
Redmond WA 98052

the no kill society has to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

HonestyHelps said...

Crauer is the medical director for Seattle Humane now.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

your'e fucking kidding me!

HonestyHelps said...

Would I do that, Craven? If you go to their site and search for his name, it comes up.I'm still digging to see when he started working at the Humane Society.

Anonymous said...

And Brad Crauer would have received TAX MONEY for treating those animals.

He was not doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

This smear was to get the animal control vets fired, so Crauer and friends could then get the payments, with no limits on the amount of money they billed the county.

Wasn't Crauer with Davis and Sgro the one who also concocted the totally false smear that euthanasia drugs were missing from the shelters, there was an investigation, and the claim was of course proven to be totally false?

This is Rick Berman type lies and smear.

And wasn't Winograd for a time spreading that smear around?

This was an attack on animal control that hurt animal control officers, workers, and the ANIMALS.

Anonymous said...

Brad Crauer was part of the Davis, Barnette, Sgro KCACExposed group doing what Davis explained in her email to Dow, disrupting the system.

Found it. Crauer DID make up this smear


He was at Redmond back then, while he was doing this.

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez.

It looks like Brad Crauer was directly involved in the Pasados/Katrina dogs/Kim Sgro/EDNAH hoarder scandal, and that Kim Sgro was Crauer's vet tech! See comments about KCACExposed.


These people are all directly shilling for the earnings of their associates.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Anon, I have the best readers!! I put this info on the post if you notice.

Anonymous said...

Crauer made up the false smear against Animal Control veterinarians and Animal Control in King County that there were "discrepancies" in euthanasia drug (controlled drug) log books, and that euthanasia drugs were missing or unaccounted for.

There was an immediate official investigation, which I think involved federal people, and this smear was proven totally false.

This was a whole concocted fake complaint coming from a vet like Crauer who abused his license and the law to obtain controlled drugs for himself.

But this is the kind of activity that Crauer's associate, Claire Davis, described in her email, disrupting the system. Yes, by hurting animal control officers, and of course the animals.

This is illegal activity, making false reports, with the intent as Davis exposed to hurt "the system."

It's nothing less than terrorism against government workers, and LA animal control union should be filing a complaint against this Barnette appointment.

And Sgro and Pasado's are still trying to get animal control investigations away from animal control, and handed to the sheriff's department who doesn't have the money, time, or manpower. See recent article in King County paper about the ac alliance, which quotes Sgro and Pasado's.

Anonymous said...

You notice that Brad Crauer uses the same smear words "broken system" that Claire Davis used to rationalize undermining and distrupting "the system."

Meanwhile ALL of these- Barnette, Crauer, Sgro, Davis, Winograd- do absolutely NOTHING to solve the problem- REDUCE THE BIRTH RATE. Get more animals spayed and neutered so fewer are getting abandoned, and coming in to the system.

Vets like Crauer are still charging fees for spaying and neutering that poorer people cannot afford, even working people. They don't run any spay neuter clinics, don't do any spay neuter education, and the breeders are allowed to breed uncontrolled with no licensing, no inspections.

He wanted to collect tax money to "treat" shelter animals when he could have set up a spay neuter program on his own to reduce the number of animals dumped at the shelter!

But then he couldn't have collected the tax money payments from the county.

Of course, that is why the breeders like Brenda Barnette support this No Kill fraud. No Kill is not addressing overpopulation, overbreeding, breeder corruption, breeder tax fraud and licensing avoidance, puppy mills, dog fighting, etc to keep the AKC and all its puppy mill business, and the dog fighters, happy and unregulated.

The breeders don't even pay their fair share into the licensing system, although ordinary citizens are paying the bills for cleaning up after the breeders.

Who also sell unaltered animals to save on their expenses and increase profits.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else see this conspiracy to do harm, not to animal control, but harm to the animals in the shelter? Withdrawing vet care is the lowest of the low. Barnette tried to force out animal control for her own gain at the SHS and didn't give a damn about the animals that it hurt. What a bitch!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Beagles and Buddies isn't in LA City's territory. As awful as this Barnett woman sounds, maybe she wouldn't let this one be swept under the carpeting.

Their latest stint earlier this month was unreal. They are allowing this poor young woman to accept the criminal charges against her for leaving 18 dogs in a van in front of her office in South El Monte. They did this because they are always over their allotted number of dogs they are allowed to have at this hell hole.

The saddest part of this whole situation is that this young woman is going to go down for this all alone while Beagles and Buddies continues to collect $400K or more per year in donations and remains mostly unscathed in the public's eyes.

Wanna know how much Beagles and Buddies cares about their clients' dogs whom they say on their website can "deduct the cost of boarding your dog while at Red Cloud Ranch"? Almost all those dogs in the van WERE CLIENTS' PERSONAL DOGS WHO WERE BEING BOARDED. Can you believe that?

The news isn't reporting that.

Anonymous said...

anon, what is Beagles and Buddies? Are they supposed to be breed rescue?

Who runs this?

HonestyHelps said...

I posted the comment even though it might be inappropriate for the topic. Beagels and Buddies is another of those "Savior" rescues. Someone must have been pissed off about B&B, I know I have been for years. B&B is in Southern California.

Anonymous said...

Wish I heard about this when it was going on. Crauer has many, many problems-if someone would look at where he practiced before entering Washington there may be some interesting history. Not only about his Vet practice, but also in his personal life. His drug abuse was minimized.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, if you have any info you can send in a comment marked "Not for Publication". Also would you know of any similar problems surrounding Barnette? There's been a couple of postings going around referring to her having a problem with alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you know, it appears R. Brad Crauer is still the Medical Director for SHS - he still is using his DVM even though the WA DOH site shows his license as "expired"

I don't know what to do about this however, I am hoping someone does.

HonestyHelps said...

I'll pass along the info. I think I know who might be interested in learning this.

Anonymous said...

wanted to check back and see if anyone had notified DOH Lic about Crauer's experied lic and his current activity of still using his licensed title which is illegal. Thanks....

HonestyHelps said...

I have reported this to those in Seattle who would have an interest in pursuing this. I haven't received an update yet.